Cade County 1983


spanking OTKKate Francis had been driving for hours and the short cut was beginning to look like an extensive detour. Why was driving America always such fun in the movies, she thought as she looked down at the air-con; is that thing even working? She tapped at it angrily, taking her eyes from the road.

She looked up just in time to see the sparsely wooded yellow-grass verge coming towards her and she quickly levelled off.

A bead of sweat rolled down her lightly tanned frown-crinkled forehead into her polished brown eye and she swiped at the sting in irritation. Her once pressed white business blouse was sticking to her now, and she could feel a nasty trickle down her butt crack under her smart pants.

She shot glance at the driving mirror and saw that although her dark mascara was holding up well, her formerly neatly tied back hair was becoming frayed so that even the dark brown ends frizzed almost silver where they caught the light.

Then a scream of a horn on the bend dragged her attention back to the road and she narrowly missed an oncoming pick-up.

“Jerk-off,” she screamed at the driver as his vehicle retreated in her mirror.

She was still glowering at it as she crossed the county line and almost missed the sign that announced Cade County, established 1828.

“Where the goddam fuck is this?” she cursed and reached, half looking, for her route map.

As she did so her sunglasses, which up to then had been perched on top of her head, tumbled and she made a clumsy grab at them. This time the car was less forgiving of her inattention and she slewed at the corner and found the ditch; taking down a hazard sign in the process.


As far as Kate could tell she was unhurt, but the same could not be said for the car. She was still cursing her luck when a loud shrill hoot made her start. She whirled around to see a white Plymouth cruiser slow to a stop behind and the words Cade Count Sheriff’s Department embossed in Black and Gold on the hood and down the doors.

The severe looking hard-faced 30-something woman at the wheel looked pissed. But it was the small confederate flag incorporated into the police badge on the door that raised her hackles. This was the last thing she needed: a female red-neck small town cop.

At almost five-eight, the dark-blonde deputy was half a head taller than Kate. Her beige uniform with piping was immaculate, an image topped off by mirror shades and white badged-sheriff’s hat. She looked in good shape and might have been half pretty if she hadn’t been a cop.

“You alright there ma’am?” the woman drawled.

Here we go, Kate sighed, rolling her eyes up.


Terri Vaughn first saw the Mustang as it swerved at the bend. The reckless road position, at just on the speed limit, made her palm itch and set her teeth on edge. With kids you could never cut any slack. Fifteen years in the Cade County Sherriff’s Department had taught her that much.

Then she saw that it was a woman driver with New York plates. She looked respectable enough and had probably been on the road for hours. Well if she was just passing through then Terri didn’t need to make it her problem.

Then the driver seemed to duck down behind the wheel as if reaching for something and the car began to slide. It peeved her to think that some poor fool was about to become road kill and all she could think of was the accident reports she would have to deal with. I’m such a bitch, she berated herself. But the truth was, she hated paperwork like some folks hated cockroaches or warm beer.

But before she could even call it in or even get alongside the ditch-laden wreck, the woman driver got out and dusted herself off. Thank the heavens for passing mercies, Terri thought, she really hated paperwork.

As she pulled up she announced herself with a burst of siren and began to appraise situation. The woman looked like city folks from up north, which tallied with the plates. Her clothes were good, if a little unsuited to the Tennessee summer and she was wearing the lower half of an expensive looking pants suit with a blouse that looked like nothing in store back in town.

So long as the damn fool wasn’t drunk then this was a small write up and a ‘let’s be on your way,’ Terri hoped.

“You alright there ma’am?” she called over.

At once the woman stiffened and rolled her eyes like a teenager Terri was more used to dealing with in these situations. She looked around 30 and fairly pretty, if you got past the ‘important business’ image.

“I’m just fine and dandy,” the woman spat back, “Just look at this fucking thing.”

Terri frowned at this. The sneered sarcasm was perhaps excusable, but Terri had been brought up to believe that people, especially women, did not curse like that. Darn it, if she had spoken the f-word in front of her ex, let alone her folks, even at 30, she would have been invited to the woodshed, Cade County deputy or no.

“Maybe if you had taken a little more care at the bend then this might have been avoided,” Terri suggested.

“Maybe fuck,” the woman cursed again, “Maybe if these goddam roads and signage weren’t so far up hicksville’s ass then I would have seen the curve in the road.”

Terri’s jaw tightened. The woman was in shock, but all the same…

“I assure you ma’am, the signs meet state requirements and the road is perfectly maintained for the correct speed,” Terri said in a hard neutral voice.

“You saying I’m speeding now,” the woman spat angrily, “Oh that’s just typical of small minded America. Okay, okay, I get it, how much is this going to cost me?”

Terri froze and the native tick at her right eye, the one that she got whenever she had to supress annoyance, moved into her sinuses. Everyone knew that Terri Vaughn wasn’t above cutting through the bull when the need arose. There were ways and means for keeping the mayor’s daughters’ records clean without resorting to paperwork. But she never took a bribe, not even in kind. If anyone did make with the generous to make a problem go away, then there had to be a public benefit and all cash went to local charity.

The woman reached into the car for her purse.

“Ma’am,” Terri said icily, “I can point you at a mechanic and a decent hotel, but can I strongly suggest…”

“Oh I bet you can,” the woman sneered, “Some of your cousins no doubt. What? You get a slice of the action do you?”


“I’m just fine and dandy,” Kate said irritably. I am not dead, if that’s what you mean; she thought, and then muttered under her breath “Just look at this fucking thing.”

“Maybe if you had taken a little more care at the bend then this might have been avoided,” the woman said, but there was more than a supressed criticism in her tone.

“Maybe fuck,” Kate groaned, irritated at having the obvious stated. But the way she remembered it the bend had come at her from nowhere, as if someone wanted her to have a crash, so she muttered angrily, “Maybe if these goddam roads and signage weren’t so far up hicksville’s ass then I would have seen the curve in the road.”

Maybe the hick crack was too much, she immediately regretted, but for fuck’s sake, she didn’t need this.

The deputy said something officious, but Kate wasn’t really listening, but then she heard, “correct speed,” as if it had some significance.

Here we go, I might have known there would be a shake down, Kate groaned inwardly. Maybe she could smooth things over with a contribution. But she couldn’t help being annoyed.

“You saying I’m speeding now,” she snapped angrily, “Oh that’s just typical of small minded America. Okay, okay, I get it, how much is this going to cost me?”

Kate could have sworn the woman had smiled like a cat with a mouse as she suggested that she could set her up with a mechanic and a hotel. Just how long did the damn cop think she was going to stay in this dump anyway?

“Oh I bet you can,” she groaned, unaware that she spoke her next thoughts aloud.

“You know what ma’am,” the cop bristled, “Reckless driving, damage to county property, attempting to bribe an officer of the law… I am going to have to run you in until we clear this up.”

As she spoke she pulled the cuffs from her belt and turned Kate about so that she was facing the wreck of her car.

“Wh-what the fuck?” she gasped.

The handcuffs pinched a little as they clicked into place and then like a bad movie she heard her rights calmly and clearly in her ear.


Cade County Sheriff’s office was a small red brick building that had been built back in 1929 to replace the old one deemed too small for the needs of the 20th century. It had a front communal area with two desks and two interior doors. One leading to the sheriff’s own office and the other to a short corridor to the rest room, off which were three large cell cages.

All the way there Kate had sworn at the stone face cop announcing that she was a freeborn American and that they had no idea who they were messing with.

None of this had made the least impact on Terri, and Kate had been thrown in cell nearest the door still wearing the cuffs and abandoned there to sit on a rough stained mattress on one of the two iron bunks.

“You can’t do this to me,” she screamed.

Terri, who had been about to walk out into the front office, paused at these words and made a slow turn before peering sternly over the rims of her mirror shades to drawl, “Oh yes I can.”

She waited a moment to let the words sink in and then she was gone leaving Kate to the afternoon heat.


The sun was orange red and slanting through the small cell window before Kate heard the least sound from the outer room. By then she was cursing the name of Cade County and her arms ached. Even then it was a while before the door opened and Terri returned carrying an old battered chair and unlocked the cage door.

Setting the chair down in the middle of the cell, the deputy dropped down astride facing backwards to regard Kate with a hard stare.

“You calmed down yet?” Terri asked conversationally.

Kate sucked in her cheeks and glowered back without answering.

“I see,” Terri sighed.

“You can’t keep me here,” Kate said sullenly.

“I certainly can’t,” Terri agreed, “The sheriff’s gone fishing and we only have one other deputy. We just don’t have the facilities.”

Kate was about to speak when Terri made tut-tut with her mouth and sternly wagged her finger.

“You see the thing is ma’am, my only recourse is to run you up to the county jail,” Terri explained, “It is an old-fashioned kind of place that dates back to the ‘30s when we last got any investment in law enforcement around here. The women’s wing is…” here she made a pensive hissing sound, “well frankly, it’s kind of brutal ma’am. You bad-mouth anyone half as bad as you have been shooting off at me, well then…” she paused, adding as an aside, “You ever felt a prison strap on that prissy little bee-hind of yours?”

Kate gaped. It was like Badham County, she just knew it.

“Now the only way I can get them to take you is by writing up all the charges and if I do that then all that paperwork will take quite a spell; we’re just not set up for it you see. Then it has to go to the judge. It will take at least a week to get a hearing date and make arrangements for you to see a lawyer…”

“A week,” Kate gasped in a shrill voice.

“At least ma’am, now even if I can’t make the bribery charges stick, well I reckon you’ll get 30-60 days with a fine,” Terri told the by now disconcerted Kate.

“You-you just can’t… I mean I was only…” Kate wailed.

“Well I tried to help you, tried to be reasonable, what choice did you give me?” Terri said calmly.

“I didn’t mean…”

“Besides, you got a mouth on you like a drunken sailor. If I had spoken to anyone like that, let alone the law, then I would have felt a razor strop and more across my bee-hind. Now if you were just one of the local girls then that’s how we would handle it,” Terri said with regret.

Kate licked her lips and went ashen.

“I had a job interview, just a job, you get me. I didn’t even call them. I’ll miss it now… oh shit.” Kate seemed to be talking to herself, trying to establish some normality.

“Ma’am, you have a potty mouth don’t you. If the sheriff was here it’s a cinch he would have put you across his knee by now and you would have been down at the motel feeling sorry for yourself instead of languishing here,” Terri sighed.

“I’m so sorry; please can’t you just let me go?” Kate pleaded.

“You want it handed the local way?” It was Terri’s turn to gape.

“You can’t put me in jail, you just can’t,” Kate said miserably.

Terri looked significantly about her at the cage.

Suddenly Kate stood up and angrily shouted, “Fuck you, I’m going,” before making a break for the open door.

With her hands still cuffed behind her back and Terri less than six feet away, she didn’t get far.

“You know, I tired of this 30 going on 15 attitude of yours,” the deputy drawled, “I am tired of your filthy mouth and I am tired of your snatching every olive branch I have tossed your way and breaking into little pieces. Are all of you Yankees so pig-headedly dumb?”

Kate got as far as the door to the outer office before she could get no further and kicked at it in bitter frustration.

“You know, you’re not the first kid to try that,” Terri sighed, “I remember a young lady who was busted for drink-driving. She had less of a potty mouth than you do, but twice the attitude. Old Sheriff Miller yanked down my shorts and blistered my bare bottom good for that stunt. Nothing to what my folks did, mind you…”

Kate broke off from her assault on the door and took a fresh look at her captor.

“Let me put some perspective on that for you,” Terri said wearily, “Then if you want to make out a complaints slip I’ll get you one. The judge files them under T for trash anyway, but you could always complain to the state authorities. There is always a do-gooder there happy to pander to the liberals.”

Kate was still mulling over Terri’s revelation when she was taken by the arm and led back to the cell. Then she was lost in wide-eyed confusion as the deputy sat down in the chair and tipped at the hapless traffic offender across her lap. Kate’s bottom ballooned big and full at the seat, and Terri nodded in appreciation.

“In Cade County we take these down,” Terri drawled as she efficiently worked the hook and button on Kate’s pants and eased them down her thighs.

Kate wriggled in surprise, but with her hands still cuffed she couldn’t resist. Instead she began to buck somewhat until her breath became laboured in the evening heat.

“These too,” Terri said casually as she hooked her thumb into Kate’s panties and slipped them down over her bare bottom to meet her pants around her knees.

“This… this is… oh my God,” Kate muttered frantically.

“Now ma’am I am going to give you the spanking of your life. No doubt one that you have been needing for a very long time,” Terri said sharply as she let her palm swing down like a paddle.

The crisp smack twanged back off the bare cell walls and left a clear red hand mark on Kate’s right cheek; one that was quickly matched on the left. In a very few minutes two or three dozen spanks had landed and the now mewling woman had a bottom the colour of sunset and was panting like a fat man walking up hill in summer.

Ordinarily, it would have counted as an efficient spanking; one worthy of the law. But even after five minutes Terri showed no sign of bringing it to a close and continued to spank with a will.

“Okay, yah, I get it,” Kate wailed, her voice wavering as tears mixed with her sweaty face.

In fact both women were perspiring hard in the oppressive cage, the only difference being that Terri was used to it.

“I guess you are beginning to get the idea now ma’am,” Terri drawled.

“Yes Ma’am,” Kate barked out with a snap, blinking hard.

“Do you always curse at people when they offer you help?” Terri said sharply.

“No Ma’am,” Kate gasped. But inside she knew that she probably did more often than not.

“Well I’m helping you now ain’t I?” Terri said pointedly with a volley of spanks.

“Yes Ma’am,” Kate agreed in a wail that ended in a sniff.

“Am I going to get any more trouble form you?” Terri asked, landing another swat.

“No Ma’am,” Kate answered miserably, now on the edge of open sobbing.

“Then I think you are about done for now,” Terri said, setting the girl on her feet.

The still handcuffed Kate, unable to grab her behind for a rub, danced up and down with a face inscribed with woe.

“Now you have a choice,” Terri sighed. “I can go get that complaint form for you if you want it, and write you up for the judge. Don’t worry; I’ll drop the bribery charges. You’ll only do 30 days with time served or pay the fine I expect. Or I can go and get the sheriff’s paddle from his office and we can settle this here and now.”

“But I thought…” Kate gaped, tears now escaping from her eyes.

“That was truly nothing. Just a little something from me to get your attention,” Terri said dismissively and shrugged.

“If I take the…” Kate swallowed, “The paddle, are we really done?”

Terri gave an emphatic friendly nod and almost smiled.

Five minutes later she returned with a rubberised leather paddle near three feet long with a striking head twice the size of a man’s hand. It was black with holes large enough to put a man’s thumb through. Kate counted 12.

“This is the county attitude adjuster,” Terri said proudly, “Ain’t it a doozey? Felt myself more than once.”

Kate gulped.

“You still up for it?” Terri asked.

Kate took a deep breath and answered with a tiny nod.

“Good for you,” Terri said brightly. “Turn around.”

Hesitantly Kate obeyed and felt her cuffs being released.

“Pull your pants up ma’am, I have a spare room back at my place, ‘less you want me to call the motel? Your car will be fixed in three days, I already called them, but I can get a renter by the end of tomorrow,” Terri said as she nonchalantly rested the paddle on her shoulder like a National Guardsman.

“But I thought…?”

“Nah, you learned your lesson, I guess you showed willing and now we have an understanding,” the deputy answered with a grin.

Kate let go with a heavy sigh, but strangely she felt a slight pang of disappointment.

“You want the renter ma’am?” Terri asked.

Kate shook her head. “It’ll be too late,” she shrugged.

“Sorry about that ma’am, but I got you a deal at the mechanics, he’s my cousin,” she winked. “And you’re welcome at my place until it’s fixed, with no rent. Save you some I guess.”

Kate brightened. “It’s Kate. Kind of silly you ma’am-ing me; not under the… eh, circumstances. And I’ll be happy with your offer of a room.”

“I suppose so. I am Terri by the way,” Terri chuckled. “There’s a diner down the street, I’ll join you there with your bag as soon as Billy-Joe comes in to relieve me. Shouldn’t be long now.”

Kate nodded shyly. Then at the door and finally her freedom she whispered, “Thanks.”

“You’re welcome ma’am, I mean Kate.”

Kate nodded again as she unconsciously grabbed at her behind.

“Oh Kate,” Terri said, her gaze following Kate’s hands, “Remember now, no cussing, or you and me might have to have more words.”

“Yes Ma’am,” Kate gasped, but she was blushing.

7 Responses to “Cade County 1983”

  1. 1 Tony

    I was hoping to hear Kate howling as the sheriff’s paddle blistered her already red bottom. Ohhh well, still a good story.

  2. 3 paul1510

    nicely done, thanks. 🙂

  3. I’m shocked you let her off without her paddling, but nicely done!

  4. 5 Raffe

    Nice and low key to start with, I assume. But I bet she will get into a lot more trouble in the next 3 days. DJ you might also explore some intimate relationship between the two women.

  5. As far as the story telling, I enjoyed the overlapping point of view narration in particular. Great way of narrating. Thanks!

    Personal preference, I thought the deputy should have been harder on her. I was expecting her to be punished to tears.

    By the way, that image is from one of my all time favorite picture sets.

  6. 7 DJ

    Thanks Guys 🙂

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