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An entry in the Winter Spanks Cold Hands Warm Bottoms Blog Hop (2-4 January, 2014). Comment for your chance at a prize. = Princess Sofia Molotov unleashed her full shapely pout at the ever stiffer wind and the heavy snowfall that accompanied it. Winter was hard upon them and soon she would be a prisoner […]

Here is a bizarre Russian TV Series, Favorit (2005), featuring a very odd birching scene. It is not clear what is going on, but it appears to be some sort of revenge scenario. A well-to-do woman is kidnapped and then lowered into the floor so that only her head is seen. A man then eats […]

Weekly Round-up


I am guess that most people are getting ready for Christmas and have not been blogging so hard. Nevertheless, judging from the pictures above there are a few gems. Certainly Less Than Three are feeling the strain. Elhane even had to be spanked and go for a lie down and a good cry as pictured […]

Vintage Sunday


She had all the answers. She would turn up and then give him a piece of her mind. What did he know anyway? He was so old, he must be 60 at least, well 50 anyway. She made it all the way down the hall with that attitude and knocked. Anyway, she was way too […]

This snippet was first published by Alex Birch on his blog A Taste of Birch. Alex Birch sadly died a while back and his blog is no more, but apart from his stories, which can now be read at the Library of Spanking Fiction, he published historical accounts of punishments. This story is a true […]

Reality Bites


Every once in a while Sam sends me an interesting picture or two. These, as he says, have that real feel about them. As ever you decide.

Carrie gave a heavy sigh and put down the book in frustration. Her book, Spanking Tales for Girls, was one of her favourites, but sometimes she didn’t want to read about spanking she just wanted… She sighed again. At 28 she should be out clubbing or joining a BDSM club or something, not moping around […]

Weekly Round-Up


Last week saw the first of the Christmas posts; you may remember we reported on LSF Christmas story collection (see Bookshop). That is going to be a heavy feature of Spankville for a while no doubt. We also got to welcome a new blog, Scarlet’s Real Magic, which we wish well and also welcome back […]

Vintage Sunday


Today’s offerings are from 1919, the 1920s and the 1930s.