The Golem


nakedIt was the hum that kept Leah awake. The relentless hum that touched her ears just below audible that could only be heard if you listened for it; or if you were trying to sleep.

She had been told by the captain before he went into stasis that she would get used to it. And indeed as she went about her daily tasks around the ship she no longer heard it. But it was always there, a low tickle of a hum as the Endeavour of Free Trade cut a swathe through hyperspace.

She wasn’t a newbie of course and all ships had their idiosyncrasies and little sounds. But the Endeavour had the most annoying background hum she had ever experienced.

“Oh-eh,” Leah growled angrily in frustration as she kicked off the bed covers and sat up. “I rename this ship Insomnia.”

She ran her slim well-trimmed fingers through her short boyish blonde hair and glowered in the mirror beside her bunk. Leah wouldn’t have thanked anyone for pointing it out, but she had an elven look about her with big wide-open brown eyes.

She yawned and stretched before standing up and tried to focus on the small console by the door. It was blurred green in the half light of the cabin and it took a moment for Leah to rub the sleep from her eyes and see it clearly.

Since Leah had taken her four month turn at being awake, she had had the main ship’s readouts patched through to her personal console. Not everything, it wouldn’t have fitted on screen, but just the headlines. Yawning again she studied the small green lights of the display, almost willing there to be a problem. There wasn’t.

She pressed a tab and the read-out changed to a HD view of hold one and then at a touch, the next cargo bay. The screen showed row after row of containers with not a hint of a problem. Leah scrolled through the entire cycle twice before being satisfied and then she called up the manifest.

Sometimes there were interesting goods in transit and often the personal belongings of colonists were not security locked. In any case it was easy to invent a reason to open one up.

Once she had found an old bicycle and ridden around the ship for days before coming bored. Another time she had found an old Earth pin-ball machine. It was strange what people wanted transported through deep space. She continued to scroll.

Leah had done this many times since the rest of the crew had gone into cryo-sleep and had found a few things too. But nothing had been as interesting as the item marked Golem. She paused when she reached it.

The specification read that it had originated on Poprad 9, a Slavic world where they made weapons she had heard. But if it was a weapon then why was it going to New Jerusalem? Leah pulled down an info page and cross-referenced both planets. Nothing.

With a huge sigh of frustration she CP’ed reference numbers off the manifest entry and did random searches for them. It was futile, she knew, she had done this a dozen times since she had found the Golem entry. Out of frustration she hit the ‘magic’ AI search refinement. It was a near useless auto-search feature no one in their right mind ever bothered with.

The screen offered a choice of recipes for cream pies, ‘further searches for agri-tech,’ and… she perked up, manual procedures for handling dangerous cargo.

“Dangerous cargo?” she gasped and pulled down the record.

It was clearly listed as domestic-social. Not industrial, not agriculture and definitely not dangerous. Why then did this Golem, whatever it was, have a dangerous category tag number?

Leah stripped out of her sleep suit and hit the shower. Five minutes later she was in a fresh coverall and heading for cargo bay six at a jog. It was unlikely to be a problem, but she didn’t have anything else to do.


The cargo bay was like a small town with streets not of houses, but rows upon rows of containers. It was a permanently twilight world where the ambient lighting provided just enough illumination to see, although the auto motion sensors brought up bright spots to Leah’s location wherever she went. This light did not so much as burst on, but grew and faded organically so that wherever she stood she could read or work, but beyond the pool of soft glare the shade segued away to the dimness of grey and white.

She found the Golem container on her second attempt. But she had had to double back and check a remote console first to get the row number.

“Okay dokay,” she breathed when she found it.

The container of one of the medium sized ones that stood sideways on to the gantry deck. She knew that it went back exactly eight meters and the square side presented to her now was four meters by four.

“I have had smaller apartments,” she muttered as she punched up the entry plate.

If it was a security risk then she should be denied access. The plate buzzed and she held her breath. The dull grey display on the access plate turned orange. Leah sagged in disappointment. Orange meant it was locked, but that she could override it. That posed her with a dilemma.

If it had turned red, then she would know it was secured and closed to her. A shame, but that would have been the end of the matter. But green would mean that she could open it without it getting flagged on the roster and she could have had a nose about to sate her curiosity.

Orange meant, don’t open except in an emergency.

“Damn,” she hissed. “Do I?”

But what emergency could she claim? ‘I found a mislabel transit tag.’ It sounded lame. Leah knocked with her small fist on the hard out-ness of her mystery as if she were lost and it was a cottage in the woods.

“Is there anybody there?” she said in an affected sinister voice.

She couldn’t risk it. It would be her arse if the supervisor saw the log at the end of the voyage and if he took it to the captain… Damn. As a parting gesture Leah wrapped out ‘dum-dum da, da, da, dum-dum da dum’ and then stopped with her hand hanging impotently in the air. Crap, she thought and turned to go.

From inside there was a faint ‘da-da,’ or so she thought.

“Shit,” she gasped and whirled around. Did she imagine that? She shoved her ear to the side of the container for the longest time.

It could have been metal fatigue or… then a thought occurred. With long positive strides she walked to the end of the row, every step picked out by the following spotlights. Then once at the cargo console she pulled up the security tape. Setting it too maximum volume she replayed the scene at the container.

The sound was faint, but it was there. Now what? She didn’t know what to think. No one ever played the security tapes unless there was a problem later, but if she opened it and said… ‘I heard a sound and’… the tag, she thought. Of course she checked it. It was no big deal. She had spotted the strange tag on a routine check and went to check the plate status…

Leah almost ran back to the container and again engaged the plate. Using her personal access code she switched orange to green and then paused. The word ‘open’ flashed at her. She had heard a sound. What if there was something inside? To date it hadn’t bothered her, did she really want to bother it? Before she could consider further her finger tapped the display as if by its own accord and the container hatch sprang.

It was one of the new types that popped out and then slid back by itself as it parted in the middle leaving a two meter rounded-off square hole in the side. Almost at once the container’s ceiling lights came on in a cascade series taking about two seconds from the back to light up the whole container.

It was the longest two seconds of Leah’s 10 year career in the freight business.

First she saw a shape and then as the light swept towards her, saw an outline. It was the shape of a man, but halfway to being the size of a bear. For a moment she was put in mind of a sumo, but this figure was too sleek. Then the lights went beyond the shape and lit it from the front.

“What the…?” she gasped.

It was like a man. It was even dressed in clothing of a sort. But its flesh was greyish and apart from a semblance of dark brows had no hair. If the damn thing wasn’t two and a half meters tall she would swear it was a man.

“What are you? A statue? But…” she took a tentative step forward and reached out to touch it. “You’re organic… I think.”

Its flesh, and she could only reach its hand, was neither warm nor cool; an android perhaps?

Leah decided to consult the cargo console for any references on Golem, but she was already of a mind that it was some sort of domestic servant converted from military use.

“You stay right there,” she said absently as she moved to go. “I want to make sure you are not a danger.”

“I do not take my orders from you,” it said, “Or any woman.”

Leah leapt back from it with a startled gasp.

“What… I mean, who are you?” she asked.

“I am the Golem,” he said and added, “There is danger?”

“Eh… no, I mean… I don’t know,” Leah suddenly felt anxious. “Is there? What was that a question?”

“You awoke me and used the word danger,” the Golem said. “You seem anxious and are clearly distressed.”

“No I…”

“Since you are uncertain I must investigate,” the Golem told her.

He moved surprisingly quickly for one so large and outpaced her easily as he moved out onto the deck.

“Come on, just get back in the box,” she called after him.

“Who is in authority here?”

“Well… I am, but…”

“That is not possible,” the Golem said with certainty.

“What because I am a woman?” Leah bristled.

Golem cocked his head as if considering and studied her with shiny black eyes. They were hard and had a stern edge to them, but Leah sensed no malice.

“Because you opened the box and spoke of danger and are unable to take responsibility for or give an explanation of that statement,” he said simply. “Now I must make an independent assessment for danger.”

“Just get back in the freaking box,” Leah said wearily. “You had a danger tag and I checked. You made a noise so I opened the box. You can go back to sleep. There is nothing to see here and no fire…”

The Golem looked about him.

“Compared to the inside of the box there is much to see here and why do you deny there is a fire? Having raised that possibility I am now required to check,” he said simply.

“It is just a freaking expression okay. There is no fire, there will be no fire and you can go back to sleep,” she yelled at him.

This was getting desperate. Should she alert the captain and awake him from stasis? How would that look? ‘Oh I opened a box and let some kind of security…’ what? What was it? It clearly wasn’t a robot.

“Your anger and foul words are misplaced. It is clear that I must take control of this situation until someone in authority turns up. When will that be?” Golem rounded on her and appeared to size her up. “Do not lie, I am conditioned to determine the spoken truth.”

“In about three months,” Leah blurted. “I mean, I am the…”

“So you lied about being in authority and now admit that you are not in charge here,” Golem interrupted her, “And that is the truth you believe.”

“Listen if you don’t get back in the box I will have to wake the captain and…” Leah said impatiently.

“Please be silent,” Golem cut her off in a stern voice, “I will ascertain the situation and then decide what must be done. Tell me did you have authority to open the box?”

“Noo, not exactly, only in case of emergency,” she replied.

“Is there an emergency?”

“No, it would seem not,” Leah replied, “So you see you can go back…”

“So you admit that you opened the box without authority?” Golem interrupted her again. “The information console, how do I access it?”

“You need a code,” Leah said with a hint of triumph.

“Then supply me with one,” Golem ordered.

“No you obnoxious brute, just get back in the freaking box,” Leah yelled.

“Where is your husband?” Golem said. He seemed genuinely taken aback by her defiance.

“I don’t have a husband,” Leah threw back.

“Your father?”

“My what…? What the hell would my father being doing on a…?”

“You are a foul-mouthed, unruly, unsupervised brat,” Golem said. “Now give me the code so I can ascertain the situation.”

“Frak off you freak,” she yelled, “Now for the last time get back in the stinking box.”

The Golem turned to regard her with unblinking eyes and then advanced on her soundlessly and impossibly fast. Seizing Leah he turned her about and then dropping to a crouch dangled her over his left knee and gave her one hard optimum slap on the behind.

“Now for the last time, give me the access code,” he said calmly.

Leah, who had never felt so much as a pat to her tail in anger, struggled to draw breath against the blazing sting in her bottom. Finally she gasped, “Frak you…”

Golem took a pinch of the back of Leah’s coveralls and tore the back portion of them away exposing her bottom.

“Omigod,” Leah exclaimed and tried to reach in back to cover herself.

The Golem slapped her hard once more, this time across her bare bottom painting a portrait of pained surprise on her face.

“You have a sound spanking coming,” the Golem said, “There is absolutely nothing you can do to stop it. Give me the codes now and when I am through I will put you in the corner to have a good think about what you’ve done and we will say no more about it… for now. Fail to give me the codes and I will spank you silly for… 10 minutes and then you will give me the codes. And then I will give you another sound spanking for your obstinacy.”

Leah clamped her mouth shut and reviewed her options.

The Golem didn’t wait and two seconds later he began to spank her.

“Jesuschristtobuggeryshiteandfrakingtohell,” Leah yelped and then all words were taken from her as she struggled to draw breath.

Leah fought bravely for several minutes kicking and angrily growling as she got the spanking of a dozen life times. Then a spluttering caught in her throat and she began a mewling sound.

“You goddamsonavabichbastard-ooh-oh-yah wah,” she bawled and promptly descended into tears.

For the Golem, his charge’s welfare was paramount and he spanked her no harder and no gentler than he adjudged she could handle. Even so, her bottom was welted and swollen in two raised ovals all over both cheeks and what had begun as a bright red sheen had now darkened to a rugged russet.

“Now little one,” he said finally as she broke to great bawling wails. “Tell me the code.”

Leah grizzled some hoarse wailing sounds before she was able to speak and then she croaked, “Go to hell.”

“Such blasphemy,” the Golem said sadly, “You leave me no choice.”

Leah fluttered in panic as it dawned on her what would happen. And then it did.

As promised the Golem spanked her for another 10 minutes as she kicked and wailed, bawled and sobbed and finally promised and pleaded. By then her bottom was as dark and tender as two Victoria plums and twice as plump.

“The code please,” he said firmly.

Leah blubbed an incoherent wail of words and numbers, which were broken by sobs and pitiful gasps for breath. But the Golem easily separated the content from her distress and set her on her feet.

Once released she did a slow knee-pumping dance with her hands locked to her boiling behind; her face a purple visage with three perfect circles of pained submission for her eyes and mouth. The Golem thought she resembled a baby bird, an apt image for such a fledgling he felt.

Then ignoring her he turned to the console and transferred system control from Leah to himself.

“Ah, I see. You were not permitted to open the cargo but you did,” he sighed. “You know this leaves me no choice.”

“Please, oh please, I’m sorry,” Leah sobbed, “Just get back in the box. I’ll never open another container in transit as long as I live.”

“Should I awake the captain then?” he asked her.

“No, oh God no,” she pleaded.

“Then I will assume command of this ship until your scheduled shift is up,” the Golem intoned, “Any questions?”

Leah shook her head.

“Now what did I tell you?”

Leah had almost stopped dancing around the deck and had managed to get her breath under control.

“You’re the boss,” she sniffed.

“No, not that you foolish girl,” he sighed. “I told you if you were obstinate that I would have to spank you again.”

Leah gaped at him, but not for long. In a trice he had seized her again and flipped her over his knee. The third spanking was more moderate in power but felt 10 times as bad for Leah and by the time it was over she had promised him the moon and apologised for just about every crime she had ever committed in her life and a good portion of the misdeeds in history.


Corner time was mortifying. Especially as she was condemned to a nose to the wall posture for as long as it took the Golem to review all ships systems and thoroughly check-out every bulkhead and nook in the ship. This took him just about three hours and 45 minutes or by Leah’s miserable reckoning, three days.

“You won’t move will you?” the Golem said as he left her in the corner, “I will only have to spank you again if you do.”

After that Leah didn’t dare take her nose from the corner, she just didn’t dare.


The pain in Leah’s bottom flared with every step, but her ‘captor’ had insisted that as the cargo was safe and secure they should move to the living quarters and operational areas of the ship.

“Can I put some fresh clothes on?” she asked miserably.

“You have fitting attire?” the Golem asked her.

Leah frowned.

“A dress or skirts perhaps?” the Golem looked more and more like a man to her. His face was alive with emotional expression as if a million thoughts were running through his head at once. “Skirts below the knee I mean,” he added.

Leah glowered at him as she tried to hold up the torn remnant of her overalls behind her. A dress, what was this guy on? She thought about the evening gown in storage. It was bright red with a slit from ankle to hip. Somehow she didn’t think he would approve of it and an image of going back across his heavy-set knee sprang to mind.

“No,” she said sullenly.

“Then your next task is to make some,” he ordered.

“Make some…? How and with what? What planet are you on?” she started in disbelief.

“Ah,” he groaned in frustration, “Nudnik.”

“What?” Leah wondered if she should be scared.

That was a point, she considered, I am apprehensive and… she winced, pissed off, but why I am not terrified of this monster?

“Well you are no balabatish are you?” he sighed.

“What are you talking about?” she snapped at him in irritation.

“Watch your tongue maidel, unless you want to go across my knee again,” he warned her.

Leah gulped and looked up nervously at him. It hurt her neck.

“I’ll make some suitable clothes and you will watch and learn,” the Golem told.

“Why don’t we just check the inventory? I am sure there are some clothes that meet with your approval in the hold I can borrow,” she said rolling her eyes at him.

Less than two seconds later she was across the Golem’s knee getting a spanking to rattle her teeth and put a fire in her tail that made her bottom glow in the dark.

“I was only sayyyiiiing,” she shriekd.

“And I, my shaineh maidel, am only spanking,” he groaned.


It had been three days since Leah had been able to sit down. Not that she had had much opportunity. The Golem had decreed that she should work instead of relying on machines. So complete with a headscarf she now stood in a smock-top and skirt washing her other clothes in a discarded hydraulic fluid container.

“Look I have things I need to be doing,” Leah said sullenly.

“All that is needful is for you to address yourself to the tasks I have set you,” the Golem replied. “I will see to all else.”

The Golem did not even turn to look at her but sat scrolling through security tapes at a tremendous speed.

“There must be a hundred cameras, each with weeks of continuous footage,” she told him apprehensively, “That’s years and years of…”

For some reason she felt nervous now. He was watching the back tapes at about 60 time’s normal speed.

“There are 186 cameras and 15 years of real time footage of your period of duty,” he replied, “But I am only looking at the motion activated portions, I won’t take long.”

“But there is nothing to see,” she insisted.

“Not even your various mischief?” he looked at her now.

She blushed.

“I haven’t done anything.”

“So far I have identified 17 transgressions of ship’s regulations and 47 further incidents that I consider unseemly and improper,” he growled, “And now you tell lies again.”

She shot a glance at the screen and saw herself doing a strip show for the camera. She had forgotten that.

“I’m not,” she wailed in panic.

Too late she saw his face and backed away.

“Look I’m sorry but…”

The Golem crossed the room and upended across his knee in a moment. Her skirts were easily raised and to her shame he quickly lowered her undershorts to her knees.

“I’m sorry okay, I just…”

The spanking was hard and fast and lasted a good few minutes.

“This is for your lies, your punishment for opening containers and other matters we will come to,” he told her.

“Wah… please, I’m sorry, so sorry…” she blubbered, but no avail.

The Golem did not release her from the corner for a good two hours after that.


The Golem had finished listing her crimes and now stood in front of her in the rec room. He had fashioned a thin flexible rod from she knew not what, but it was as thick as her little finger and about a meter long.

“When you are directed, I want to you raise your skirts and lower your under things then bend over the table,” he said.

“But why? I mean I didn’t know…” she was close to tears now and wrung her hand sin desperation, “You can’t do this to me, please…”

“You didn’t know you would get caught you mean,” he scolded.

That was true, she blushed.

“Now obey me or I will spank you again until you do,” the Golem said.

Leah swallowed and took a deep breath. She reached under her skirt and tugged at her under shorts to take them down past her knees. Then with slow delicate movements she lifted the hem of the skirt and bent forward across the table.

“You will take three strokes for each breach of your ships regulations and one for each of your impropriety,” he announced.

Her mind raced. How many was that?

“You will now ask me for 98 strokes across your bare bottom,” he said sharply.

“How many?” she gasped.

“It is a thin rod and your bottom and hips are yet strong,” he tapped her proffered bare bottom with is stick.

“Come on, please I…”

“Obey or I will spank you soundly before we begin.”

Leah gulped and snatched a pleading look over her shoulder. I swear I will never, ever open another cargo container as long as I live. Then in a flash of insight she imagined that maybe that he had been put there to catch her out.

“You really wish me to spank you? Very well…” the Golem began.

“Alright, alright,” she gabbled, “Please Mr Golem give me 98 strokes across my bare bottom… please.”

The Golem obliged.

“Jesusohchrist…” she yelped and then followed up with a few “Omigods,” while she still had breath.

“Tomorrow I will spank you for that blasphemy,” he told her sharply.

Then the stick rose and fell with unrelenting and unmerciful strokes; one every three seconds, 20 a minute for almost five minutes. The first stroke was as a knife cut across the middle of both cheeks, with each following contact exactly one width of the rod bellow it until it reach the join between her thighs and bottom. Then the Golem began over again.

Leah didn’t have it in her to appreciate his skill until much, much later when she could bear to face a mirror for a tail end inspection. All she could do was yell out at each stroke and mournfully sob and five minutes was an age when a stick was slicing away at her bottom.

That night she had cried herself to sleep belly down in her bunk. But sometime in the night she had awoken and checked the vivid ridges that covered her entire bottom. They fascinated her and she prodded at them with winces, engrossed in the pleasure of her pain. It didn’t take long for her hands to wander elsewhere and she was soon lost in reliving her strange ordeal.


About a week after her thrashing she wandered into the showers to get some more water for washing. Somewhere the water was already running and for a moment she was puzzled.

“Hello?” she called, but even as she spoke she turned the corner and saw the Golem stretching himself under the shower, the cascade of water running over his shiny hard muscled skin.

But it wasn’t his billowing torso that held her gaze but the fully formed as-thick-as-her-wrist member that hung half way to his knee. She gasped and retreated before he saw and spanked her for peeping. Although it might have been worth it, she decided, and then risked another peek around the corner.

She had got tired of pleasuring herself alone and now she wondered if the Golem might be a man like any other. So with her old mischievous-self reasserting itself, that night she went naked to his room to find out.

He had taken up residence in the one of the vacant crew quarters, although she had to wonder how he could fit on the bed. Does the Golem even sleep?

“Hey big man,” she whispered, “Maybe you could use some company?”

The Golem was immediately awake, if he was ever asleep.

“You…”he gasped in shock. It was the most human reaction she had yet seen form him.

“I said…”

A moment later the Golem had hauled Leah across his lap and let his hand come blasting down on her bare bottom.

“I was only… please…”

Does this man… Golem she amended, do anything else but spank? But inside she wondered if she were that surprised. Maybe this contact with him was better than no contact at all.


Leah had been as good as gold and as meek as a mouse for weeks now. It had taken a while, but eventually she had knuckled down to what was expected of her. Occasionally of course she would fail and the spanking she received was something to behold. But recently she could get through a week or more without getting spanked. She even felt a little proud that she could please him.

Then one day she woke up and found her ship uniform laid-out on the bunk at her feet. What did it mean? She didn’t have time to ponder long, for no sooner had she seen the clothes when a strange sound began.

It took Leah a moment to drag the identity of the noise from her brain. It was the shift change alarm.

Leah looked at the clothes and wondered if she should risk a spanking by putting them on. But if the Golem hadn’t put them there, then who had? She then realised that her other clothes were gone. A spanking wouldn’t be so bad, came an unbidden thought, after all it has been a few days. So kicking back the covers she grabbed the uniform and put it on.

She reached the mess deck in time to see the captain staggering into the room. He was yawning like beast out hibernation and drew his arms above his head for a stretch. Before the Golem she had thought of the captain as a large man, almost like a bear with his short black curls and close-trimmed beard.

“Anything to report Leah?” he asked.

Leah blushed and reached out to activate the console. On a hunch she entered her old codes and found that they worked.

“Good bye Leah, be good,” flashed an automated message.

“Eh… no not really…” she said tentatively.

“Not really?” the captain eyed her suspiciously.

“There was an odd tag number on one of the boxes,” she explained, “And…

“Oh, it happens, put it in your report and I’ll check it out before we go back to sleep,” he yawned again, “Graham will be up in a moment to take over from you and then after a meal we can get back to the long sleep.”

Leah gulped, not really knowing how much to tell him. What if he viewed the tapes? She blushed. Ordinarily there would be some 50 years of unmoving corridors and bulkheads, a person could go insane. It was a low risk unless she reported anything amiss. It occurred to her what they would see and she blushed.

And then she remembered the company had sole rights to the tapes and if they ever did… they could sell the footage to the networks, she wanted to die.

“I guess,” she said quickly, “There was nothing to worry about really.”

The captain nodded.

As soon as his back was turned Leah broke into a trot and headed for the hold. By the time she reached the cargo bay she was horribly out of breath. But the Golem’s box was sealed. She pulled up the access history. According to the log, the box had never been open.

“Was this the box?” the captain said as he came up behind her.

She jumped and stepped back flustered.

“Eh… yes?”

The captain used his own access and then frowned.

“Odd…” he muttered.

“What is it?” Leah asked anxiously.

“Oh nothing,” the captain shook himself, “I have heard stories that’s all. I guess there was something to them after all.”

“What?” Leah was afraid now, more afraid than she had ever been of the Golem.

“Do you know what a Golem is?” the captain asked.

Leah shook her head.

“It’s a Tzadik, a righteous one. They use them on New Jerusalem to… affect changes and protect people as they… oyfkumen…  it sort of means start a new life I think, literally awaken,” the captain explained, “And to think there is one on my ship.”

He sounded awe-struck as he stroked the container.

“They say it is a privilege to meet one, but rare. Some say that you can only meet one if you are destined to or are one of the oyfkumen,” he smiled, “But what do I know? Probably just an alien or some hi-tech being those folks on New Jerusalem have hooked up to.”

When he turned back to look at Leah he saw she had the strangest look on her face.


Leah resigned her job on faith and made her way to the capital on New Jerusalem. She had told no one where she was going or why? Well she could hardly do that as she had no real idea herself why.

The city looked old, even though it was barely a hundred years since the colonist had come. It was certainly built in the old style, rising like it was born of the living rock, its yellow sandy tones burning like gold in the morning sun.

The transit station was under the city, but for some reason Leah got out a stop before on impulse. It would take all day to walk into the city from there, but all the while the city would be ahead of her as she approached and she would see it. It would feel like a pilgrimage or homage to… was she crazy?

Once out of the station the heat was oppressive and she felt a fool for wearing the clothes she had made with the Golem. She had found them in her personal storage when she had resigned and oddly she had been pleased even though they were the ugliest and worst made clothes she had ever owned.

Now they scratched and chafed in the morning sun. God what will it be like by noon? Leah eyed the air-conditioned transit lounge and considered getting the next train in, instead of walking.

“Leah?” said a voice.

She shaded her eyes and turned to see a tall young man in native dress. He had a tall black hat and a short-trimmed beard like the captain’s.

“Yes?” she answered carefully.

“The Golem said you would be here,” the man said simply.

“Who are you?” Leah whispered, she was now amazed and… frightened… maybe? Someone else knew of the Golem then. She wondered what else he might have told this man and blushed.

“I am Joshua Ben Cohen,” then man said proudly, “And I think… I think I am to be your husband.”

The end of the Golem.

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  1. 1 paul1510

    I enjoyed this, Golem is an old Jewish tradition, though I haven’t seen it given quite this treatment. 🙂

    • 2 DJ

      Thanks Paul 🙂

      From Prague I think – hence the slav origins in the story

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    Love this! God you are good!

  3. You never cease to amaze and entertain me! 🙂

  4. Excellent tale, DJ. An intriguing story. I could imagine this as a screenplay on an episode of The Twilight Zone. It’s a classic example of a story that could stand on its own even without the spanking part, so it’s a story with spanking, not a spanking story.

    • 8 DJ

      Well that’s a nice observation – thank you – I guess you are right so long as a stand in was found for the spanking – otherwise it would be quite short 😉

  5. 9 cindy2

    The man’s schlong is likely to get hard especially if it’s a shayna maidel who’s getting the potch in tuchas.

  6. Excellent story, but. . ouch. I can understand why someone would want to ship that far, far away!

  7. 13 cindy2

    Oy vay is right, DJ. And after her tuchas is turned red as borscht, he’ll tell her to lean across a table, her legs apart. Approaching her from the rear, he’ll place his hands on her hips and wlll then slide his schlong deep in her body. With each forward thrust of his hips, he’ll feel his beytsim slap against her flesh. Oy, he loves to shtupp her. What’s not to like?

  8. Loved it…wanting more!

  9. 17 Michael

    Interesting, the golem broke her down and remade her into a proper woman and knew after such training as with all training , there was only one logical conclusion.

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