The Uber Brats


uber bratAnother collection of short stories has been published by LSF if anyone was looking for a last minute stocking filler. This one is called the Uber Brats.

Dr Barton is persuaded to take in a disruptive girl who goes by the name of Uber-bitch, a kind of punk nickname. Dr Barton surveys her – underneath the rags, spiked purple hair and face piercings, he can see she is only 20 or 21 at most. He tells her she must obey the rules or face punishment. Thinking she is invincible, she very quickly disobeys by refusing to take a shower; during the ensuing scuffle she kicks and punches the housekeeper, Ms Ellis, who soon administers the required discipline. The next day, the girl’s behaviour has not improved, earning her another spanking from Dr Barton. Nevertheless, progress is made, however slow, and Uber-bitch reveals her name to be Jenny. Jenny feels very aroused as she spies on Ms Ellis receiving a caning from Dr Barton – it makes such an impact that she later tells Dr Barton she is a naughty girl and deserves to be punished. Dr Barton gives her what she seeks – he knows her so well…

This volume also includes the following short stories: Blame Game at St Matthew’s; The Bet: An Equestrian Spanking; Cane Marks; The Grampus; The Appointment; Agony Aunt; A Doctor Canes; The Beach Bums and the Clubhouse Rules; and Canings from Daddy and My Husband.

Available here.

One Response to “The Uber Brats”

  1. 1 paul1510

    what a pleasant surprise, I shall purchase it immediately. šŸ˜€

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