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spanking spanking spankingNow we mustn’t panic or show any weakness whatsoever, but one month today it is Christmas day! Okay, so panic a little bit unless you are done and dusted.

Actually this may be a British thing, for instance this Thursday is Thanksgiving, which many Americans look upon as a bigger event when the whole family gathers. But if so, then you are lucky.

Christmas in Britain (which we may be forgiven for thinking is already here judging from shop displays and TV ads) lasts more or less officially from Advent (1st December) until Twelfth Night (which is either the 6th or the 5th January depending on your local tradition). That’s 36 or 37 days, which when you think about it is about 10 percent of the year.

“I wish it could be Christmas every day…” goes the song, sometimes it damn well feels like it is. With the upcoming American feasts that is an awful lot of dead turkey. Goose anyone?

And so to last week…

The Spanking Spot, which has been suffering some unaddressed Trojan issues for months, has finally disappeared. We can only hope that this is a technical issue and Brushstrokes will return, but it maybe ominous.

In better news, Wholebean and I reports that Ireland has had a more positive report on the spanking scene debate.

Also Kai on Acknowledging Imperfection has a new story.

Rollin also has a new story out.

I had a nice email from Michael Thorn of Blossom and Thorn complimenting me on my work and pointing out that I am now the most featured author in their favourites section. By the way this is a good round-up of spanking stories is you are keen.

The pictures this week are a Brian Tarsis from Less Than Three blog, and two found on the blogs of Devlin O’Neil and Cherry Red.

7 Responses to “Weekly Round-Up”

  1. 1 Maria White

    The fact that you regard Advent as part of the Christmas season is an indication of how badly we have distorted the meaning and celebration of Christmas through overcommercialization. They actually are traditionally two
    separate seasons, with very different tones. Advent is a somber season of longing and anticipation, while the twelve days of Christmas celebrates the fulfillment of that longing. But the ever-lengthening period before Christmas is so draining, filled with premature music, movies, ads, and TV shows aimed at emptying the shopper’s bank account, that by Christmas day the actual arrival of the season is horribly anticlimactic. Just try to find a Christmas song on Christmas day. Why play it then? There’s no more money to be made.

    • 2 DJ

      You are right of course – well up to a point. The Christians could have chosen another pagan festival to hijack of course.

      But my point was that it is what it is as far as Britain is concerned – I didn’t make the rules and fighting a one man crusade would require even more energy. 🙂

      • 3 Maria White

        It’s the moneychangers who have hijacked a Christian holiday; no one is going to but many gifts to celebrate a long forgotten pagan festival. I wish Christians were united enough to quietly move their celebration of Christ’s birth to the spring, when he actually was born, and leave the debased excess we are about to be dragged into to those who have no appreciation of its true meaning.

        • 4 DJ

          You make an excellent point 🙂 In fact it would great if Christians could just agree – but I suppose they don’t have to. If one lot of Christians go off and decide for themselves then everyone should respect that and not take it as a personal slight.

          I think I need to just speak for the UK here or myself as I see it from the UK.

          Christianity here is the vicar coming for tea and saying ‘oh dear’ if someone says something unkind.

          We really don’t need a prickly debate here that will go to one of those countries where one side will line up against another because of their attitude to guns, sexual politics and free speech. I never understand how people can know with certainty that God either agrees with their views or with equal certainty that he/she/it doesn’t exist.

          I am Yule kind of guy myself – fires and feasting and hoping that the days will get longer after 21 December :0

          Do you think they will or should I kill another goat? 😉

          No worries Maria – my born again relatives tut-tut and roll their eyes in despair and then get on down with the ‘oh dears’ and Vicar’s tea.

          Something to do with Christian toleration I think (being a heathen I just don’t get it). Now where is my battle axe and sacrificial virgin? 😉

          Respect to you Maria I hope you don’t think I mock – I am just gently putting it into a context as far I am concerned.

          As one gets older the jokes are mostly external and one does think more doesn’t one?

          Please deploy a Merry Christmas at your appropriate time on my behalf – for myself – I don’t want to hear that greeting for at least two weeks. 😉

        • 5 Maria White

          Just a couple of random final comments — they had better be final, or hubby will spank for monopolizing your blog — and I’m still warm and sore from Saturday night’s maintenance hairbrushing!
          First, the madness doesn’t seem as virulent (yet) in the UK as it is here. The unofficial start of the shopping season seems to have slipped from Thanksgiving (next Thursday) to, God help us, Halloween! A sixth of the year! So much so that many large greedy retailers will force their employees to spend their “holiday” at work rather than at home with their familys as previously — as if the suckers wouldn’t spend just as much on Friday as they now will over two days. In a couple of decades, it will have slipped to the Fourth of July, so we will have only two seasons, shopping and not, each lasting six months.
          Second, it is unfortunate and embarrassing that in the U.S. one sect of Christianity has become so vociferous and political that in the minds of many their ultra-conservative and intolerant views ARE Christianity. The long progressive tradition of, for example, my former church, Catholicism,. reaching back, in modern times, to Leo XIII, is completely forgotten. Fortunately, Pope Francis seems to be reasserting the primacy of social justice over sexual transgressions in the hierarchy of the Church’s concerns.
          Sorry if I offend your British sensibilities, but I love those Jesuits!
          Personally, I would be happy if I didn’t hear “Merry Christmas” until December 18, so consider my good wishes to you as coming to you about that time.

  2. 6 Michael

    Great collection for your Weekly Round-Up, DJ. I especially enjoyed the stories by Kia and Rollin.
    As for you having the most listings in our favorites section, maybe Season and I should start paying you royalties. Oh, wait, forget I said that. Yeah, it never happened.
    Am slowly moving away from the keyboard…..

  3. 7 DJ

    Merry Christmas from 18th then Maria – and put some ice on it 😉

    Thanks Michael and for the name check on your latest post. 🙂

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