Weekly Round-Up


spanking corner time spanking spanking corner time spanking corner time spanking corner timeotk spankingNow it is hard for me to believe that people have been tapping their feet wondering where this week’s round-up had got to, but if anyone has then my apologies. It has been one of those weekends followed by one of those days.

Tomorrow is the next instalment of Magic – it is a biggie and takes us halfway to the climax which will follow soon. This story has been here for so long (started over two years ago) and has about three or four episodes left. So if you have been following it – then thank you, if not (and I know that it hasn’t been everyone’s cup of tea) then it will soon end.

Others may have noticed that Spankmanship was finally concluded last week, so another regular series slot has now been freed up. More on that soon.

The big news of the week is that LSF have published the Christmas collections of spanking stories. My one and only Christmas spanking story was included in last year’s collection, so nothing from me this year, but it all goes to support the Spanking Library, which is free.

Something missed from last week was Cranky Spanker’s one millionth landmark. So Congratulations.

Elsewhere: Less Than Three had a short post on the nature of responsibility versus guilt and abuse of power by the Dom. There are some cute cartoons too. My Bottom Smarts has another list of new spanking blogs, which is always welcome. Cherry Red also has a round-up like this one of favourite links if you want to have a spanking surf.

Blossom and Thorn had a post on Corner Time Noir; see black and white picture above.

Have you heard about the new mainstream movie Nymphomaniacs? Others have mentions on several blogs that it may contain a spanking scene but (apologies if others were first but I haven’t seen it elsewhere) Au Fil des Jour has an actual clip and some stills like the one above with Charlotte Gainsborough bending over the arm of a sofa. Note here the creative use of what looks like telephone directories.

Other pictures are from: Able’s Tumblr, Devlin O’Neil, Plector and Spank Brian.

3 Responses to “Weekly Round-Up”

  1. DJ, I actually did miss your Weekly Round-Up post when I popped in this morning – afternoon for you – and didn’t find it. I always look forward to it every Monday, but no apology is needed, Sorry you had one of “those” weekends followed by one of “those” days. To be the vulgar American, that always sucks. 😦

    Nice set of photos and links, and thanks for the Corner Time Noir mention.

    I enjoyed your Spankmanship series very much and can’t wait to see what fills its slot. Maybe it will be that long awaited treatise on fly fishing I’ve been pining for. Actually, knowing you, you could take fly fishing, add a few imps in bikinis and make a smashing spanking tail, er…tale out of it. 🙂

    • 2 DJ

      Thanks Michael and I will consider your impish fly fishermen idea.

      Although I had rather thought to return to Ad Astra and possibly Angela for completion. Then there is Raw, Abraham Heights… Meanwhile there is more Abaconti this week. 🙂

  2. 3 Michael

    What a plethora of spanking treats! Whichever is next us readers are the lucky ones, DJ. And we haven’t had a new Abaconti since before you started Magic. I enjoyed that series and can’t wait for the next squirmy story.

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