Weekly Round-up


spanked 2 nudes otk spankedsororityBeen having some Internet outage, plus a bit of real life to contend with, hence no post on Saturday and a rather (at the moment) thin week coming up, which I hope to address.

But not every has been so unproductive. Blossom and Thorn have launched In With the New, with a list of new spanking blogs with acknowledgments to Bonnie. Also Hermione, as promised, has published her own list (now the official Bonnie list) of new spanking blogs. So get reading.

In another feature, the Chicago Spanking Review has launched Romantic Spanking Month for February.

Also Scarlet’s Real Magic is causing another stir. Amongst the other excellent content, she has recently published a series of spanking haikus by the poet Peony. One of which was republished by Dom with Pen, prompting a tribute haiku for him. Do you think A Voice in the Corner will get one now?

Acknowledging Imperfection has also been giving it large with the stories, including a sweet short associated with the picture above.

Another excellent post this week on the Spank Statement following up on the hot cockles game. It seems this spanking sport made it into art along with several other punitive pictures.

Other pictures this week are from: Able, AAA, Plector and Spanking Starlets.

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