Every action deserves a reaction


otk spank otk spank otk spankHave you ever spanked a girl when she sets her jaw and refuses to react? That is a question asked by a male spanker and I do think this is a girl spankee thing, but girl-on-girl aficionados may have the same issue.

Sometimes you can spank for minutes on end and she just growls under her breath and refuses point blank to surrender. Usually this makes things worse for her. But it can leave a sour taste if she takes it too far and instead of clearing the air, a spanking can really bring down a day.

This is not what she or you wanted to happen, but for some reason you have either overplayed your hand or she is in the wrong headspace.

Now as the man here you have every right to expect a decent reaction, a small one if she isn’t in the mood gives you an out and saves face all-round. That is assuming one isn’t a complete oaf. But that cuts both ways. She is not a block of wood. If you have been unjust or insensitive then it is you that fails to adequately react.

So what do you do?

Well firstly, stay calm. An “I see,” at the right time is perfect for keeping control and is your cue to back off.

To her this will sound ominous and lets her know it isn’t over. Remember the aim of the game for her and you is that you win.

If appropriate then put her in the corner, but some women do not always respond well to this and if her head isn’t right then this may be as bad as spanking her.

What you can do is let her stew awhile. Not too long unless she is really out of sorts, but then return to her and ask “What was that all about young lady?”

That usually has her, but she may get all righteous on you. Listen.

She may be talking crap, but the chances are she has a point, even if it is not the one she is trying to make. Head above the gender political parapet here, but ‘women always say what is bothering them…’ bollocks they do! Be patient, you are not so perfect yourself, even if you have to pretend you are.

The chances are it is really nothing so don’t let it faze you. Just spank her again.

The pictures above are the classic little reactions that make it satisfying, but don’t too far. Make a stab at judging overreaction from ‘oh my god I can’t stand it and will need therapy after this.’ But then again, usually unless it is early in the relationship, the lady probably protests too much.

10 Responses to “Every action deserves a reaction”

  1. My experience has always been a good bit of stoicism was expected. 

  2. 3 George

    Mother, father, husband… the way it should be 🙂
    Of course if you look for lasting happiness!
    Any young lady in her late 20s with such wise parents also in 2013 (and 2014)?

  3. Very insightful- I love these pieces that remind us that you are indeed human, albeit a wise and rather terrifying one (in a domly way). Thanks for sharing your perspective.

  4. 6 markiee

    Nothing like a good bare bottomed spanking!

  5. When I withhold reactions, it’s because something’s wrong. Pausing and asking me what it’s all about would really do the trick. The past years though, I have learned that it’s better to state what is wrong rather than wait until asked. The challenge is to express myself in a well-behaved manner even when being draped over the knee and spanked. “Please sir…”, is generally a good way to start 🙂

  6. i need the naughty girl/women to kick and wriggle and cry and resit a bit it shows i am spanking her propery if she reacts like the above

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