Adventures in Spankville II


canedThe intro to this and another snippet can be found here.

Kimberly wrote:

I have been into spanking and the thought of being thoroughly punished for as long as I can remember but I didn’t do anything about it until last year when I was 32.

To give you some ideas of my fantasies and what preoccupies me I’ll tell you about my favourite video.

It is oriental so I don’t know the story or who made it. I downloaded it from somewhere several years ago.

A young girl is strapped face down naked from waist down on a bed with no mattress. There is a pillow or something under her hips so that her bottom sticks up and a man and a woman in uniforms shout angrily at her for a while. Then the man gets a long stiff whip thing which is a bit like a cane but longer and more swishy and starts whipping her with it. All the while the other woman is grinning and urging him on so he does it harder and harder.

The girl on the bed has really big marks on her small bottom and is screaming and crying as she begs for mercy. The first time I saw it I was horrified with myself for enjoying as it is really harsh and dark. But later on the three of them let their characters slip for a moment and the girl on the bed grins with pleasure. It actually kind of spoils it for me a bit, but I am also glad that it has that bit in it.

My own real life adventure came over a year ago when I went to a munchie. It was quite boring at first and I didn’t know anyone, but the second time I went I got invited to a party at a club.

It was quite an eye-opener and I saw girls on frames and bent over benches as well as people playing at OTK in the corner. It was exciting because it was really happening and I hadn’t seen it before, but some of it also looked kind of fake.

Then I met a guy at the bar called Terry. He was a lot older than me and asked if it was my first time. I lied and said ‘no.’

He saw through me right away and said that I deserved a sound spanking.

“Not here,” I blurted.

He nodded and we just talked. He told me he was into canes and heavier implements and didn’t like fake scenes. Rather more, he went in for the real thing and that a lot of women didn’t want that or couldn’t handle it.

I didn’t know what to say but I did tell him I wondered what a proper caning like they had in old-fashioned schools was like.

“You mean six of the best?” he asked me.

“Or more,” I said pointedly.

“I’ll give six as it is your first time. For lying,” he said from nowhere.

Part of me wanted to protest and I became shy, but he told that I should try it, but that if it wasn’t for me then we wouldn’t do it again.

I agreed and said I would come to his house if he gave me the address and he told me off. He told me I had to be careful and that I didn’t know him. It was scary and reassuring at the same time. We finally agreed to meet in a pub in Chiswick with a friend of mine who didn’t know the whole story. Only after that did we make a proper arrangement.

It took me ages to decide what to wear and I even bought new underwear and a ‘school blazer’ from Mark’s & Spencers.

He lived in Hammersmith and because I didn’t know it I was late. “That will cost you if you come again,” he said angrily as I walked in the door. The whole situation was so real and I was so nervous I felt nauseous.

Terry had an end terrace with a double glazed extension kitted out in a way that it could become a dungeon or school room and also served as his study. As soon as I arrived he made me call him Sir and after a long telling off it was surprisingly easy to take my skirt off and take my knickers down in front of him. I had to bend over an ordinary armchair which was a bit scratchy on my tummy but that didn’t concern me then.

The first of six hurt worse than anything I had ever felt and I had to try hard not to yell. It was still hurting when he gave me another and I had to hold on tight to stop myself jumping up. I was very aroused, I could smell it and all I could think of was did he know?

I couldn’t take all six and jumped up at five. There was a mirror and I saw that my eyes were watering although I wasn’t really crying as such but it was strange to see.

“Harder than you thought isn’t it?” he said.

The way he said it, it sounded as if he thought I had given up so I quickly said, “I’m sorry Sir” and bent over again.

He told me I would get an extra two strokes for getting up and I said “yes Sir” again.

The last three hurt so much I really did cry and once he let me stand up I had to hop around the room holding my bottom.

Then he asked if he should deal with lateness today or next time and I told him I would take them that day. He made me stand in the corner with my hands on my head for ages, but was probably only about 15 minutes that time. Then I had to bend over for another six.

I made such a fuss and yelled a lot and I was crying from the first stroke. But I stayed in place and took them all. I was so proud of myself.

He let me go to his bathroom to look at my bottom in the mirror. It was awful and really sore and sexy all at the same time. It was certainly hard to sit down properly even on a sofa.

We had tea and talked about my needs and he outlined a kind of mentor situation with different punishments. There was no sex between us and I saw him for about 8 months before I met my boyfriend and stopped. During that time I had lots of belts, straps, canes, birches and everything really. I used to go home on the tube standing up and feeling that soreness under my skirt and wondered if people could guess.

My boyfriend and I are looking for someone to occasionally share in my punishments or sometimes help him punish me.

6 Responses to “Adventures in Spankville II”

  1. 1 paul1510

    not such a large pinch of salt for this one.
    Quite enjoyable and not so much fantasy. 🙂

    • 2 DJ

      I agree – but then it was (I guess) written about more recent events and the other was something that was alleged from 20 or 30 years before which gives it a gloss of recollection. I have noticed this with such stories.

  2. 3 Karl Friedrich Gauss

    What beggars belief in both these stories, today’s and yesterday’s, is the level of severity, which seems out of character for novice players. Still, the lure of the anecdotal report is strong. We want to believe we’re privy to confidential disclosures by real young ladies who are telling us the truth.

    • 4 DJ

      The mind is a funny thing isn’t it? I wonder if it doesn’t fill in blanks around experiences according to ones fantasies?

      As for the caning above – six in one go is not so very much (depending on how hard it was). Her anecdote was about her experience (allegedly) of being on the edge of her limits. Is that what much of this is about? The edge I mean. Again it is all in the mind.

      Nice to see you back Karl 🙂

  3. Damian,

    I had a similar experience. I also went to a munch and then to one of their parties. I asked a man there if he would give me a spanking. He was very nice and I went over his knee without protesting.
    He began to spank me fairly lightly and soon my pants were down and eventually my panties (knickers for you Brits).
    All eyes were on my bottom I know because one of the girls commented “oh she’s got a little bruise” and several others joined in to comment.
    It wasn’t a very hard spanking as I am accustomed to pretty sound blisterings.
    The difference between the story above is that I didn’t have a very fun experience. I didn’t meet someone I connected with nor did I go to any other events.
    The people there were very nice but my husband is more than willing to take care of my needs so going to the party felt a little like cheating.
    He wasn’t aware I went and I’m confident he would not have approved. I felt so guilty that my face broke out like a teenager and I never told him.
    I would have loved to have found someone like the man in the story but I don’t think it would have been good for my marriage so I have learned to ask for what I need and my husband who does not judge me has become very proficient in the spanking dept. I’m lucky, I know.
    The munches are great if you go with your partner or if you’re single.
    Still as long as I live I’ll never forget bending over that large man’s lap, allowing him to bare my bottom, and spanking me in front of all those people. It seems really surreal now

    Thank for letting me share (and purge my soul a bit.


    • 6 DJ

      I remember you saying.

      The parties are always ‘removed’ somehow, like theatre. True relationships take time I think and cannot be disposable.

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