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sorority c1900

New York sorority girls being publicly hazed in their underwear circa 1900

sorority hijinks

sorority initiation long island

sorority initiation long island

sorority hazingSorority hazing and the paddle has been a part of US college culture for decades as some of the pictures above testify. One rather suspects that there was less public nudity before the 1970s but that is a sign of the times when college girls disrobe for hijinks in a public bar. This subject has been covered before, but it remains ever popular. In light of the article on Friday you can decide whether this is good taste and good clean fun or as some would have it, somewhat sinister. On this occasion I merely offer it as reportage.

Just for some context a national debate in the US led to a former sorority girl writing to anti-hazing campaigner Susan Lipkins suggesting politely that she may be overreacting in the majority of cases.

She wrote:

“After a week the bruises are gone. No serious injury has ever set in. Stripping naked, bending over and allowing someone to inflict pain is a surrendering of authority to the group. It’s humiliating, it hurts and most girls like me cry their eyes out. It is however not mean, not abuse and it shouldn’t be criminal.  Feel that if you want to be part of the group then you have to take your medicine just like every other woman who has been through it.”

Some defence, I bet Ms Lipkins rested her case.

The second is from a comment made in 2006 on the now defunct Aunty Agony blog.

Another Susan wrote:

I was a sorority member in the late 90s. Paddling doesn’t occur within national chapters as often because their organizations are monitored more closely. It happens, but it’s hidden-out-in-the-open, if you follow.

Local chapters on the other hand, as I was part of, generally aren’t regulated as closely, and let me tell you, we girls did much worse hazing than some of the frats! LOL

Paddling was standard in some orgs, as were pledges with black and blue bottoms after the intake process! Mine sure was! I’ve been spanked since, but never as hard as that. We had to take the paddle on bare skin but you’re told to wear a thong. Some of our sisters would swing so hard it lifted me up on my feet even though I was bent over the back of a couch. I cried and felt like passing out. It took weeks for my rear to heal.

It became sort of a joke after it, because whenever you’d be in the showers, you’d always know which of us pledged an org that paddled by the bruised rears! Some wouldn’t use the gym showers until their bruises cleared up. A few even quit over it. Sometimes somebody’s parents would get upset and make a big deal over it, make threatening phone calls to administration calling us “sickos,” but they knew they’d never be able to stop it because the new girls are so desperate to join they’re willing to be paddled to get in, some look forward to it. It’s hardly a secret. And as Katie – above – said, we’d have a lot of fun doing it to the new pledges.

To be honest, twice I had pledges who started crying hysterically while I paddled them. The first time it didn’t bother me because the girl was a real bitch. Two other girls had to steady her while I swung away. She was one of the few where I intentionally broke the skin so she bled a little.

The other time a pledge really broke down, I wanted to stop, but my sisters indicated otherwise with instructions not to ease up on my swings. With each loud WHOP she’d go quiet for a second and then just wail! She hardly spoke to me all year even though I apologized and tried to make friends.

I’ll admit though I saw it get out of hand. Personal disputes between girls always made the paddlings worse. I saw a few fights break out during initiations, and I know there were girls who went to see a doctor because of their bruises. I can’t imagine how they explained it!

Who is the bitch here (a rough lot)?

Here is another lighter story that comes second hand in another comment.

Spankdaddy wrote:

I was lucky enough to get a few bits about a sorority spanking that is 100% true.  Sorority paddling is alive and well at NC State University.  I work in a Nature Park that employees  college students as part time summer help.  I became friends with a very attractive sophomore student last fall.  She is attending NC state University.  She told me she was pledging a sorority in the spring.  Being the spanko I am I casually said, “ so you are going to get a blistered ass to be a member?”  She replied, “NO WAY. They don’t do that anymore.  It’s against the rules to haze anymore. “

“It may be against the rules of the college but I think it still goes on,” I replied.

“You sound just like my mom.  She told me she got her ass paddled a lot when she pledged and she expects me to get the same thing.  I don’t think it will happen, the university has outlawed hazing,” she went on to say.

This year she returned in the fall to work and I asked her, well did you get paddled?

She replied, “HELL YA, My ass was red and sore for a solid month.  My big sister paddled me every night and every Saturday night the whole group got paddled.”

She didn’t go into details.  I’ll try to get more details if I can.  NC State still has sororities that paddle pledges.


Who said girls weren’t tough. As I said I think this raises some of the issues discussed in last Friday’s article.

22 Responses to “Sorority snippets”

  1. 1 Maria White

    For me it was closer to two weeks before the damage subsided enough to sit comfortably. By far the worst spanking I’ve ever received. But when, after administering the final THWACK!!! to the huge bruise that had once been my bare bottom, my Big Sister hugged me and told me that at last I was “In”, it almost seemed worth all the pain and humiliation.

    • 2 JanD

      Maria, you make it sound as if you were only paddled once?

      My big sis paddled my naked butt more times than I can count – even after I was ‘in’ – although not so much.

      I only got bare butt whacks once with others present – but I got the paddle over clothes several other times as a pledge.

      When did you pledge?


      • 3 Maria White

        Hi Jan,

        I pledged in the fall of 1978.

        I felt the board plenty of times before Hell Night, but all the other times put together don’t compare to that. My Big Sis paddled me often, in private, for violating some nit-picky pledge regulation, or failure to have memorized some trivia of sorority lore. And we were required to always carry our paddle with us when in the University public areas — which was very embarrassing, because everybody knew what it was for, and where it would be applied. But even worse was that at any time and for any reason, any Active could direct us to assume the position, flip up our skirt, and whack away at our exposed panty seat — which was required to have such printed on it such mortifying phrases as “Naughty girl!” and “Spank me — it’s the only way I’ll learn”. Such spectacles never failed to attract an amused crowd.

  2. Hard to assess the truth of any account and I have no personal knowledge at all, but in books, stories and film it sure is popular.

  3. 5 Karl Friedrich Gauss

    I think what we have here, perhaps more starkly exemplified than anywhere else in spankdom, is an “economy” in which embarrassment and pain (in the form of public or private paddlings) are exchanged for social acceptance.

    But of course sometimes there are complications. As in the case of the girl Susan kept paddling even though she was having personal doubts about the wisdom of doing so.

    There you could say Susan sold her personal relationship with that girl for the continued approval of the group, as represented by the other girl who told her to keep going.

    Of course the higher the price of admission, the more highly membership might be valued. Perhaps something of the same dynamic as with “Veblen goods”. Would girls still be clamouring to join sororities if they didn’t have “expensive” initiation rites?

    • 6 JanD

      To Maria,

      I pledged a bit later (early 80s) I spent a good part of my first semester with a purple butt, but at least we didn’t get paddled out in public like you. Nor did we have to carry paddles around as much.

      Like you – Hell Night was the worst – I cried did you? – tears of joy and from a blistered rear end Lol – but a few sessions with my Big came close to being as bad. These were for big stuff and smoking after I said I wanted to quit, but we had nitpicky stuff like you said as well. 😦


  4. 7 DJ

    This is always a popular subject and it is nice to have some sorority girls give their take. Although I know you won’t give too many details (forgive my prurient curiosity) but neither of you have said how you felt about being paddled.

    Also I can’t help noticing that you are visiting a spanking blog.
    How does that work, did you get an interest in spanking from your sorority days or did you join a sorority because you were already curious about spanking?

    Karl – Susan seems entirely ambiguous in her attitude and remember she too was originally commenting on the spanking blog Aunt Agony.

    Rollin – smoke without fire?

    Thanks everyone 🙂

    • 8 Karl Friedrich Gauss

      DJ you’re suggesting that Susan was at least somewhat consensual in submitting to her paddlings. These feelings are hard to tease out. However it would seem from her account that she got more than she bargained for. In other contexts that’s called pushing limits. But this was all happening with no safeword safety net. I’d suggest that in many cases it’s an acquired taste, and sororities go some way towards helping spread the meme. As you say it’s great to hear from so many girls with personal experience in these realms. Here’s hoping that Jan and Maria will expand on their accounts and their feelings about the whole subject.

  5. Hi all,

    For sure I know that ‘Sorority’ paddling’s do not happen in Ireland. I have only heard of such practices through US based blogs from time to time.

    While I was reading through this particular post I couldn’t get over the fact that non-spanko’s are caught up in all of this (be it unofficially). I would not be comfortable with idea of non-spanko’s being beaten like this for no substantial reason other than someone’s else’s amusement.

    If such a practice was part of an entrance into the inner circle of some kind of secret spanking society I would understand, but in this situation I have to say no.

    I don’t usually do ‘downer; comments on blog’s (I really like)…but there is a first for everything as they say. Leave the spankings to the spanko’s I say!!


    • 10 Alice

      i have been lurking here with interest and wondering if i should put my penny’s worth about my sorority days.

      i have to say that i enjoyed this post – being a spanko and a sorority girl back in the day. One definitely feeds on the other and in answer to Mr DJ’s question, I do not honestly know which came first.

      i have to take issue with Mr Paolo – in my experience sorority paddle sessions were fun, even for my non-spanko sisters, as you call them. i think the line between spanko and non-spanko is not as firm as you imply.

      i also have to point out that the source and readership of this blog (as Mr DJ alluded to) is by definition spanko or else we wouldn’t be reading about it.

      i suspect that some of these accounts are fantasy, elsewhere if not here. But others are clearly not and chime very much with my experience.

      In my life i have to be careful about my secret spanky thoughts as it might impact negatively on my career. This is because others would draw the line more strictly than even Mr Paolo. If this post crosses his particular border perhaps he should just refrain from reading it – no offense.

      Respectfully yours


  6. 11 Laura Dee

    Strictly speaking we had no paddling at my sor – but there were paddles and some kidding around.

    I always wanted my big to spank me – but it never happened. But I did get to spank my little to keep her line. It was fun for me Lol

    Seriously though I would have loved to have been in a hardcore sorority before it all became so tame. 😦

    Great post 🙂

  7. 12 DJ

    Most respectful Alice, and Laura, welcome and thanks.

    The points made by Alice and Paolo are perhaps both valid and go to the heart of the matter as discussed in last Friday’s post.

    I think I said all I had to say there for the moment – as ever I struggle with my own boundaries and where as Alice said one draws the line.

    I do take Alice’s point though. All the sources quoted are from a supporter view point (one way or another) and all the comments here are people who are spankos (one way or another). It is all a spanko take on spanking and thus coloured as such hmmm … we think on.

    Thanks again


    • Hi again all …I see Mr Paolo is showing his usual miscommunication skills in relation to DJ’s sorority hazing posting! – Just to be clear, I have never witnessed nor heard of such hazing activities on this side of the pond, and that I am also completely at the mercy of the more enlightened on that side of the pond to what goes on in US colleges and the practice of sorority hazing. I dearly wish it did happen in Irish Colleges, and if it is half the fun that Alice has mentioned my Irish sisters are missing out!

      What I had been reading was accounts of others regarding their hazing experiences, and to be honest I doubted the integrity of some of the responses made because to me they sounded like something bordering on bullying of sorts. But Alice paints a different picture of it all for me here (thank you Alice), the line between spanko and non-spanko may not be as fine as I had first thought.

      I can now go and bemoan yet another injustice on the Mná na hÉireann (women of Ireland), who are deprived of the merriment involved with hazing in our colleges

      …no assuming the position …no paddles …no fun! …Deprived I tell you!!

  8. 14 Alice

    Thank you Mr DJ and Mr Paolo for your kind words.

    i will tell you briefly about my sorority days during the 80s (i don’t want to be too specific here).

    Officially the paddle and other hazing was not allowed. i was even given a pamphlet about it by my sorority before pledging.

    But i it had been made clear to me that the paddle would be very much in use despite this. Beforehand i was very nervous but took all the ‘horror’ stories with a pinch of salt.

    It turned out to be worse (or as i now consider) better than i had heard about.

    i won’t tell all but we had to learn lots of facts and history about the sorority for an oral test. Only to be asked about our sex life and experience with fellatio. ‘Well it was an oral test’ i was told.

    Overt shyness or refusal to answer or answer politely was greeted with swats to the bottom.

    These days this would be regard as the worst kind of hazing by some, but it really made me come out of my shell and i gained not only confidence as a woman but seriously bonded with other girls for the first time ever.

    My big sister in particular became very close, i think now because she spanked me. These spankings were often playful but more often painful and embarrassing. For instance i might get a few moderate swats over clothing for forgetting a stupid rule but when i forgot to write my mom i was paddled bare until i cried and had marks for a week.

    It was an intense and amazing experience and now i couldn’t imagine not having spanking in my life. These days it is sexual, but back then the sexual part was subconscious.

    i didn’t have a relationship with a woman until i started my masters. And yes it heavily involved spanking.

    There was some serious bare bottom spanking during hell night (which lasted a day and a night) and i did find that challenging. But again my relationship with my biggie prepared me for it.

    The only really scary or difficult thing was the naked treasure hunt before hand – but that wasn’t as awful or dangerous as it sounds or we thought at the time. But i have already said enough.

    Thank you for giving this humble girl your time and thank you Mr DJ for your post and your excellent blog where i often lurk.

    Respectfully yours,


  9. 15 DJ

    Thank you Alice for that contribution – you demonstrate that even in real life we face dilemmas and not just in the world of erotica. I am glad it work out for you.

    Paolo life is there to be questioned and TTTWD even more so. Thanks for elaborating. 🙂

  10. 16 Tony

    I am 100 % positive that sororities are still using the paddle and they lay it on hot and heavy. My co-workers granddaughter pledged a sorority last year 2013 and she told her grandmother she could finally sit down again. Her grandma asked what she meant and she told her grandmother that part of the Initiation included a lot of swats with the sorority paddle almost every day for a week. She said grandma, they don’t call it hell week for nothing.

  11. 18 Tony

    I have an update if you want to use it. This lady I do volunteer work with is about one year younger than me. I’m 66 so she is 64 or 65. Her grand daughter is a sophomore in a state university here. We were talking and she mentioned how expensive it is today to belong to a sorority. I replied, “At least she won’t get her butt paddled black and blue like in the old days”. She said, “I think she will get the paddle, but you’re right it won’t be like in my day or her mothers day.” “You and your daughter were in sororities,” I asked? “Yes we were, my daughter Nancy had a really strict big sister and a no nonense pledge mistress that year. The poor girls bottom stayed blistered.” I got off easy compared to Nancy. I got swats, we all did, but nothing like she got. Her big sister gave her at least 6 licks every night before lights out. Nancy wasn’t the only one, all the pledges tooks licks before bed time. On week nights lights out was 10pm. You could hear the sound of paddles smacking pledges bottoms coming from every room.
    I am so proud of her. I couldn’t blame her if she dropped out, but she didn’t give in. Heather my grand daughter doesn’t know what a good butt whipping is. Maybe she will get a dose of the board when she pledges, but I doubt if it will be anything like her moms or mine.

  12. 20 Tony

    This is rather mild but on topic. I had a sorority girl visit where I work and she was the chaperone for her 10 year old sister. Her sorority Greek T-shirt had a paddle with the Greek letters screen printed on it. I wanted to talk to her and learn more but we were very busy. That’s it a T-shirt with a paddle on it. That’s all I have to tell you.

  13. 21 Tony L

    My wife says she was interested in spanking from a young age but never experienced it until she joined a sorority. She was shocked at how much the paddle hurt … but by the end of her freshman year was a confirmed spanko. For the rest of college she enlisted her roommates to punish her for various transgressions and did not get serious about a boy unless he would spank her. I spanked her on her skirt on our first date, panties second date, and bare third date — right after I proposed. We soon will celebrate our 60th anniversary, and she still loves going over my knee as much as I love putting her there.
    Tony L

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