The Justice Adjustment


about to be spankedOphelia Open stood in the hallway for the longest time. It smelled of wet newspaper and sawdust and the yellowing walls looked like they had not seen a lick of paint in years. The building was one of those New York brick affairs that had been grand enough back in 1896, but in the last 60 or so years had fallen into hard times. It wasn’t exactly the kind of place that her ex-husband would usually have done business, but then when it came to Richard Open, nothing was exactly usual.

Ophelia eyed the battered wooden door and the chipped gold letters on the frosted glass. William Wendell Wentworth, Private Justice Adjustment Incorporated, it read. What by the stars was Justice Adjustment, private or otherwise? What kind of job was that? But she knew. She knew Richard. She had tried to tell Sophie that, but the foolish kid had gone on the lam.

“Listen, it is far better to just go and get this over with. Richard will find us in the end, he always does. Then it will be much worse.” She had told her sister the day before.

“You’re crazy, you just gonna let him spank you,” Sophie had gaped at her, “Didn’t you have enough of that crap when you married to the guy?”

“That was between us and anyway, I usually had it coming. Well almost always actually. I wasn’t a saint you know,” Ophelia countered.

“Yeah, well I am over 21 now and no one is going to spank me,” Sophie spat back.

Sometimes her little sister could be such a brat.

“Listen hon,” Ophelia remonstrated, “We played our hand and we lost. Sure it was a good idea of yours to stiff Richard on a couple of deals and make some extra dough, but I should have I known he would get wise to us. Now let’s just take our licks and call it quits.”

“We were only getting what was due,” Sophie had wailed.

Ophelia hadn’t pointed out that Sophie had been owed nothing by Richard; in fact given that his money had put her through college she should have more respect.

“Richard has been more than generous with us. I had nothing when I married him and now I have an apartment and more than I could earn as an allowance. Admit it kid, we just got greedy,” she had said.

“Yeah well I still ain’t gonna let him spank me, so I am going to skip town for a while, it is you he wants to settle with, he’ll soon get bored and forget about me,” Sophie had sneered.

That had been only yesterday at the station. Ophelia hadn’t even asked where Sophie’s train was headed. But Richard would find out, stupid kid.

The tattered door hadn’t gone away during her remembrances and still stood stark and hard to accuse her. So taking a deep breath, she knocked. The person on the other side must have seen her outline through the glass because it opened almost at once.

“Mrs Open?” a young spectacled secretary asked her.

The woman was around 30 and a natural blonde. Quite a looker despite the glasses, and the tight pencil skirt made a good show of her figure. She looked way too classy for this joint, Ophelia decided.

“I-I am here to see Mr Wentworth,” Ophelia offered nervously.

The woman nodded, “I thought you might be. I haven’t seen anyone so scared since… well anyway come in. Mr Wentworth is on the phone in the other room. He will be with you directly.”

Ophelia entered as if into a bear’s cave. Her fashionable blue skirt suit an anachronism in such an office of danger.

“You do know why you are here don’t you?” the secretary asked pointedly.

Ophelia shot her a terrified glance with a flash of her baby blues under the dark fringe and nodded.

“My ex-husband… he obviously doesn’t want to bother with me himself anymore.” She sounded almost as if she regretted that particular decision.

“I know how you feel,” the blonde answered, then with a quick subject change she added, “Might as well sit down while you still can.”

Ophelia gulped and looked at the hard office chairs as if it was poison.

“I don’t think you have any idea of how I feel,” Ophelia muttered as she took the chair.

The blonde snorted and gave Ophelia a cock-eyed smile.

“Listen sister, the first time I came to this office… well let’s just say I wasn’t here to take dictation,” she said. “That’s right, I was a client. Mr Wentworth had been employed to straighten me out on a few things. And boy did I get straightened. Once I learned my lesson he offered me a job and I never looked back.”

“I see,” Ophelia murmured. “Tell me, do a lot of girls come here? I mean…”

“We get three or four a week,” the secretary replied thoughtfully. “But mostly it is just paperwork and admin from this building. You see most girls aren’t as smart as you and they decide to run. Then we have to outsource the contract to field operatives.”

“My sister,” Ophelia winced, “She wouldn’t come here with me. She decided to skip town.”

The blonde glanced at a file on her desk.

“Sophie Weizmann?” she read and looked up.

Ophelia nodded.

“Well if she doesn’t change her mind and get here by eight then I’ll put the contract out to tender, or Mr Wentworth will. Do you think that likely?” the secretary sighed.

Ophelia shook her head.

“Stupid kid,” the woman sighed.

Just then the door opened and a big square shouldered man in a grey suit bowled in. Ophelia was relieved to see he was almost old enough to be her father, although the fact that he had a build that fitted him for football rather than office wok was rather more distressing.

Ophelia could see at once that there was something between him and the blonde secretary and she felt strangely warmed by the observation.

“Now Mrs Open, I am glad to see that you have been sensible,” Wentworth said in a voice that reminded Ophelia of dry gravel and the marine corp.

“I…” she squeaked, but quickly closed her mouth and fell silent.

“You know why you are here?” he barked.

Ophelia nodded.

“I need you to say it out loud and then I am going to ask you to sign something,” Wentworth said in an almost kindly tone.

Ophelia took a deep breath and sighed. “I am here to get a spanking.”

“And you agree you have it coming?” the man pressed her.

“I guess so,” Ophelia agreed with a nod, but she was blushing hard now.

“That is good news, for you and for me,” Wentworth brightened. “Your husband told me to say that if you took the situation without a fuss then his previous arrangement with you would still stand and there might even be a bonus.”

Ophelia was relived, but she was too scared to show it so she could only give the man a nervous nod.

“Is your sister here?” Wentworth looked around the office suspiciously as if he thought Sophie might be hiding. Well it had happened.

Ophelia choked on the word ‘no’ and then coughed and trying again said, “No Sir.”

“Skipped eh? Well it is common enough. Draw up the papers Patty and you can post them in the morning after I make the call. No sense in jumping the gun, she may yet show.”

“Yes Mr Wentworth,” Patty, the blonde agreed.

Wentworth turned back to Ophelia and looked her up and down as if sizing her up. Richard Open had briefed him on his wife and had told she could take it and wouldn’t ‘kick about it.’ Or at least, he had said, that was what the girl he had married was like.

Sometimes with clients he just took them over his knee and gave them a paddy-whacking that wouldn’t faze a teenager. It was just what they were used to. There was no point over doing it and even less if it didn’t make a point.

Looking at Ophelia he decided that she could handle ‘the works’ as Open had contracted him for and he decided to proceed.

“Here sign this,” he said and then a moment later, he looked at Patty and told her, “Take Mrs Open into the back room and talk her through it will you? I will be in, in a moment,” Wentworth said pointedly.

“You mean what we discussed?” Patty asked quietly.

Wentworth nodded.

“This way please,” Patty said, leading Ophelia away.


Wentworth had already removed his jacket and rolled-up his sleeves before he went through the door. He was gratified to find Ophelia was already completely naked and kneeling on the padded chair in the corner. Most women opted for a courtroom or at least kicked back at such a set-up. But Wentworth didn’t deal with the type of operator who took kindly to that sort of thing. His world was on the edge of the legal. That’s why he had to read his clients right and know who was going to make trouble and who needed special handling. He had been a long time in this game and he never got it wrong so nobody got hurt. Well except where they were supposed to.

Ophelia didn’t move as he came into the room and he had already learned from Patty that she didn’t need his girl to hold her hand. Some women didn’t need a witness, he knew. He eyed the full curves of Ophelia’s bottom and felt something go tight in his lower belly. Some days he loved his job, maybe he was a heel? But Patty always said he offered a valuable service and that he knew how to play it. Like the sign said, he was just an adjuster and he dealt in justice. He sighed, time to get into character.

“Your husband is really pissed at you,” Wentworth growled.

“Yes Sir,” Ophelia acknowledged.

“But under the circumstances you’re going to get off light,” he said sharply.

“I guess so,” Ophelia’s voice was rather hollow and she adjusted her knees on the seat of the chair.

Wentworth was only the third man ever to see her completely naked and her heart was going 18 to the dozen in her chest. She was more excited than scared, but she was no novice at this. That would change once the man got going. She heard a zip-shush of leather on, she guessed wool from the look of his suit before. But in any case she knew the sound of a belt being pulled from around a man’s waist. A moment later the cold leather tapped against her bare bottom to confirm her guess.

“I have a letter on my desk from your husband. If you take this without holding a grudge I am to give it to you and then it will be between you and him.” Wentworth flicked the belt against her behind and then asked her, “Are you ready?”

“Yes Sir.”

The belt stung. A long line of violent tingle that peppered her skin; and then it stung again like the first had only been practice. Her Pa had given her worse and the guy wasn’t even in Richard’s league so far.

The third stroke landed under her bottom close to where she lived and this time he got her attention. From then on it was all she could do not to cry out as the belt really lit a fire that burned thoroughly and extensively across her sitting equipment.

From a long way away she heard someone wheezing as if they had whooping cough and it took her a moment to recognise her own struggle for breath. By then the fire in her bottom had reached her soul and her tail end felt as if it had a gravel burn. No really, she thought in that perky detached way that only someone who was truly awake could, I’ll sit on barb-wire or you can blister my bottom with bees, she offered God as a substitute.

Ophelia hadn’t counted, but she guessed that they had passed 20 or so. About halfway for a usual belting at home and just a fraction of what Richard would have given her. I’ll be stoic, I’ll be brave, I’ll be… be jiggered, she thought as she hugged into the chair, the man is a demon.

“Wah,” she wailed and then tumbling into tears, “I’m sorry okay, please tell Jesus and all the saints I’m sorry.”

It wasn’t a plea for mercy exactly; one didn’t do that when one had it coming, not in Ophelia’s book. But just then it would have been a bonus, a favour from God that she would have welcomed. But just then William Wendell Wentworth was her god and she solemnly believed that he had left mercy at the door.

Wentworth was just getting into his stride and marvelled at how red Ophelia’s bottom was. She was pale for a brunette and they tended to colour-up almost as much as redheads. But inside every brunette was an olive complexion waiting to bolt and they gave out a hard harsh red that was something to behold when they wanted to.

On the other hand this girl was tough and hadn’t let go with a peep until he hit double figures. That meant he had to go the distance or it was his ass. Still she had a vivid set of blisters now and she wasn’t going to sit down until Thanksgiving at this rate.

Then she gave out a yell and babbled something about being sorry and Jesus. He didn’t get the rest. At least now he had a marker to set her against and a good idea when to finish it. But that wouldn’t be for a while.


Ophelia just sobbed and sobbed after Wentworth left the room. She felt clean and forgiven, although she cursed the day she had let her fool of a sister talk her into such a reckless stunt. Fool is she, but then what does that make me? She could have almost call Wentworth back to start over. Almost, but then she could eat dirt first or invite a hive of bees to chew on her tail.

It was 10 minutes before Patty came in to help her to dress.

“I should leave the panties off if I was you,” she said. “Maybe the… don’t you have a looser skirt honey?”

Ophelia shook her head miserably.

“I’ll dig one out for you, but you have to look out for crosswinds on the subway,” Patty said with a smile. “I know from bitter experience. He’s quite an operator ain’t he?”

Ophelia smiled through tears and nodded.

“Feel better?”

Again she smiled and nodded. “About just about everything I think.”

“That’s how I feel usually, although sometimes eating standing up off a plant stand is a trial.”

Ophelia frowned.

“He sometimes really lets me have it where it does the most good and then I have this wooden plant stand in my apartment… well you get  the idea,” Patty blushed. “Anyway, here’s that letter. I’ll go and find that skirt.”

Ophelia recognised Richard’s handwriting and her heart leapt. He has come to gloat, she decided. Well he has the right I suppose.

“Hi Baby,” he had written,

“Thought that you could get the better of me did you? I reckon I know what happened. Your kooky sister put you up to it. Well no hard feelings, but I couldn’t just let it pass. I would love to have handled things myself like the old days, but you had to know I was serious and that it was business as much as anything. If I had lambasted your hind-end you wouldn’t have taken it seriously.

I’ll leave it to you if you want little sister to get the same, presuming that she hasn’t already of course. But I am betting she already skipped town. That is her style. Hand this to Wentworth and tell him I want to cancel that bit of the contract if you want.

Proud of you for stepping up and taking your licks, that’s my girl. As soon as you can sit down for it, you and I should do dinner on me. I would love to give it another go between us, but I guess you made up your mind. Anyway the offer stands. And I do mean both offers. See you soon and if not, have a great life kid.

By the way, like you should have been told, once I get my money back, you can keep the rest as we agreed. Just don’t try to stiff me again or you and Wentworth will be a regular item, get me.”

Ophelia smiled broadly at the way Richard’s writing fit his voice. Then she finished putting on most of her clothes. When Patty brought the skirt she pulled it on and then put the letter in her purse.

“I guess I’ll be seeing you again one way or another. Hopefully it will be just to return your skirt,” Ophelia said breezily as she left the back room.

Outside she put on a brave front and offered Wentworth her hand.

“Thank you Mr Wentworth, I expect I needed that.”

“Thank you Mrs Open,” he said with a lopsided grin, “I wish all my clients were so agreeable. Oh Mrs Open, your husband said you might have a word to say on your sister’s contract?”

Ophelia paused and then smiled. With a shake of her head she said, “No. I don’t think so.”

Sophie’s adventure is here.

7 Responses to “The Justice Adjustment”

  1. 1 manhattan

    Very nice! I wonder how they call these ominous “field agents” Patty mentioned to Ophelia. Bounty hunters? Booty hunters? Or Boonty hunters? 😛

  2. 2 paul1510

    I like this, a little different, nice 😀
    Perhaps a description of Sophie’s punishment, when she is found. 😉

  3. 3 Saram

    Enjoyable. I always get a kick out of your take on Americana. This one sounded like you’ve been watching Humphrey Bogart movies. Fun!

  4. Loved the tone of this story. I agree with Paul- a nice little change of pace.

    Glad Sophie won’t miss out on all the fun. There’s a time and a place for mercy, but I don’t think that was it (or maybe I’m just evil like that ;))

  5. 5 DJ

    I intended to follow-up on Sophie and what happens next between Ophelia and her husband – but the length got away from me and I ran out of time. I don’t want to promise a sequel – there is a good chance of it at some point.

    I am glad too that people picked up on the 1950s Americana – even if even if it was a shallow movie cliche. Bogart will do – although that was in my mind for the field agent which I didn’t get to.

    Glad you liked it. 🙂

  6. Oh, I love it! Next chapter please, maybe a romance rekindled?

    • 7 DJ

      A third and probably final part will appear here soon.

      It might run to two more parts – although I think there is mileage in future shorts based on some of these characters.

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