Turning Japanese


spanking in Japan spanking in Japan spanking in JapanOver the years I had some interesting anecdotes and hints of a spanking Japanese culture. Once at a party two Japanese girls told me they preferred Japanese men because they were strong.

“She mean strict,” her friend piped up.

The language barrier was too severe to glean more. However, I did get some interesting anecdotes from others that have been previously posted here. Then a reader, Tom, sent a link in. Thank you, Tom.

The link led to some weird Japanese porn and the post Tom had directed me to, had been deleted. Why I don’t know, the undeleted stuff showed no restraint. Believe me, you don’t want to know.

As for the spanking there was this. An exchange in the comments (edited) from the deleted post went:

“I didn’t think Japanese girl were spanked.”

“Oh yes we are, my boyfriend makes me bend over couch at our apartment with panties down and spank me hard.”

Another contribution was; “My boss spanks me at office. It hurts a lot but it is kind of cool.”

“Your boss spank? My boss spanks me. But then we go out to dinner? Where are you? I am in Tokyo.”

There does seem to be a fascination with spanking at the office and at least a semblance of non-consensual spanking in their erotica. Furthermore, a vanilla friend of mine was shocked that 20-somethings wore school uniforms as a fashion statement even in the office. I was asked to picture a lot of Japanese women secretaries in school uniforms and short skirts eager to please their bosses. Of course I didn’t, that would be wrong.

One other comment amused me.

“I want to go to England,” one girl confided, “All the girls get spanked there. I want a boss who spanks me too when I’m bad.”

She must mean the other England. But it is interesting that they are as intrigued by spanking among the British as perhaps some of us are towards them.

23 Responses to “Turning Japanese”

  1. 1 paul1510

    considering some of their cartoons, it follows. 😉

    • 2 DJ

      I suppose it does.

      Comments seem to have gone off. I am looking into it 😐 ?

      • 3 DJ

        Thanks to Kia comments box now restored – even if it is a little too large now.

        Do people find it useful? Or could we do without it?

        I will ponder that while we see if I can fix it. Now where is my hammer?

  2. 4 Mark

    Japanese regulation of porn is very specific and odd to our way of thinking. A woman’s genitals cannot be shown. Everything else is allowed.

    I have had a number of Japanese girlfriends. Obligation and submission are major cultural features. It is a short step to consensual spanking.

    • Both traits are common among women of all the eastern Asian countries. My former girlfriends and female colleagues who were Chinese exhibited the same traits as referred to in Japanese women. Ironically, I think the obligatory and submissive traits made them more successful in the competitive fields they worked than their male and non-Asian female counterparts.

      • 6 DJ

        Mark and OTK

        I have heard this – but we should avoid stereotyping – some Japanese think we are all into spanking in the west and love nothing but money for instance….

        Okay – so bad example! 😉

  3. Wait. There’s ANOTHER England? 🙂

    • 9 cindy2

      New England?

      • 10 DJ

        Well we don’t want to change the world do we?

        Oh and I am not looking for another girl come to that. 😉

    • It must be the same one some friends like to go for a couple of weeks each summer. All the seedier and fun parts and none of the parts mentioned in the travel brochures. They keep resisting tell me who their travel agent is though.

      • 12 DJ

        See above – the travel agent you are looking for is Birch Bottom and Lovett. 😉

    • 13 DJ

      Yes Scarlett there is the one where we pay taxes and we have electricity and the Internet and the other one where it is foggy and people in top hats say governor a lot and all the girls wear pretty dresses and are spanked everyday… 😉

      • 14 Scarlet

        I want that england, please. The second one. The first one sounds like you have to go to work instead of reading novels on the lawn and having the butler bring you tea.

  4. 15 AJ

    Actually, I do want to know. What is the link?

    • Me too.

    • 17 DJ

      I understand your curiosity but this was (apart from the deleted post and the excerpts I pulled) off-topic and I really do not want to link to it. My apologies.

      Oh thanks again to Tom – I am still wondering why that particular post was deleted :S

  5. 18 Karl Friedrich Gauss

    Japanese women, and Asian women generally, are reputed to be more submissive than their western counterparts, to the point where expat western women in Asia have a hard time getting a date. From what I hear, Japanese men won’t even look at them, and western men are more into dating the oriental womenfolk. The author of the book “Tokyo my Everest” is a western woman who reports this firsthand. Kudos to her for surmounting these cultural obstacles to get what she wanted — a Japanese boyfriend. He later dumped her, however, when she wouldn’t be satisfied with just meeting for dinner one night a week.

    • 19 DJ

      Hi Karl

      ‘are reputed’ is a good qualifier – thanks.

      What you say does chime with what I have read and my experience also and your account is fascinating- thanks 🙂

      It is worth saying again that these are stereotypes and do not necessarily reflect the attitudes of all Asian women – who each hail from separate cultures and can only be generalised about it the same way we might say European men tend to…

      I know you know this Karl and I am sorry everyone for stating the obvious – but I want to forestall some of the more ‘simplistic’ and potentially awkward follow-up comments that I can already feel coming from so far away. 😐

      So peeps check out Tokyo Everest for more info.

      Thanks Karl.

  6. I don’t remember what Asian country it took place in, maybe Japan, but I read an article that I took for fact (and I’m usually skeptical) that malls were allowing female shoplifters to be taken out into the mall and spanked on the spot.

    • 21 DJ

      I have some pictures from an article on this and no it wasn’t Japan (sorry I am not sure which country it was). If I can find them I will comment.

      I decided not to post them on the basis of taste they are not particularly titillating anyway – but you are right. Great fiction material but maybe just one step too far for reportage…

      Still if certain Hollywood stars or UK politicians fall foul of this shopping mall then my principles are elastic 😉

  7. 22 su

    like this blog.

    pardon my english – but I thought i add some.

    i korea girl (30 now) but i work in japan until 4 year.

    at company i work there was one japan girl who very bad at work. her boss was boyfriend and instead of bad record he used to cane her in office.

    she very pleased about and show us bottom and big marks even when she cry. other girl say she got cane when at other company same way but not by boyfriend.

    i think korea girls a bit more submissive than western girls but not like this.

    i shocked but jealous maybe 🙂 but then other girl who not caned before say she want cane and not a bad mark on record.

    i know she was when asked as she too showed mark. very bad mark she got on bare bottom. very sexy but not good professional.

    girlfriend of other girl get mad and they argue in office.

    both get cane from bf boss. i think others too after that.

    i say i would but not trusted i think as i from korea – but maybe not pretty not know. but lot of girls did after that all fun I think but also real and hurt much with marks.

    i spanked and caned at office by bf now who also boss there but not for me. we never do this at office – it is crazy bad and not professional.

    but sexy fun if we did.

    but i get cane for bad as well and that only sexy after not when crying. is that why i korea?

    sorry too long bad english – maybe you spank me 😉

    • 23 DJ

      Hi and welcome Su

      I just about followed your English (capital letters would help else it is quite good) 🙂

      It sounds like you have had quite an adventure. 😉

      It is interesting to get a perspective from an Asian person about another Asian culture.

      As to your point – I think I got it (sorry if I didn’t) you get punished and you don’t like it but do find it erotic (sexy) afterwards. Is this a Korean thing?

      I don’t think so. I think a lot of women like you have a need for punishment as apart from sex or as a commenter here once said ‘I hate getting punished – but I like having been punished.’

      Thank you again for your contribution. 🙂


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