An embarrassing comeuppance


otk spanking

It had seemed like a harmless agreement, Georgina thought, although now she could kick herself as she hovered at the door to the shared house. Surely he wouldn’t go through with it? The pang in her belly was close to nausea and the heat was rising in her face right up to the fringes of her dark mop of straight jet black hair. Her petite frame had got her enough teasing as it was and plenty of girls as well as boys had teased her with spanking threats for behaving as a brat.

The key in the lock sounded way too loud and she was sure if Jack was in he would hear her. But she slid the door back like a mouse and crept in all the same. Yeah, like I need to, she told herself, there is no way he would dare spank me.

The week before a whole sequence of careless acts on her part had led to some seriously heated words from everyone in the house; all addresses to Georgina. The laundry escapade had been a genuine accident, but she had to admit that letting the bath overrun had been stupid of her. But her finest hour had been the fire.

Well everyone burns toast and the fire alarm was a constant companion of many of Georgina’s fellow housemates whenever they hazarded the kitchen. Well okay, she thought ruefully, mostly it was her, so she guessed the rest of them had a point. But how was she to know the curtains would catch fire?

“You left the toast unattended,” Jack had roared his incredulity moments after putting out the small blaze with an extinguisher placed there for the purpose. “I really ought to put you across my knee.”

Jack was in the forefront when it came to spanking threats to Georgina’s bottom and he was the only, she thought, who might actually mean it.

“Spank her Jack,” Tim called out.

“On the bare bum,” Jane agreed.

The lose assembly of disgruntled housemates had suddenly coalesced into a posse.

“Come on,” Georgina had blurted nervously and backed away. The show of fear on her part was a big mistake and Jack had advanced on her menacingly.

“I really, really think I should,” Jack growled.

He was a big guy with the classic barrel chest and square jaw. Usually Georgina never missed an opportunity to watch him play rugby and although a romance that close to home was not a good idea, Jack had figured prominently in quite a few night-time fantasies.

“J-Jack, I’m sorry… ‘kay,” she blustered. “You can’t… sp-spank me.”

“You’re always sorry,” Jack snarled, “Spank you, if I had had you under my authority back when I was a pre, I would have caned your pretty little arse to buggery. It’s such a pity you didn’t go to a decent bottom-bashing school to learn some respect for others.”

“Jack,” Georgina replied tentatively in a voice that was suspended between a warning and nervousness as she still backed away.

“Spank her, spank her,” the others took up a chant.

“Listen, I hear about that new job Monday… I’ll get a raise and pay for the bloody curtains, ‘kay?”

“Hmmm,” Jack pondered, “Seeing as England play on Sunday and I know they will win, I am in a good mood. So get the job, pay for the curtains and if England wins, I’ll let it go this time.”

Jack was teasing, she hoped, but the others were still pressing him to spank her and this time it was no joke.

“I’m serious,” he said sharply.

Georgina guessed England had a better than even chance and even if they lost, she would get that job and she always could pay for the curtains anyway. The whole thing would blow over, it usually did.

“Okay, I guess I agree,” she said with a blush.

“I’ll hold you to that,” Jack warned her, “And if you try and duck out of it I will find you and spank you wherever that is. Get me?”

Georgina nodded vigorously. “But only if all three don’t happen.”

“Cop out,” Tim groaned.

“Shake on it anyway,” Jane insisted.

It was embarrassing but she had shaken on it to much teasing.

That had been before. It was an easy enough agreement to duck out of; Jack had only been making a point. But in the end England had lost 22-23, an unexpected result. No biggie, except that Jack would be seriously pissed off and disinclined to cut her some slack.

The second blow had been that the new job had been deferred. She had told everyone ad nauseum that it was in the bag and now the shits had put off the decision. If she hadn’t have been so distracted by this disappointment she would have remembered the curtains before reaching home. This last failure was a big mistake and even though she had had a week Georgina knew that the shop that had them in stock was now closed.

Jane looked sympathetic as she crept in. Georgina had told her about the job when she had bumped into Jane at lunch time and the smart tall redhead made a sad face. But Georgina’s eyes were on Jack and the ruin that had been the curtains.

“Sorry about the job Georgie,” Jane said.

“The job, you didn’t get the job?” Tim snarled as he came in from the lounge.

A full house, Georgina winced.

“No job…” Jack too looked over now. “Then there had better be some new curtains in that bag.”

The Radley bag on her arm was barely the size of two fists.

“Eh, no… I’ll get them tomorrow,” she said quickly.

“Tomorrow? Fine,” Jack sighed.

Georgina started to relax.

“But today you are so getting that spanking,” Jack told her.

“Oh yes,” Jane said brightly with a broad grin.

“Jack… come on,” Georgina, “Come on guys.”

Jack unfolded his thick arms and moved towards her. In a panic she tossed a mug from the table at him and then a soggy tea towel. The first broke in the sink having missed.

“Hey that was mine,” Jane wailed.

“You are so going to get it,” Jack growled.

Georgina made a break for it and reached the front door. She was through it and down the street before anyone could catch her. Although but for the lack of his shoes, Jack might have done. Even so in very short order he was on her tail and chasing her down the street.

“Jack, come on Jack,” she yelled back at him as he closed on her.

Night was falling and most of the late shoppers had already cleared the streets. The club and pub-going crowd had yet to turn out leaving the streets about as clear as they ever were before midnight. But there were still three or four people shrugging against the cooling twilight as Georgina reached the bandstand at the end of the High Street.

It was here that Jack caught her in a parody of a rugby tackle; passing her at a trot he tucked her under his arm.

“Jack, you can’t, please…. Jack,” this last was squealed as he sat on the edge of the deserted bandstand and pulled down across his lap.

“I have a good mind to take your knickers down you brat,” he scolded her. “You have had all week to sort out the curtains and you still can only think of yourself.”

“I’m sorry, really I am, Jack, Jack… Jack…” she squealed again as he tugged up the back of her short skirt.

Unfortunately for Georgina she was wearing a thong and now one or two passers-by stopped to gape at them both.

Jack’s hand landed with a sharp splat across the round of her bottom and she squealed.

“Please, Jack, please not here… Jack,” she squealed again as his hand landed with a firm spank.

Some of the residual shoppers and home-goers chuckled at her plight and one or two looked as if they may congregate for the show.

“Jack, please,” she shrieked at another impact, “I work near here, people know me… Jack.”

Georgina’s bottom was beginning to redden now, rivalling her face for colouration.

“I warned you didn’t I? I warned you I would spank you where I found you,” Jack told her darkly.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, but not here please,” she begged.

“Not here? Then you agree you deserve a spanking?” he teased.

“Yes, okay,” she cried urgently.

“On your bare bottom,” he pressed her.

“Not here,” she hissed, her blush now reaching her ears.

“If I spank you at home then you will apologise to everyone and take your own knickers down?” he asked her.

“Please,” she gasped out a stage whisper.

He spanked her again.

“Make up your mind,” Jack urged her, “This crowd is beginning to get bigger.”

“Ooh,” Georgina wailed in frustration.

“Since you can’t decide we’ll up the ante,” Jack said cheerfully, “I still have a cane somewhere from my days as prefect. After your spanking you can take six of the best. Here or at home, your choice?”

His hand gave her a sharp swat and someone laughed.

“Jack… you bastard,” Georgina said in a hushed voice out of the side of her mouth.

“Eight then,” Jack said in a loud voice, “Any advance on eight?”

“Alright,” Georgina agreed, her eyes taking in the dozen or so laughing strangers and willing there to be no one she knew.

“Alright then what?” he pressed her.

“You can spank me,” she whispered.

“What was that?” he asked conversationally.

“You-can-spank-me,” she slowly growled, her blushes reached new levels.

“Oh I know I can; so?”

“On my…” she was acutely mortified now and added in a whisper, “On the bare.”


“And cane me,” she mumbled under breath.


“Jack,” she spat angrily.

“Okay you’ll do. I’ll accept,” Jack chuckled and let her get up.

There was short ripple of applause and Jack made a small sardonic bow as Georgina made a hasty retreat.


“It looks like we had Georgie all wrong,” Jack said as he led Georgina back into the house. “She has agreed to take her spanking like a good girl, haven’t you?”

The others were gathered in the lounge and Georgina shot him an angry glance and let her glower take in the room.

“Haven’t you Georgina, or shall we go back to the bandstand?” Jack said sharply.

“Yes,” Georgina said quietly in a sullen voice.

Jack folded his arms.

“Oh alright,” she said grumpily. “I’m sorry about the curtains.”

Jack cocked an eyebrow.

“I’m sorry,” Georgina sighed. “I guess I screwed up.”

Jack let his eyes drop to Georgina’s midriff and she blushed.

“Okay, okay,” she said impatiently and rolled her eyes.

Tim and Jane grinned expectantly. Then with a small groan Georgina reached under her skirt and tugged at her very brief underwear, pulling them down to her knees.

“Right off,” Jack ordered her.

Georgina blushed and with an angry pout stepped out of her knickers. Meanwhile Jack placed an armless kitchen chair in the middle of the room and sat down. He then crooked his finger at her.

“Ooh,” Georgina groaned and then with another pout she stomped across the room and flopped across Jack’s lap.

Jack delicately lifted the hem of her short skirt and placed in the small of her back. Tim grinned as Jane gave a mocking wolf whistle.

“Now where were we?” Jack said as he let fly with the first slap.

The spanking was short and efficient leaving a bucking gasping Georgina kicking and yelping in a few short moments. By the time Jack had finished spanking her small tightly split bottom it was beet red to match her face and a few tears of humiliation had sprung to the corner of her eyes.

“Now young lady,” Jack said in a scolding tone, “I want you to go to that corner.” He pointed at the only vacant corner in the room beside the TV. “And leave your bottom bare, you look so much cuter that way.”

“What?” Georgina protested.

“Shall we make that an even dozen?” Jack asked.

Georgina was about to ask what he was talking about when she remembered the cane.

“Oh come on, please Jack, not…” she gaped at him not knowing what was worse the embarrassment of standing in the corner or the prospect of the cane.

“Shall we go back to the bandstand then?” he chided her.

She knew he wouldn’t go that far now, but the accusation in his eyes hurt her somehow.

“This is so unfair,” she bristled and stomped over to the corner only to stand a meter away from it glowering at the wallpaper.

“Take a step nearer and put your hands on your head,” Jack said in a commanding voice.

“Where’s my phone,” Jane giggled, “This has got to be one for Facebook.”

Georgina whirled around just in time to be framed face and bottom in a camera shot.

“Delete that,” Jack barked at Jane, “Or you’ll join her.”

Jane blushed and after some silently mouthed insolence ostentatiously hit delete. As soon as he was certain he had been obeyed Jack turned back to Georgina and with a twist of his finger indicated that she should face the wall.


Jack kept Georgina in the corner for a good half hour before he had her turn around. Thoroughly cowed she could not take her eyes from the cane in his hand.

“Eight?” she said quietly.

He nodded.

She sank dejectedly on one hip and pulled a face.

“It is going to hurt isn’t it?” she said with a lower lip pout.

He gave her a half wink and nodded again.

“Jack perhaps…” Tim began.

“It’s okay Tim, I guess Jack finally gets to thrash my backside for me. I suppose I do deserve it,” Georgina sighed.

She was actually a little curious and in any case she had decided to that if she didn’t amend her attitude then Jack might keep them all amused with some extended corner time for her.

“How do I…?”

“Bend over… no… better bend over the back of the back of the sofa,” Jack said firmly.

Georgina trotted over to the sofa and folded herself over the back of it.

“Bottom up a little more,” Jack ordered her and blushingly she obeyed.

“Count them please and do remember to say ‘thank you sir’ after each.”

Georgina pursed her lips and archly glared at him.

“You know 12 was more usual for the upper sixth and they were more than 10 years younger than you,” Jack said idly.

“I’ll count, I’ll count, Jeez, I was only…” Georgina said hastily.

The first stroke left a clear white line across Georgina’s pale bottom, but it wasn’t as painful as she had feared. But out of the corner of her eye she saw a pensive Jane jerk.

“One,” she breathed softly, “Thank you… Oh…” and then the stroke began to bite and she gasped, “Thank you Sir.”

The first stroke stayed greyish white on pale for a long moment and then Jack caned her again.

“T-two, thank you Sir,” Georgina groaned.

The first stripe across her bottom slowly turned pink and began to swell up a little; this in stark contrast to both the paler line of the second stroke below and the fair skin of her behind over all.

At the third stroke there was a louder crack and Jane jumped more than Georgina did, the latter merely rolled back her eyes and clamped her jaw shut. By now there were three clear dark pink ridges across Georgina’s bottom.

“Three, thank you Sir,” she managed at last.

The fourth stroke landed right across the lower rounds and set her bottom wobbling.

“Eeh…. Yah,” Georgina gasped, “Fffffooorr, fankyoo Sir.”

She did a little shimmy with her bottom and clutched at the cloth of the sofa’s seat covering.

“Halfway through now,” Jack told her.

Georgina nodded and the yelled as she lurched her head back at the fifth impact.

“Yah, mmmmh,” she growled, “That’s… eh… that killed me.”

Her bottom bucked up and down and she clawed at the sofa with her elbows to keep herself down.

Jack coughed.

“Sorry,” she gasped, “Eh… five, thank you Sir.”

After the sixth stroke and the accompanying scream Jack let the six hard lines of dark red fully develop as tramlines before he lined up for the last two.

“Doing well girl,” he said.

“Yeah, thanks, my new hobby,” she quipped with bravado.

“Don’t get cheeky or you’ll be in the corner all night,” Jack growled at her.

“Sorry,” she said genuinely. “You take the protocol for this seriously don’t you?”

She remembered him telling her about his sixth form days at his public school and that she had been intrigued.

“Bottom up and out a bit,” he replied.

“Sorry I…”

“Not at all, but I want to enjoy these last two and you look so cute,” he said gently.

“Bars…steward,” she muttered.

He grinned and lay on the seventh as hard as he ever had.

“Yeee…ahhh,” Georgina rocked and almost jack-knifed to her feet. “Sssssefen, th-thank you Ssir.”

Jack didn’t wait and lay the final stroke on equally as hard.

Georgina screamed and slammed her hands to her bottom as she growled-out and then lay panting over the back of the settee.

Jack waited a moment and then tapped the back of the furniture with the cane tip.

Georgina took several breaths and then hoarsely croaked, “Eight, thank you Sir.”

“Thank you, now you may rise,” Jack told her.

Unsteadily Georgina got to her feet and wiped away a single tear from her face.

“Thank you Sir,” she said extending her hand.

“You remembered,” he smiled as he shook it.

“God I could use a drink,” Georgina smiled, tears pooling at her eyes. “That’s assuming I don’t have to go back to the naughty step.” She shot a rueful look at the corner.

Jack shook his head. “Not today,” he said, “But you have one week to fix the curtains and if you ever let the bath overrun or burn toast…”

Georgina gulped and even Jane was blushing. Both sensed they were living in a new regime.


10 Responses to “An embarrassing comeuppance”

  1. 1 cindy2

    I love this story, DJ. I can see myself in Jane’s position encourging Jack to punish Georgina’s bare bottom. It would be yummy to see. (But would I be next?) I would do so if I liked Georgina and had an attraction for her. I’m curious as to the wording in the narrative, “I would have caned your pretty little arse to buggery.” I wonder if this is a figure of speech. I can’t help but think that the housemates would like to believe that it is no metaphor and Jack is actually going to go though with it in their presence.

    • 2 DJ

      British Public School (as in very private) slang for very hard or to the point of destruction – ‘I thrashed my engine to buggery’ but of course words are rarely randomly chosen and the subliminal Freudian reference is what we call and undertone 😉

  2. 3 paul1510

    public school’s are somewhat overrated, our politicians are proof of that.
    But when it comes to CP, well—– 😉

    • 4 DJ

      Not since 1999 – but up to then more than you might think apparently 😉

  3. 5 cindy2

    Vive subliminal Freudian references.

  4. 7 darwinian

    Another fine set of circumstances and well presented as a story, of course there has to be more to follow….hopeful.

    • 8 DJ

      maybe one day – who knows – but I have lots of stories to complete already 😉

  5. For the British Public School Discipline minded this was an enjoyable tale indeed. Have to agree with paul1510 about the politicians who pass through these schools though, ‘could do much better’


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