That Corner Time and the summer of 1973


corner time extreme embarassment Harmony guessed she probably should have known. Probably nothing, she should have known. But somehow her temper and big mouth always got her into trouble. Just then the penny literally dropped and she growled in frustration. It had been her job to keep it pressed to the wall with her nose whilst holding her hemline up. But every time she moved the darn thing slipped and tumbled to the floor under the chair.

She quickly leaned back and close to panic she scanned the yard to see if he was coming back. The breeze chose that moment to pick up and the curtains to the French windows billowed-in and left her exposed to anyone in their or the neighbours back yard, which thankfully at the moment was nobody.

For some reason she hadn’t let go of the hem of her short A-line summer skirt, this even though there was nobody there to see. God he had her well-trained she scolded herself with a blush. But she had already cut way too big a portion of peril by doubting his resolve. Bare bottom corner time right next to the open French windows was about as much consequence as she could stand; especially when corner time came with the firm instruction that her panties had to be at her ankles. Not all the way off, mark you, but most definitely hobbling her around the ankles.

“If you even think about pulling them up, I will keep you like that for your chores for the rest of the weekend,” he had warned her, adding, “garden chores too.”

At 22, Harmony was a lively cheeky girl, and even if her mouth did sometimes run far too fast for her brain, she was popular with almost everyone. It was just that sometimes her fiery red-headed temperament got her in to trouble.

That was where Martin came in. At 28 he was the level head in their partnership, but then he needed to be. She had known he was the one since the day she had barbecued the 25-year-old grad student’s sneakers at the frat beach party in a fit of anger.

He had spanked her, right there in front of everyone and then told her, also in front of everyone that if she didn’t apologise he would spank her again on the bare bottom, right in front of everyone.

She had been a proud feisty 19-year-old back then and for the longest time she weighed the threat while everyone had laughed. To this day she didn’t know what she hoped would happen, but the die had been cast and seeing no way out she had offered him the bird with a double ‘fuck-you’ accompaniment.

He had effortlessly put across his knee and her shorts and panties had gone south and then she had learned of Martin’s resolve. It had taken until graduation to live down that summer of 1969 and by then they had been engaged.

Nor had that been the only time he had spanked her. He was the only man in her life who had ever known how to handle her and given her sassy mouth and temperament, that had meant spankings.

Mostly he had spanked in her in their bedroom using his hand. But sometimes, well quite often, if she were honest, he had spanked using her own hairbrush and then put her in the corner.

Corner time was a bitch, especially when she was required to stand bare-bottomed heedless of any friends or callers. Not that it was usually that overt. Mostly she had experienced being nose to the wall just yards from an unsuspecting visitor.

The worst and most embarrassing escapade had been when she had dared him to do his worst when her brother and sister-in-law had come for lunch one Sunday. He had spanked her soundly just half an hour before their arrival and she had still been in the corner as they had turned in the drive.

“Martin, please,” she had begged, “Come on…”

He had eyed her with that steely gaze of his.

“Do you promise to behave now?” he had asked.

Well she was standing in the corner of the family room wearing nothing but a tank top and her socks. So what else could she say but, “I promise.”

He had allowed her to put on an apron for the final preparations just as they entered the house. Even then her cherry red bottom had been left bare and she had had to keep her front forwards or stay behind the kitchen counter right up until she served.

“I should get changed first,” she had said pointedly while looking at Martin with pleading eyes.

He had broken off from a football story with Steve her brother to consider this. It had been one hell of a squirmy moment and not so much in a good way.

“I suppose you should,” he had said at last.

She must have looked comical as she sheepishly backed away from the counter. The glint in her sister-in-law’s eye suggested that she had at least half guessed what was going on.

All this had been before Martin’s trick with the penny.

Now often when she was out of line he made her hold a penny to the wall with her nose as she stood holding up her skirt behind. This was all very humbling and even a little embarrassing. Except that was when she had been spanked on a summer’s day with every window in the house open and made to stand in the corner by the open glass doors to the yard. Then it was very embarrassing.

And that was where she found herself today.

Harmony stole another glance into the yard then made an undignified scrabble on the floor to grab the penny. It was a bitch to place just so and almost impossible to do it unaided. But finally she got back into place.

Darn the man, she seethed. The last and only time he had caught her dropping the penny he had warned her that he would secure her thumbs behind her back the next time she was so careless. Then she would be spanked and have half hour added every time he had to reset the coin.

Outside she heard Martin at the gate and knew he was coming back. Harmony held her breath; maybe he would release her now? Then disaster struck.

“Martin,” said a masculine voice.

“Hey Frank,” Martin replied.

Frank was their neighbour, mercifully on the other side from the one that had an outlook into the room, which was just as well as he was almost always in his yard.

“I thought I heard some… applause earlier,” Frank said innocently, “Catching a game on TV?”

Harmony gaped into the wall and nearly dropped the penny again.

“No I have been checking out the car after…” Martin countered.

Darn the man, couldn’t he lie. But she knew Frank wouldn’t be fooled. She could almost hear his eyes swivelling towards the open yard door. Thank God Martin hadn’t put her in the opposite corner.

“Sorry about earlier,” Martin continued, “Was your car okay?”

“Oh sure,” Frank said dismissively, “She barely touched it.”

“Well… let me know if there are any damages and…” Martin began apologetically.

“Hey forget it,” Frank said expansively, “But hey, your wife,” he whistled, “She has some mouth on her.”

“Yeah,” Martin sighed, “Sorry about that.”

“Not that… you know, I’m just saying… I mean she was the one driving, I was just parked and I only ran over to see if she was okay,” Frank said placatingly.

“Yeah,” Martin sighed, “She was just scared, sorry about that.”

“Anyway, I’ll let you get back to the… eh… um… game,” Frank brought the conversation to a close.

Just then another voice came from outside.

“Hello Frank, Martin,” it was Mrs Pearson on the other side.

Harmony felt her heart surge with panic. The drapes were still or at least looked to be as far as she could tell from the corner of her eye, so hopefully she was still obscured from sight. But with two neighbours just yards from her place of shame Harmony was on tenterhooks.

“Hey Mrs Pearson,” Frank called over.

Harmony guessed from his silence that Martin had given the woman an unspoken greeting.

“Did anyone hear that spanking earlier?” Mrs Pearson asked as casually as she might have ordered bread. “Sounded like a girl, a big girl too. Aren’t your girls a bit old for a spanking Frank?” She sounded mildly disapproving, but it wasn’t clear if her displeasure was directed at the supposed naughty girl or the punishment.

Harmony went goggle-eyed and nearly swallowed her own head. Little flames touched her face and threatened to spread.

“Nah,” Frank chuckled, “My girls are still away with those friends of theirs at Lake Tahoe; been there since the semester ended.”

“Well I could have sworn that I heard an old fashioned spanking,” Mrs Pearson said, sounding aggrieved.

Harmony’s eyes darted back and forth as she pressed closer to the wall. Go away, she cursed the woman silently.

Someone coughed and Harmony imagined she could hear Frank’s embarrassment when he said, “I eh… thought I heard some applause earlier, maybe it was that.”

“No, this was definitely a spanking, believe me I would know,” Mrs Pearson said impatiently.

Harmony was about melt away when it got worse. A short gust of wind kicked up the drapes and exposed her to the yard.

“Oh my lord,” Mrs Pearson gasped. “Mercy me, can you see that?”

Harmony couldn’t help herself and the penny went tumbling to the ground with a tink-tink-tink and she whirled around to see the extent of her exposure. Mrs Pearson was gaping her direction with a shocked hand clamped to her mouth.

“Nope, not a thing,” Frank coughed, “See you Martin. Good luck with… the eh… the game.”

For a moment Harmony stood all a gangly with her panties plainly at her ankles framed by the door and then she dived for the drapes still dancing in the wind and tried to hide.

“Oh, oh I… I see,” Mrs Pearson spluttered, “I thought I heard a ruckus earlier… I mean… applause yes, I guess that’s what it was. Yes… I think I left the… goodbye Martin… oh… goodbye Harmony.”

The stop light-faced Harmony eyed the penny and wondered if there was any point picking it up as Martin came through the door.

“What did I tell you?” he said glaring at her and then the penny on the floor.

Harmony could only gape.

“The penny,” he sighed, “I told you not to move.”

“I know but…” Harmony wailed.

A moment later she was across his lap with her bottom bare again.

“Martin the door, the windows,” Harmony hissed.

Martin snatched up the hairbrush from where he had left it by the chair and let fly. The splat landing belied any handclap and must have been heard over on the street side.

“Martin,” Harmony screeched; her face screwing up as if she had been sucking lemons as her spanking began in earnest.

It took five more swats before Frank’s mower started up and a moment before that Harmony heard him cheerfully whistle. But by then she was already deep into full on broken boo-hoo sobs.

A cooling breeze for when she was back in the corner might be just the ticket, she thought miserably; so long as the wind wasn’t too energetic and Martin allowed her the luxury of closing the drapes again. God, she hoped he didn’t dream up any garden chores like he threatened.

The end

8 Responses to “That Corner Time and the summer of 1973”

  1. nice story love the idea of spanking a naughty women in public very embrassing and humilating proper old fashioned OTK disipline never herd of the penny thing though!

  2. 2 paul1510

    nice little story, thanks. 😀

  3. 3 cindy2

    I love this story, DJ. The spanking is one important component but from my perspective the knowledge that someone else can see is even more important.

  4. 4 DJ

    Thank you 🙂

  5. 5 Scarlet

    Cute one! Made me laugh.

  6. 7 Edmundo

    Well-turned as Harmony’s bottom. Funny, yes — and provocative, too. Love Mrs Pearson’s obvious enjoyment at knowing Harmony gets her much-needed spankings like all well-rounded girls are meant to receive. Perhaps one day Harmony will be sent to her neighbor’s for an afternoon of correction after an unfortunate encounter with her at the grocery store. Might do her a world of good, no?

  1. 1

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