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Weekly Round-Up


It’s frosty and again there seems so much to do. In a hurry, sometimes careless words seem to generate more heat than light. So I will avoid rushed comments this week. Coming soon (quite when, I am not sure) is the last and final part of Magic. There will probably be a post about this […]

Vintage Sunday


A study in red


What is your favourite colour? I bet I can guess. But why is sheen of red so rewarding when it comes to spanking? Of course red is a stand-for, many do not go a true red. They go deep pink, or orange-tan. If you spank a girl long enough she may even go russet or […]

Perhaps it comes on the wind, for I have never seen it come another way. One day it is funny and then you can hardly believe what you did at all. But anyway, it was all so long ago now, and as the man said ‘it was another country.’ I was but a girl back […]

A reckless youth strand on Life Forum led to couple of interesting snippets: more on the others at a later date. This one was kind of fun but by the sounds of it this project didn’t get very far which is a perhaps not surprising. Chloe wrote: I was at college back in the 1990s […]

The Petard


The island fell away from them at this elevation, a teardrop of rock in a turquoise sea a thousand miles from anywhere. The sub-tropical forest that dominated 10 miles by five of private haven was impossibly green and only here and there did purple rocks poke through like natural towers that gave vantage points like […]

Sorority hazing and the paddle has been a part of US college culture for decades as some of the pictures above testify. One rather suspects that there was less public nudity before the 1970s but that is a sign of the times when college girls disrobe for hijinks in a public bar. This subject has […]

Weekly Round-Up


Following my post on Friday about schadenfreude, I noted two other posts in the same vein. The day before Season and Michael had a light-hearted post about Spankenfreude (another German word?). The picture used above is coincidentally one I went looking for to illustrate my article. And early last week Kia at Acknowledging Imperfection had […]

Vintage Sunday


Schadenfreude is a German word meaning ‘to take pleasure from someone else’s misfortune.’ This sentiment or emotion often goes to the heart of those interested in spanking and this is also true where consensual spanking is concerned. From time to time A Voice in the Corner gets comments and emails lamenting articles on real life […]