Weekly Round-Up (or not)


mooning in the snowThe weekend was somewhat busy and instead of a casual Sunday afternoon web catch-up, I had to leave it the Round-Up until today. Then guess who got stuck on a train in the bad weather? The picture above was snagged from Able’s Tumblr, but it rather sums up today. So no real round-up today.

On that note I have been very slow elsewhere too. A number of people wrote to me in the dying weeks of last year with offerings, observations and questions. Thank you for taking that time and trouble and thank you for considering me and this blog worthy of seeking advice and offering such fine goodies. However, apart form at most a brief reply of acknowledgment I have not had time to go through off of these and get back to some people with a considered reply. My apologies for that; I am still working on it.

On a happier note, tomorrow as scheduled the final part of Magic will finally appear here. Unfortunately I have lost the prepared graphic which I had been saving and have had to use a last minute replacement. Never mind, onwards and upwards.

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