The Master and the Governess


edwardian governessLSF have published another short story collection of mine. This one based on the adventure the Master and the Governess.

The headstrong Amelia urges Lucy to follow her lead and run naked into the woods … two wood nymphs scampering through damp grass in the sunset. But when their little adventure is over and they flee back to Weighbridge Hall, it is to find the back door locked. They find another way in but are caught by Amelia’s father, Sir Richard Weighbridge, and, given his daughter’s wilful nature, he employs a governess for her. Despite Amelia’s protests, Miss Caroline Cambridge is tasked with turning her into a lady and is also charged with disciplining the young woman. However, it takes one particular incident, where Caroline feels her master’s anger herself, before she understands that she needs to be stricter on her young charge…

This volume also includes the following short stories: An Edwardian Establishment; The Governess; An Interlude in the Drawing Room; Letter to a Friend and Miss Andersen.

It is available from Amazon and LSF Publications.  There are more details in the book shop.


6 Responses to “The Master and the Governess”

  1. 1 paul1510

    what a great cover, I’ve downloaded it, I’ll let you know my opinion when I’ve read it.

  2. I’ve noticed this one has a sales rank that indicates that it’s doing pretty well. Congratulations on your success.

    • 4 DJ

      Thanks Rollin

      Do you mean Amazon rank of 11,038?

      I gather being in the top 10,000 is a biggish deal – but I know no more than that.

      If I ever make the top 100 I’ll go full time as an author 😉

      • Oooh- how many copies would we have to buy for that to happen? Could be worth it 😉

  3. 6 DJ


    I admire your enthusiasm and your potential sacrifice but unless mathematics has changed since I left school I am guessing that you would have to buy at least 1,038 copies to get the book into the top 10,000 😉

    That’s about $3,100 worth minimum 🙂

    Thanks for the thought anyway.

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