A study in red


spankedspanked spanked spanked

What is your favourite colour? I bet I can guess. But why is sheen of red so rewarding when it comes to spanking? Of course red is a stand-for, many do not go a true red. They go deep pink, or orange-tan. If you spank a girl long enough she may even go russet or purple, there are so many possibilities. One could write a thesis on the colours of spanking but the poetic colour, the one that anchors them all is red.

A bottom that did not turn red when spanked would give no reward to the spanker. But more than that, I suspect that a girl who was not red when she looked in the mirror would not feel punished at all.

8 Responses to “A study in red”

  1. *A bottom that did not turn red when spanked would give no reward to the spanker.*

    Now I have an issue with this. Recently there was a discussion on Fetlife in regards to People of Color(African-Americans, Latinos, Asians) within the Spanking Community, dealing with the lack of representation in videos and, mainly, within spanking erotica.

    Some of the reasons for the lack was based on the belief that People of Color do not show the effects of a spanking that well, if at all. This despite the many examples, both pro and non-pro, to the contrary. And even if the stereotypical redness does not appear, there are still other visible signs of a good hard spanking that can be seen on the backside of a Person of Color.

    Plus a bottom that has been properly punished can and will feel that way, whether there are visible signs or not. A spanking is not just what can be seen on the skin.

    • 2 DJ

      Hi Loki,

      you make a valid point about ethnicity and spanking and you open up a whole area of discussion. One I have often considered for a post but haven’t felt qualified to write.

      It would be good if ‘people of colour’, or should I say ‘color’ as this firmly US nomenclature, would write more about this.

      Although in my experience most black and Asian people are not truly black, as you say, and are just as likely to go red as white people (who are not truly white) all of these are just labels we use aren’t they?

      I did say: ‘Of course red is a stand-for, many do not go a true red’

      This is equally true for all skin types and I was of course speaking of effects of all kinds.

      Thanks for your observations.


      • And Thank you for the reply, DJ. It is odd that this is still an issue, despite People of Colour being in this scene for decades. Both on my shores and abroad. I do not know. Sometimes I get the feeling that we are regressing along some points.

        I am considering a posting on my blog to demonstrate the many variations of Women of Colour to show the different ‘markings’ in the aftermath of a spanking, with the skin tones ranging from light to dark. It seems like a needed project at the moment.



  2. Forest Green, why do you ask? 🙂

    That orange-tan thing is really freaky. The only time I’ve ever seen it could barely hold in the laughter. All I could think of was her laying in a tanning booth just fake-baking her tail-end. Like she was jealous of the girls who got their hind ends tanned for real.

    • 5 DJ

      Don’t let it freak you too much – the colouring issue is a spectrum and people rarely go a true red. I was just endeavouring to touch open this. As Loki points out there are many variants. 🙂

  3. Ouch. I would be good way before that. 🙂

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