Weekly Round-up


colour red colour red colour red cuffsThis is the first round-up of the year and so a happy New Year to you all.

Now here is a topical question. Are your Christmas decorations still up? I noticed that several pubs in London had theirs down before New Year, which is something of a new trend in my experience. The Church of England says that Christmas is officially over on 5th January, which is Twelfth Night, when some people ritualistically burn the tree and other decorations at an end of season party. But still others contend that the season ends today, it being the 12th Day of Christmas.

We split the difference and leave them up with lights on until midnight (last night) and take them down without ceremony today (if I get time).

But just to confuse everyone the Vatican leaves their decorations up until Candle Mass on the 2nd February. This incidentally is Chinese New Year, which is helpful. Maybe we can then extend the trend to cover Easter…

I am sure there is a story in all this somewhere but since this is all off-topic let’s move on.

A Winter’s Tail has been well received, but as to who won what and how it went off elsewhere we are still waiting to hear. I am referring of course to the Winter Cold Hands, Warm Bottom Bop, just follow your nose and you can check out other entries from here.

Meanwhile here is a sample of the other shorts on offer over at Acknowledging Imperfection.

Bonnie posted her last post last Tuesday and even found time to flag up one last list of new blogs. We can only hope that one day she will be back. But just check out her farewell stats, over 1,800 posts and 20,000 comments, with an average page hit of two million a year.

Hermione has hit the ground running taking over Bonnie’s Spanko Brunch, we wish her well.

This week’s pictures are from: About Spankings, Cutiepie, Scarlet’s Real Magic and Season & Michael.

One Response to “Weekly Round-up”

  1. 1 Michael

    Happy New Year, DJ. Season and I still have our Christmas tree and decorations up. Growing up in a Catholic home my family kept them up through the Epiphany, which is today January 6, the day the Three Kings arrived with their gifts. In some countries and communities, especially Hispanic, Three Kings Day is celebrated just as much if not more than Christmas Day.
    If we have time tomorrow Season and I will take down our Christmas decorations.

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