Chinese and other oriental spanking


chinese spanking chinese spanking chinese spankingSome years ago while on a business trip to Europe a colleague and I went to a Chinese restaurant for lunch. The premise was an old style establishment run by a Chinese family with more than a hint of sympathy for the New China.

In the corner was a TV churning out Chinese government news reports interspersed with soaps.

Then after a while on came a TV historical drama with girls in pretty dresses and a rather comically evil empress complete with hissing as she sat on a throne. The hissing was imagined as the sound was turned down.

Then a girl in yellow silk was dragged before the empress and thrown Monty Python-style to the ground on her front. Whereupon two splendid gentlemen in black began to spank her with paddles better suited to rowing the Queen Mary.

Since then I have seen many replays of this same scenario, many better executed with more subtle and delicate paddles. Perhaps it is an old staple of such imperialist Chinese dramas, like Indian movies which continuously rehash the happily-ending Romeo and Juliet scenario with singing and dancing.

Most of these dramas, like the one I saw, have the girls lusciously dressed in silk and spanked, often in pairs, fully clothed in such a described manner. But occasionally there are racier scenes where the girls are nude.

Ironically the nude versions are more nuanced and realistically executed, although I suspect the introduction of public nudity in reality may have been reserved for men. That is how it seems in period photos, which are grainy affairs with dour looking Europeans standing over them. This latter point about colonialism begs the question of how far back such public punishments go in Chinese culture.

Most of these recent scenes are well filmed with high production values and are satisfying intense, making one wonder about how spanking erotica is viewed in the Far East. Also that many of the more modern scenarios have focused on domestic spanking and sometimes caning, which is a departure from this tradition. Sometimes even introducing an openly erotic element between girlfriend and boyfriend.

I know Korea has explored this arena to good effect and have often tackled this subject head on in mainstream cinema, but unfortunately most have yet made to our screens and DVD shops. Some of the pictures above may in fact be Korean, my apologies but from this context I cannot be sure.

It is also worth pointing out that the top picture is a domestic scene where it looks like a cane is being used.

11 Responses to “Chinese and other oriental spanking”

  1. Agreed, those domestic or public punishments in the far east are indeed interesting subjects, something I will enjoy researching now that you have brought it to my attention.

    btw – loved this piece “began to spank her with paddles better suited to rowing the Queen Mary”.


  2. 2 Joyce

    Those pics looks like all Chinese stuffs. Korean uses different tools. That looks big size wooden paddle.

  3. It goes back very very far in Chinese culture though not always with paddles. Beating wives and servants with paddles is considered accepted practice in ancient China but children are usually spanked or caned. Nudity is not. The person getting punished usually are allowed to wear clothing.

  4. 4 DJ

    Thanks guys 🙂

    So it is Chinese – thanks – I didn’t like to always assume.

  5. 5 gin

    Asian women are often caned or slippered on the calves.

  6. The first one looks more like in Vienna or Thailand, not in China.

  7. 9 Eug

    Could you tell me original film of the second image?
    I may have seen the original before but now I can’t. maybe Youtube deleted it.

    • 10 DJ

      Hi Eug,

      Not sure I ever identified it – but this post is seven years old now … I don’t remember where I found the image, sorry.

      Incidentally, as I say in the article, I am acutely aware that I may clumsily mix Asian cultures (but I don’t quite get the Viennese suggestion above).

  8. 11 Abe Rikki

    Stumbled on this page while searching for something else and I always click on search results with “D. J. Black”!

    The punished girl in the top photo is wearing the common Vietnamese outfit called an “ao dai”. On the other hand, the hanging scroll on the wall has vertical East Asian writing. (But not the Korean alphabet.) Vietnamese did not have a written language until Portuguese missionaries created one using the Roman horizontal alphabet. So, I would speculate that this depicts a Vietnamese servant in a wealthy Chinese or Japanese home.

    Both China and Vietnam are communist countries with government controlled media. For political reasons neither of those countries are likely to permit a scene with a cruel/rich Chinese person switching a helpless Vietnamese. So I would speculate that this is from a film made in Japan, Taiwan or the ethnically Chinese city-state of Singapore.

    Please write some more D.J., We miss you!

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