Weekly Round-Up


spanked spanked spankedspankedFollowing my post on Friday about schadenfreude, I noted two other posts in the same vein. The day before Season and Michael had a light-hearted post about Spankenfreude (another German word?). The picture used above is coincidentally one I went looking for to illustrate my article. And early last week Kia at Acknowledging Imperfection had a more serious article that spoke directly to the issues raised by my Friday article.

Less Than Three also had an article by Ehlane about her spanking fantasies and when and why she got into them. Interestingly she spoke about being a hetro submissive woman and her attitude to being spanked by and spanking other women.

But getting down to stories, LSF blog plugged one of mine last week if you missed it, The Master and the Governess. Rollin is also selling and has a dollar a book offer at the moment.

If you want pictures then Cherry Red has a list of spanking sites and this seasons new spanking models and Chross has a good sporting fake (see above) in honour of the Winter Olympics.

Other pictures are from Wholebean and I, Plector, Cutiepie, and Less Than Three.

4 Responses to “Weekly Round-Up”

  1. DJ, just another example of great minds – you, Kia and Season – thinking alike. I neglected to comment on your schadenfreude post but greatly enjoyed it.

    • 2 DJ

      Exactly so Micheal – thanks 🙂

    • Thanks to you both for the plug and kind words (though Michael- I notice you left your own great mind out of that one 😉 ) Always fun to see posts on a similar theme crop up elsewhere.

      • 4 DJ

        Ironic that we speak here of minds – the usual preoccupation is with the other end of the soul. 😉

        Thanks Kia

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