Return to the corner


corner timecorner time corner time corner time corner timeApparently (at least) one of these pictures is of a genuine corner time sanction (as opposed to a professional pose). Rather than just post it as such and provoke an immediate contrary post to spoil the fun, I decided to put up this and let your imaginations linger for a while.

6 Responses to “Return to the corner”

  1. My guess is #3, but it looks like Girls Boarding School.

  2. 2 Johnxc

    Number #1 has such a beautiful face, and such a generously endowed posterior that I would love to spank her.

  3. 3 Redendmaker

    I think it’s definitely #2.

  4. #2 is from Nu-West. Are you going to tell us or keep us guessing??

    • It would also be nice of you D.J. if we got the story behind it.

      • 6 DJ

        There is no great story or mystery – just that one was sent to me among a few supposed ‘real life’ face book pics and the rest are just general. I kind of doubted that but who knows…

        It was just to get people’s imaginations flowing and to get them to look and think rather than consume.

        I don’t even remember for sure I would have to look it up if it was important but I think it was no.2 – but you say not (which I knew would happen 😉 ) it may have been 5 – but I think 2.


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