Taking one’s due I


mature spanked womanPaula was decidedly the wrong end of her 30s and increasingly unsatisfied with her life. Her first two marriages had been disasters and her third although happy, had finally run out of steam.

She spent her days jogging or hitting the gym in a constant battle with those curves that were just a spot too generous in her view. Although her flame red hair, full bust and epic behind still drew glances on the street.

If her ex-husband and close friends were asked they would have said her passion was gardening and reading. But that was only half Paula Bright’s story. True she liked to read and spent hours perusing bookshops and libraries, but the sort of stories she liked involved big strong men and a heroine who could take a good sound spanking.

Paula glanced out the window at the rain and then back at yet another round of boring party invitations that were ‘oh so essential’ for her business network. In fact the only vaguely interesting one was from Paul Sparrow, the socialite and travel billionaire, but even that drew a shrug. Nevertheless, she decided to check out some background for any unlikely business tie-in before turning it down.

The formal biographies were all hyperbole as usual and only a chance follow up on his social interests led her to anything fresh. Paula was just scanning through a list of his declared hobbies when she saw the word spanking and did a double-take; surely a misprint? Then she saw some of the clubs he belonged to and did some more serious reading.


The thin straight-haired brunette couldn’t stop talking, even after she had asked someone a question. She was barely 20, Paula would guess, but given that the girl was more than halfway beautiful she suspected that Paul Sparrow would indulge the little madam.

Paul himself was a surprise. Although she knew him to be 55, he looked nearer her own age. And although he was tanned, it was a real sportsman’s tan, not the idle beach kind and his firm craggy features and even white teeth displayed no sign of any work.

Paula had been dying to get a word all evening, but the talkative brunette had monopolised the man all night and she had just about given up.

“Of course Mr Sparrow if you did give me a chance I would buck my ideas up and follow your guidance,” the girl said.

Paul had been about to speak when she continued, “I guess you heard that I got myself in a bit of a mess? It’s my own fault really, I never listen you see. Me and my big mouth…”

Paul coughed and then he finally asserted himself in a firm baritone, “I have heard all about you Miss Stein…”

“Kimberly,” the girl offered, interrupting him again.

“…Kimberly. But I wonder what you have heard about me,” Paul continued.

“Oh that…” Kimberly blushed, “Well if you took me on in your little family, so to speak, I expect you could lick me into shape. I know I need it and I would take my due.”

“I am not sure you really know what being in ‘my little family’ as you call it really entails…” Paul continued.

“Oh I do, really I do, Stacey told me…” she suddenly became self-aware, “Oh, I do go on don’t I? Stacey said… well she showed me the guidelines and… I saw what you…”

By now Paula had been drawn like a magnet to the couple and had come close enough not only to fully hear the exchange but had made her presence obvious. Paul Sparrow eyed her with interest and then turned back to Kimberly.

“I believe in a good spanking for feckless and wayward girls, and you are in no way too old, believe me. If I were to deal with you as you suggested…” he said.

“Oh do,” Kimberly gushed, “I deserve it, really I do.”

“What do you think Ms…?” Paul asked suddenly rounding on Paula.

“Bright, Paula Bright,” Paula said smoothly, “What do I think about what?”

“About me taking this girl on and giving her good sound spanking? Do you think she could handle it?” Paul chuckled.

Kimberly, not having realised Paula was there, looked startled.

“Just a spanking? I should think it would take just a 100 strokes of a good stingy cane just to get her attention,” Paula said silkily.

“The cane,” Kimberly gasped.

“Why not?” Paula shrugged.

“And you think you could take a hundred strokes do you?” Paul asked with interest.

Paula had no idea, but her head was spinning and it was all she could do to breath.

“Of course,” she boasted.

In a spirit of competition the upstaged Kimberly piped up, “Well so could I. If that’s what I deserve for all the screw-ups you know about.”

Paul half swallowed his lips thoughtfully and nodded.

“I mean it,” Kimberly pressed him desperately; “I’ll take a full slate of whatever I am due of the harshest interpretation you can make of the rules. I know you have rules and penalties and…”

“Yes I know,” Paul sighed, “The rather indiscreet Stacey told you. I will have to settle with that young lady too.”

“You mean you will do it?” Kimberly gushed.

“What do you say Ms Bright? Can you take 100 strokes? If you can without crying off I’ll give you a job or a contract or whatever it is you have been angling for. If young Stacey can and you can’t take more than her then you lose. But you won’t know how many that is until after, but she will get less I suspect. Not being…”

“As old?” Paula said with pursed lips.

Paul cast an eye over Paula’s generous curves and said, “Not old,” he winked, “Just more mature and more experienced than this delicate flower.”

Paula tried not laugh and failed and covered the fact that she had been won over by saluting the man with her glass.


Paul sat studying the nervous Kimberly who stood before him in just her blouse and stockings.

“While on secondment to my… public business, shall we say, you have been late… well almost every day, and very late…” he ran a finger down the page, “Five times? You have failed to attend a training session and… oh dear, you lost a client folio and it had to be sent… let me guess…” Paul turned the page of the file, “…late.”

Kimberly blushed and looked at where she usually wore shoes. For once she didn’t speak.

“I am going to defer the rest of your… sins until you either do or do not make the grade,” Paul said closing the file.

“But I promised to…” Kimberly wailed, determined that he should have no reason to say she did not take her due as agreed.

“Be quiet,” Paul snapped. “You have quite enough to contend with for now. This is not a game.”

“Yes Sir,” Kimberly said, now cowed.

“For being late three times, an over-the-knee spanking. For repeat of offence another spanking. For being very late, yet another spanking, augmented for repeat offending. Then we have four further counts requiring six, nine, 12 and 15 of the best with my cane. A stout paddling for missing a training course and as for losing the client portfolio…” Paul sighed.

Kimberly gulped but straightened up and said firmly, “Yes Sir.”

“So what does that make before I take your other offences into account?”

Kimberly had already been counting and blushed.

“Four spankings, one augmented, one with a stout paddle and 42 strokes of the cane Sir,” Kimberly said bravely.

Paul was impressed; she was perhaps not the flake she seemed.

“Can you handle that all in one go?” he said, “Remember you may get something on top and then we have…” Paul glanced at the file, “Quite a bit to catch-up on another time.”

“It’ll do me good Sir, I need someone to give a firm hand,” Kimberly said, but her voice was tight and barely a croak now.


Kimberly was a mess. The first spanking had left her kicking and panting with a strawberry red bottom peeking out from under the hem of her blouse. The second, directly afterwards, carried out with a short hand-paddle, had her barking at the moon. Then after only a minute or so and long before it was over she had broken down into tears.

Now she stood facing the corner with her bare welted bottom well-displayed and make-up running down her face.

“That’s what I consider a spanking and an augmented spanking. You’re already tender enough for the cane aren’t you?” Paul said as he studied his handiwork.

“Yes Sir,” Kimberly said miserably.

It hadn’t taken her long to stop crying and all in all she thought it hadn’t been so bad. But at the back of her mind she thought about the cane and the rather heavy count. But if that old bag Paula whatshername could take it then…

“I am going to put you back over my knee and spank you at my leisure after we are done so now I want you to bend over the desk for the paddle,” Pauls finally told.

“Yes Sir,” Kimberly said meekly.

The paddle was not as stout as she imagined and she knew he had heavier ones. She hoped he didn’t think she would break. She had meant what she had said about paying her dues. Nevertheless the paddle was big enough and crafted from thick leather.

“Just 12, I think,” he said as she offered up her bottom. “You will have enough to contend with if you survive this lot and still want to join my little inner sanctum.”

Kimberly nodded; she was saving her strength for the main event to come.

The first swat was breath-stealing and her eyes flew open in surprise. She was still wrestling with it when the next swat really lit a fire. She knew by rights she should get three or four times the swats with a serious paddle for her sins, but just then she was so very grateful for Mr Sparrow’s mercy.

As the rest of the biting blasts landed her cries sounded almost like laughter at first, but then these wailing ‘chuckles’ gave way to true sobs and she had to use all her will power to hold on and continue to offer her bottom.

I’ll never sit down again, I’ll never, never sit down, she told herself over and over. But she took a strange comfort from the conviction that she deserved it.

“You still not sitting down Kimberly?” her friends would say.

“No, not yet, maybe by March, I really deserved it you know, I am such a screw-up. I will probably be spanked again before then and it serves me right,” she would say, “Make sure you tell everyone, it is so much more embarrassing that way and it will do me good.”

A voice called her back to the real world.

“Kimberly, can you hear me?” Paul was saying.

“Yes Sir,” she said miserably.

“You can go to the corner again,” he said gently, “I’ll cane you later, much later.”

Kimberly sucked in air sharply through her nose and painfully straightened up. The corner looked so cosy and humble, and so very far away.

“Yes Sir,” she sobbed.

To be concluded tomorrow.

6 Responses to “Taking one’s due I”

  1. ….“It’ll do me good Sir, I need someone to give a firm hand,” Kimberly said, but her voice was tight and barely a croak now.

    Liked this story, and loved this line. I do have a thing for hearing the lady confirm/confess such realities!

  2. 2 paul1510

    I enjoyed this, I was going to say that you have a hidden sadist, but I suspect he isn’t so hidden, 😉

  3. 3 Jimisim

    An excellent beginning. Consensual and young adult and mature, my favourite genre.

  4. 4 DJ

    A little consensual piece that concludes tomorrow

    thanks 🙂

    Sorry I have been laggardly in commenting on comments – but there have been than I have had time recently. But thanks to all those who have this season and a happy new year. 🙂

  5. 5 Dascha

    Nice look forward to the next part

  6. Don’t worry about commenting on comments were I’m concerned DJ ..I would prefer for you to spend your time on the postings …after all thats why I drop by here so often 🙂 ….Happy New Year to you also!

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