The Spanking of Marquise de Rosen


Louise XV Du Barry de RosenAfter receiving an interesting email, more on which later, I did some research and stumbled upon this account.

According to the French writer and biographer Pidansat de Mairobert, the Marquise de Rosen, the young and beautiful close friend and rival of Madame Du Barry learned of the price of falling out with the powerful mistress of Louis XV of France.

De Rosen was a beauty to rival Du Barry but was notorious for her youthful and girlish appearance, which in this instance was to prove her downfall.

portrait of a womanIt seems that the Marquise was a lady in waiting for the princess who ‘reproved her’ for fraternising with the scandalous Madame Du Barry. Not realising where the real power lay she snubbed Du Barry who complained to the King.

Louis tried to mollify his mistress by playing up to the Marquise’s stereotype and jokingly said, “Bah, she is only a child who deserves to be whipped.”

“Seeing her chance Madame du Barry took the remark in its strict sense. One morning that Madame de Rosen came to see her, after they had breakfasted together amicably, the Marquise asked her to enter the boudoir that they might chat together in private” where in fact four maids were waiting for her.

It seems with this help Du Barry stripped and soundly spanked or whipped her. It is not clear at this point whether hands were used or a martinet or birch rod as was the practice.

“Furious with indignation she rushed off to the King, but he could say nothing to his mistress, as she reminded him that she had but executed his sentence.”

However, it seems that with her honour satisfied Du Barry made a peace offering and du Rosen took the spanking as a salutary lesson and the two once again became firm friends.

It proved difficult to find a portrait of the young de Rosen but the picture insert is a likeness of a woman of her age and station from the court.

5 Responses to “The Spanking of Marquise de Rosen”

  1. I love these historical snippets. I’d also like to find out more about Catherine de Medici who I understand was a flagellant and frequently employed corporal punishment in her household. I’ve perused a few historical accounts but can’t find anything definite.

  2. I would love to know to RH!

    Absolutely love the accompanying photo to this piece.

  3. 3 DJ

    Pretty random find. Although I heard about it before the details and actual personalities had been forgotten.

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  2. 2

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