Spanking Selfies


self-spankingSelfies (the trend for taking own photo with your camera phone) are quite the thing at the moment. An unattributed poll on a Fetlife group I follow suggested that 67% of women submissive spankos have tried self spanking at one time or another.

Shelia wrote:

Come on fess up girls, I know I did, more than once. My bath brush was best, but I had to stop because a roommate heard the noise and anyway it hurt too much.

Couple this with the camera phone and there could be a lot of candid pictures out there somewhere.

8 Responses to “Spanking Selfies”

  1. “a lot of candid pictures out there somewhere”? Only if there are a lot of six-armed submissives with the flexibility of Chinese acrobats. Either one of the aforementioned activities takes a great deal of coordination (er- not that I would have any first hand experience, of course), never mind both at the same time!

  2. 2 George

    Come on Kia, pls start confessing your own side 🙂

  3. 3 DJ

    I heard a story about a novice who could not manage the self-flagellation and asked a colleague for help. When it was noticed that she wasn’t sitting easily she was sent to the medic. It wasn’t until then that she found out that she was supposed to be whipping her back and that the point of doing it yourself was so you didn’t hurt yourself too much.

    Another story I heard involved a nun who got out of self-flagellation by telling mother that she was enjoying it. 😉

    so we sympathise Kia 😉

  4. A long handled plastic bathbrush is very easy to handle and really punishes. Not saying that I’ve ever done that but……

  5. 5 LC

    I’ve tried to spank myself before but it just wasn’t the same. That and the very last time I ever attempted to my now step mother came waltzing in. She swears she didn’t see anything but just the fact that she swore to this makes me think she saw it all. I try not to think about it when I see her now and hopefully she’s forgotten about it or perhaps had no idea what I was doing in the first place.

  6. 6 cindy2

    I admit I’ve self-spanked–with a long-handled bath brush (by Bath and Body Works) as well as with a strap (folded over belt). My accuracy is far better with the bath brush but the strap is more meaningful to me because of memories. Having someone to punish you is of course better than self flagellation, but any port in a storm.

  7. Nope. Not ever. Never. I spend most of my time trying to wiggle my way out of spankings, so how could I do that with myself without driving myself crazy? (No, no please!–Yes, you are, young lady!–I swear, no, I’ll be good!–It’s a little late for that, don’t you think?–Yes, I mean no, I mean, OW…)

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