The Old Bookshop in the Corner


book-shop-cornerWell ‘old’ only in Internet terms. It has stood now for approaching five years and apart from the occasional sprucing up is as much as it was.

The other day I decided to revamp the sign post at the entrance and to my surprise went on to sell 40 books in one day. Now that doesn’t exactly mean I can give up the day job as much as I would like to increase productivity. But it does help with hosting, PC and software costs. So that is nice.

Not my point though.

The mini revamp made me wonder if most people even knew the bookshop was there. I know about once every six weeks I shameless plug a book, but that is much to do with fillers as anything. So I thought it was worth maybe posting on the entire bookshop.

Some of the stories can only be obtained by buying the book. The Russell Corner, first published in 2009 and now re-worked and on its second edition, is a comparative bestseller and can only be read if you buy it. For a first novel and an early example of my spanking work it has been surprisingly well-received. To me it seems clumsy and intense.

Also some of the short story collections contain stories that have never before been published. Other projects are in the pipeline.

So if you didn’t know, then do check out the Bookshop in the Corner or the LSF DJ Black shop, which offers slightly different titles in some regards.

5 Responses to “The Old Bookshop in the Corner”

  1. 1 George

    Very cute girl.
    However hard to think about books with such a young brat there!

  2. She’ll soon be on the best sellers list :-O

  3. You’d really be surprised at what a little revamping can do. I re-released an older title of mine with a different (and much better) cover at Blushing Books and changed it on other platforms and it it’s my sales leader this month. (I’d say the title but that would be a shameless plug.)

  1. 1 Also available on Kindle « Grumpy old fart!!!

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