Smuggler spanked


smuggler spankedDateline Singapore 17 March 1976

The Justice Ministry has authorized the use of corporal punishment for female smugglers and other airport offenders under 25. The new initiative is an entirely voluntary sanction and will only be used on young women summarily convicted of minor offenses.

With mounting pressure to reduce the Singapore’s female prison overcrowding problem a new youth initiative has been announced. Fahshan Singh, a spokesman for the Justice Ministry, told reporters that the crisis was entirely due to young female offenders coming back from vacation and bringing in small amounts of drugs for their personal use.

“Obviously we cannot avoid custodial sentences for some and our police intelligence suggests that the real culprits are men forcing girlfriends into bringing in contraband. Added to this is the growing trend for young sensation seekers going to the US and Europe and being corrupted,” he said.

In response, young woman under 25 will be given the option to take a well-deserved spanking instead of receiving a custodial sentence.

Reception has been mixed, with women’s rights organizations suggesting that women should not be singled out in this way. Others are saying it sends the wrong message about a modern Singapore. But supporters have pointed out that it is men who are being discriminated against and anything that reduces prison overcrowding has to be considered.

The punishment will consist of a sound spanking and controversially will be administered by hand over the knee on the bare bottom.

The policy will be rolled out for a three month trial but already the first young volunteers have experienced the long arm of the law and have taken a good spanking.

A young woman identified only as Serene was one of the first to get a sore bottom. Her only  comment was, “It hurt.”

*Please note this is a spoof.



12 Responses to “Smuggler spanked”

  1. 1 paul1510

    gosh, really! 😛

  2. 2 John Pretzel

    Serves them right. I hope it is in public.

  3. Positive suggestion DJ …Spoof story well presented and makes one think about it!

  4. 4 Johnxc

    If I lived in Singapore, I would definitely apply for a job as an airport security guard. The opportunity to spank young women would be a fantastic fringe benefit.

  5. 5 Karl Friedrich Gauss

    I’d encourage you to write more “pseudo-news”. Do you ever read “The Onion”. They do this all the time, though not with a spanking slant.

  6. 6 DJ

    Glad it was appreciated.

    The picture came to me in the context of being ‘real’. I have no idea about that – it could just be an Asian spanking shoot or from a movie.

    But I got to thinking – if it was real – then what could possible be going on?

    It would be funnier if truth turned out to be stranger than fiction. For instance I have some pictures from a news story about a shopping mall in Japan allegedly spanking teens for shoplifting and public nuisance.

    But that was not as wholesome and fun as it sounds and the pictures are awful.


  7. >*Please note this is a spoof.< Too bad.

  8. 8 cindy2

    The young lady in the picture appears very contrite, and her image, including the “m” of her her bottom, should be issued to all drug enforcement personnel to remind them of the “m”arijuana–the killer weed–that they must eradicate from society.

  9. 10 markomat

    As usual, clever stuff.
    Sad situation that you have to tell people it’s a spoof.
    Probably sadder (from my perspective) that it IS a spoof.

    • 11 DJ

      It is always wise I think – or else it gets into the culture and contaminates it. 😉

  10. 12 Richard

    The thing is could be real in singapore they are rather free with corporal punishment what their laws could do for the west and our pants on the pants on the ground youth just kidding

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