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The Golem


It was the hum that kept Leah awake. The relentless hum that touched her ears just below audible that could only be heard if you listened for it; or if you were trying to sleep. She had been told by the captain before he went into stasis that she would get used to it. And […]

Weekly Round-Up


Last week’s Love Our Lurker’s was a huge success. All credit to Bonnie and of course you. Here is a list of participating blogs. Another blog worth another mention is Wholebean and I by Paolo. He laments Irish narrow mindedness, but there is a lot more to read here. Blossom and Thorn had the back […]

Vintage Sunday


Something pretty random.

Shortly before midnight on Wednesday the visits counter rolled past eight million in the web stats. Having flagged this on Monday I almost let it pass without comment, but being a little busy at the moment it came down to this bit of fluff for a post today or nothing. ‘Visits’ are such random pieces […]

The third in three sequential stand alone shorts that began here. “Ophelia Open,” Ophelia told the maître D. She often wondered why she hadn’t changed her name back to Weizmann, but in her heart maybe she knew. The man had a thin lacquered black comb-over and calculating brown eyes. He smiled warmly, but not to […]

Part 1 here. Spanked college girls was a common enough sight on campus for it not to draw too much attention, but the woman in the faculty office looked up as Hilary took her first slow painful steps through the fire doors that led into the open area. Hilary could feel every loving stripe of […]

Are you there? Shyly peeping around the corner wondering if you can come in? Why not say hello? All you need to do is comment on this or any other post. All you need is a name (or just an initial even it doesn’t actually need to be your own) and a valid email address. […]

Weekly Round-Up


We are almost halfway through November already and Christmas is looming fast. Where does it all go? Any minute now, well in a few days anyway, this blog will have seen its eight millionth visit. Even though traffic has been largely flat this year it has begun to pick up again. But whatever way you […]

Vintage Sunday


An old grainy picture from just after the First World War and a bit of 60s fun.

Part 1 here. Tammy, Charlotte Coleman and Anne Shelley were all around the kitchen table when Hilary walked in. The red-haired senior, Charlotte, shifted awkwardly in her seat, visibly wincing. Hilary remembered that Charlotte had had a tutorial that day and she knew damn well the girl had not finished her paper. The well-groomed Anne […]