Adventures in Spankville I


spanking OTKAs regular readers will know, from time to time this blog runs anecdotes of supposed real spanking adventures. These are often random snippets dug up from an old back-up drive of stories culled from the Internet over the last 20 years (has the Interweb really been with us that long?) or recent discoveries from various sources like the Experience Project, Life Forum, FemFirst and such like.

It is fascinating but readers tend to fall into two camps with regards to their response to these snippets. The first group ‘doubt’ that they are true (as well they might – many are quite farfetched) and the second swallow them whole and (sometimes) expect one to introduce them to the actors in the anecdotes on a social basis. Well this last is an exaggeration, but you would be surprised.

On the whole I do not care if the stories are true or not. They are published in much the same way that Will Henry published his case studies back in the 1960s and 70s, but I know others have higher standards. Nevertheless, these little snippets are among the more popular features of this blog and people actually comment and email asking for more. But since the factory just outside Newport Pagnell that used to manufacture these tales has closed down, we are a hostage to what can be found.

My point is it is evident that everyone should keep a large pot of salt handy when dealing with anything one finds on the Internet and so it should be with this blog when it comes to anecdotes. As ever you pay your money and you takes a chance and for entertainment purposes only here is the first of two stories found online. They have both been edited and ‘spruced up’ a bit for public consumption and for a change they were both long enough for a post each. One I have had for a while and originally came off Collarme and the first one (I think) was found on FemFirst.

Cassie wrote:

On the subject of lesbian spanking, a subject close to my heart (grins), one of my early adventures in this game was not a scene deal. Back in the early 70s I worked as nurse for a couple in Surrey. The gentleman had various medical issues I won’t bore you with and I had to be on hand and live in pretty much 24/7.

They had a 20-year-old daughter Elisabeth who had dropped out of university and was also living with them. She was cute and I suspected at once that she was onside, but as she was such an unpleasant brat and because I was rather dubious of mixing pleasure with business, I decided to back off.

This was particular tough as my own girlfriend of the time was making tracks, and living in a small town as I was in those days was not the best recipe for getting any action. So I think I became a bit of an officious bitch with a stick up my arse as only a 23-year-old cynic can be.

Elisabeth and I clashed over everything, a situation made worse because originally I had been assigned her room and on her return from college I had been relegate to a pokey box room above the garage. This was not only uncomfortable but made by job more difficult. But she didn’t care about that because as I say she was a total brat.

One day while her parents were out, he rarely went anywhere I recall so I think it must have been a hospital visit, well anyway I caught Elisabeth around her father’s meds. I have no idea what she was doing, maybe trying to score something or just trying to make me look bad, I didn’t know or care.

All I knew was that she was bending over my medicine table in her father’s room with those long legs of hers and showing me her little white panties as I came in. I wore midis by then but she still wore hot pants or as on this occasion, a little short A-Line floral dress.

I was furious and shouted at her and she turned on me and said I was a maid or servant, something like that and couldn’t talk to her like that. I said she had no business messing with her father’s medicine and told her to get out.

All hell broke loose and we had something of a cat-fight for a moment. In my defence she totally started it but I soon got the better of her. As we thrashed about on the bed I manoeuvred her over my lap and got a swat in on her bottom.

Her attitude changed at once and although she was obviously still mad at me she started acting more like a kid and saying childish things. I think she actually said ‘I’ll tell my dad.’

I spanked her again and then after a minute of struggling with her, really set to it. At some point I got her little panties down and was spanking her bare bottom. Although she made a lot of noise she didn’t really try all that hard to break free so I was able to give her a long hard spanking until her little bottom was really quite red.

When I finally did let her up she burst into tears and ran off to her room.

I thought I had gone too far and totally expected her to tell her father and get me the sack or even bring assault charges or at least tell the agency. But the next day it was as if nothing had happened.

A day or two after that there was a knock on my door one evening and I opened it to find a rather mousey little Elisabeth standing there. She said she was sorry and that she hoped I wasn’t still mad at her.

I found myself giving her a maternal lecture about the danger of drugs and the risks to her father if she had mixed the meds up. Bear in mind that I was all of three years older than Elisabeth. Then at some point she shyly admitted that she deserved a ‘smacked bottom’ and I said that she hadn’t had half enough in my view. I might have said more but she just became very embarrassed and quickly left.

For a few minutes I thought I had overplayed my hand but then there was another knock and Elisabeth had returned. She had with her a hairbrush with the kind of flat side that can be useful sometimes.

I told her that if I spanked her again this time it would be really hard and done properly. She couldn’t look at me and just went redder in the face.

I still didn’t particularly like her and decided to make a point rather than make it playful. So I sat down in a hard chair and took her over my knees in a business-like fashion and made her bare her bottom her again.

It was hard to hold her in place as I spanked her but I really hit her hard over and over until my arm ached and I could not carry on. Her bum was really well marked with bruises and she was crying for all she was worth. But the funny thing was that Elisabeth made no attempt to get up. So after I had rested for a bit I started spanking her some more and she took it.

I went slower this time although just as hard and really made a night of it. Then after a really long time and quite a few tears I made her lay face down on the bed while I put something on her bottom. One thing led to another and she stayed the night with me.

We were careful but the next day she could hardly move and watching her try to sit down was totally funny. Her bottom was purple for about a week, I should know because I had full and thorough encounters with it.

She still had some yellow marking when I spanked her again. I don’t remember the pretext but I spanked harder and longer if anything and so it went on for months. I don’t think her bottom was white again until after I left.

Spankville II here tomorrow.

4 Responses to “Adventures in Spankville I”

  1. 1 paul1510

    as you say, a large pinch of salt required.

  2. I think that with accounts like these many of them contain a grain of truth, but that truth gets embellished into what the person WISHES what would have happened instead of what actually did. In the story above, there may well have been an initial incident as described that probably ended in a rolling screaming catfight. But everything after that may have been fantasy. Who knows? Unlike Henry’s “case studies” this one has the ring of reality.

  3. 3 DJ

    I am not much of a scene player – but I have hit a couple of ‘those’ parties in the past.

    Without retracting my ‘pinch of slat’ warning as Paul says – among lesbian spanko’s I have heard more far-fetched sounding tales from the horses mouth.

    As Rollin says ‘who knows?’

    The next story (I think) came from collarme and was an account of how someone got into the spanking scene. Again no guarantee of truth – but I do find these spanko relationship tales more believable than the adult daughter/niece/vanilla employee story that I have run here.

    But as i said in the post (so long as health, wealth or life are not threatened) I am inclined to print the legend as Barnum might have said.

    And as ever you pay your money… and keep the salt handy no offence to anyone.

  4. 4 ispank

    What a wonderful story! I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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