Spanking: a social study


OTK spankingA reckless youth strand on Life Forum led to couple of interesting snippets: more on the others at a later date. This one was kind of fun but by the sounds of it this project didn’t get very far which is a perhaps not surprising.

Chloe wrote:

I was at college back in the 1990s and majored in psychology. A whole group of us used to hang out and think up crazy projects for extra credits and try and outdo each other. One of the group, Jools, was asked to come up with something that was contemporary, American and focused on unusual aspects of crime and punishment.

I had once told Jools that I had been spanked at home and theoretically at least still might be even though I was 19. Jools thought that spanked over 18’s was ‘unusual’ enough, although I wasn’t so sure. So we hatched the great idea that I should be spanked in a domestic setting for a real crime and that it should be recorded, either videoed or recorded with stills.

Remember this was back before camera phones, so it had to be set-up. But I said I would think about it. Yeah, I was that dumb, but I had mixed up feelings about spanking back then and was exploring it all.

Despite what I said there was no way I was going to tell my folks about it, but I was feeling kinda guilty about some stuff I had done. A got a ticket for one thing and my grades were bad after goofing off. So I worked out that I could talk to my aunt about it. She had threatened spank me more than once and unlike a spanking from my parents it sort of interested me.

In the end I winked out on it and couldn’t pluck up the nerve. But I did manage to bring up the subject of spanking at her house when her friend April was there. Aunt K wasn’t listening, I don’t think, but April was and suggested I called on her.

I must have been busting to talk because when my aunt went out I went over and I told April about the whole thing. She thought I was crazy and asked why I couldn’t spank or be spanked by one of the group and film that if we must.

I told her that the idea was it had to be real. We had to document a domestic spanking situation as it happened to young women in modern America. When she said it wouldn’t be real anyway since I hadn’t done anything, I told her about some of the issues I had been feeling guilty about.

She got a little mad and said that she should tell my aunt or my folks, but since I was over 18 that I should count myself lucky. Also she said that if I was her daughter she would spank me, even at nearly 20 as I was.

So dummy says, “why don’t you spank me then and then we can make it work?”

The next thing I know she agrees and tells me to take my pants off while she goes out of the room. At home I got spanked over pants usually but I didn’t argue about that. But I tried to tell her that we had to get a tape and some pictures to document it.

She just yelled at me and said that my silly project was another matter, then she pulled me over her knee and pulled down my pants (which had stayed up while I argued) and then my panties. I didn’t realized until then that she had gotten a hairbrush and man did she let me have it.

At first I was too embarrassed about my panties being down but I soon forgot that. A spanking had never hurt as much before.

Afterwards she had me stand in the corner with my panties still down as this was the way that ‘she’ did it. My folks never did that, I was so embarrassed. But I felt totally punished and like a kid, but with that same forgiven feeling I knew then that I had been missing. There was also a sexy part to it which was one of the things I had fantasized about.

I had to stand there for a long time, maybe 40 minutes, I didn’t time it. Then we had a long talk about stuff. She said she would spank me anytime I needed it and I agreed, although we never did even talk about it again.

In fact I never told anyone and in the end me and Jools settled for interviews of students about spanking experiences and attitudes. But ironically my grades did get better.

2 Responses to “Spanking: a social study”

  1. Great find DJ, I enjoyed reading through Chloe’s story. I laughed aloud at the bit when this woman April arrived back in the room to spank her and all Chloe could think about was the fact that she had no tape or camera to record the event.

  2. 2 Mike

    Great little account, and what a CRIME it was a one-and-done.

    As always, thanks for posting. I haven’t been by these parts for a bit.

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