Eight Million and why not?


group nudityShortly before midnight on Wednesday the visits counter rolled past eight million in the web stats. Having flagged this on Monday I almost let it pass without comment, but being a little busy at the moment it came down to this bit of fluff for a post today or nothing.

‘Visits’ are such random pieces of data, but it is the only data available that dates all the way back to the launch. In any case, back in the day I used to be a web analyst and on the whole in my experience unique visitors are an unreliable quantum. Too many people use proxy serves when looking at this kind of blog and it is impossible to know how many people are behind the veil of a public proxy. Also caches clear at different rates so is a visitor really unique? What is the renewal interval? Over one year the headline is that this blog gets one million visitors, but I can’t believe they are all unique. My best guess is that this blog has a regular readership of between 20,000 and 30,000 who drop in about once a week on average. Frankly without detailed back-up analysis it is just a guide and in any case it doesn’t really matter.

Now if I haven’t bored you altogether I may as well clear-up some other housekeeping issues.

I am grateful for all comments but it is not always possible to reply in detail. Also for reasons not clear to me, some comments get blocked and others deleted randomly. I have very rarely blocked or deleted comments deliberately, less than 10 times this has happened I would guess. This is out of around 7,000 comments. But I do edit from time to time, for one reason or another.

Comments do also get published out of sequence. Especially when a post has a lot of comments, so you might find your comment halfway up the page before earlier comments? If you miss that his has happened you may think your comment has been rejected.

Also this blog is about 18+ females being spanked (M/F and F/F) in one guise or another. Comments that are outside this topic are a puzzle and usually ignored by me and I note by most other people. Posts that use ‘un-parliamentary’ language or certain references may get edited. I assume no malice or stupidity on the part of writers, but I have to be hypersensitive about what words may be picked up on by search engines.

Some people have asked for rules on this. That is fair, but how is this to be done? I can’t very well publish a list of sensitive words and phrases. So common sense is advised.

Whilst I am happy to facility adult consensual spanking in posts and in comments, the primary thrust of A Voice in the Corner is entertainment. So where spanking anecdotes, TV, movie and other news references maybe carried, it is not my intention to validate or vouch for this information.

Also I am notoriously sloppy about keeping track of sources of information. I collect things and forget them only to use them: days, weeks, months and sometimes years later. Although more recently I have got better at this. But I will credit, amend or delete content when issues arise or on reasonable request.

Sometimes I post things with good intentions and then take them down for reasons of taste, decency or common courtesy.

Thank you to all those who send me stories, anecdotes, pictures and many other things including words of encouragement. I cannot use much of what I am sent for one reason or another, but as regular readers will know, much I can post here; so thanks.

Above all I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your readership and continued support.

14 Responses to “Eight Million and why not?”

  1. 1 darwinian

    Congratulations, you have developed this space into a well run and clearly very well read corner of the internet, sensible stories great pics, all in all a great effort, thanks.

  2. Well done, DJ! Regardless of the counting methodology, that’s a big number indicative of a strong and dedicated readership. Bravo!


    • 4 DJ

      Yes I think so – I only bored you all with it because once I announce any figure many people comment about how it is this or that and suggest different stat counters.

      I am only amazed because I remember when I used to report that I had 10,000 visits!

      Thanks Bonnie 🙂

  3. 5 Bill

    I read you daily. Love your posts and stories.

  4. 8 million! Wow. That’s impressive. Congratulations.

    I remember when I posted about my first 10,000 hits, too. I couldn’t believe it. Such a lovely milestone, no matter when it happens.

  5. 9 Bill Black

    I agree with you that you have quite a number of regular readers and should be congratulated for that alone not withstanding the absolute quality of the stories and of course the observations.

    Please keep up the good work as the majority of us (especially me) who are not creative can enjoy your efforts.

    Congratulations and GREAT thanks,

  6. 11 cindy2

    I love not only the subject matter but also the sophistication of your blog, DJ. Cogratulations on another milestone.

    • 12 DJ

      Thanks Cindy – I’ll have to stop at 10 million and only mark 20 million (in about three years 😉 )

  7. 13 Scarlet

    Eight million is amazing, however it is tabulated. You obviously have a universal appeal–at least, in our little corner of the universe. Well done, you. Xo

    • 14 DJ

      Thank you – its a puzzle isn’t it? Some blogs do better than based on unidentified criteria. I mean there are better blogs than mine that do not do well (or so they claim) and others hold up without being updated for weeks.

      If there was ever any money in it some spark would have the formula in a flash and everyone would be doing it. 😉

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