Thought for the day: sometimes the mind writes its own stories


bottom under judicial threatNo not a new feature, but I just saw this presumably perfectly innocent vanilla news picture on a non-spanking Tumblr. It was no doubt culled from a serious report about the prison system or airports and the use of body scanners.

Then beyond the obvious prominent feature of the shot I noticed the guard was wearing a certain type of glove. And people ask where I get my ideas from.

10 Responses to “Thought for the day: sometimes the mind writes its own stories”

  1. 1 Karl Friedrich Gauss

    A couple of chapters of insider insights from a writer who worked for the TSA in America:

    Petty power-tripping of various sorts, not so much spanking per se.

  2. Don’t you mean “prison system er airports”? 🙂

    From the background, that appears to be Hartsfield-Jackson down in Atlanta. If so, southern cooking has treated her well.

  3. Obviously a pat-down search will be necessary

  4. 5 bahamagirl1996

    I love that machine! I always ask to go in it when I travel. The TSA agent looked at me strangely and I told him *we don’t have one of these at our airport,so I try to go when ones available * he smiled and said…… Go on

  5. 6 Richard

    A pat down with love is a love pat bit hard a spank

  6. 7 cindy2

    Now, there is a lot to work with here.

    First of all, DJ, I agree that the mind writes its own stories when provided with an image such as this. And otkipling, some readers may agree that southern cooking has indeed treated her well. Is her image what the Colonel was referring to when he said, “Finger licking good?” And bahamagirl, you can display yourself while geting a few rays at the same time wihout even going outdoors. And yes, a slow, thorough patdown would be necesssary. The TSA agents are fighting over who gets to do it.

  7. DJ –
    I totally agree with you and agree that the mind writes its own stories, mine constantly does. Personally, when you referenced those gloves my mind went past the simple pat down to a more thorough body inspection. Using those gloves when inspecting her prompt backside….

  8. 9 DJ

    Who has the best story I wonder 😉

    • 10 cindy2

      How about this caption:

      “Tell me when I can put my hands down. The guy in the booth looking under my clothes is taking longer today than he took yesterday.”

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