Weekly Round-Up


spanking spanking spanking spanking wr plector spankingAs ever, running to catch-up and I have a lot of proofing review to do (not least Magic) for possible future publications, but enough about me.

Rollin too has a new story out. You can find out more here. Also recently the Spank Statement has returned to form after some infrequent posting. There is TV snippet about a spanking game called Hot Cockles played in 18th Baroque France.

Chross also has a movie snippet with a portion called Sadism. Actually it is rather playful.

The London Alternative Market has recently revamped its website, which serves as a timely reminder that this Sunday is the market for your spanking shopping needs and a chance to meet new people.

On another note, a couple of weeks back I ran a post on red bottoms and colour. It was a small throw away filler frankly, but it did provoke a brief debate about black women in spanking movies. In response on Friday I did another brief post on ebony spanking after finding a tumblr dedicated to such. Since then I see that Dreams of Spanking have made a movie featuring new model Lola Marie about a black student.

Other pictures are from Able, About Spanking, Cutiepie, Plector and the Chicago Spanking Review.

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