More Reality Bites


nude skaterHad some very brief snippets on file for some time, but didn’t think they were worth running out. Then a sideways search for something else threw-up some relationship stuff. Most of this is off EP or FemFirst, the rest weren’t recorded.

Carrie wrote:

I bet my boyfriend a spanking that the girls would be beat the boys at darts in our local pub match. When I lost I put on a pair of target knickers so I could laugh it off. But I was such a bitch about it that he paid me out for real. It hurt and I was really shook up about it and he apologised. But I couldn’t get it out of my mind for weeks afterwards. When I told a girlfriend about it we realised that I kind of wanted him to do it again so she drew a target on my bare bottom. He got the message and now it is kind of a regular thing with us.

Another bet had a similar result. Terri wrote:

I bet my sister’s boyfriend that if he could beat me at table tennis he could spank me. I knew I wouldn’t lose and I wasn’t surprised when he ducked out of letting me do it afterwards. But also I think I was disappointed because I think I wanted to lose sometime and as he chickened out I couldn’t very well surrender at some future game.

But then this guy Steve, a mate of his, came around and I told him how sister’s BF had chickened out. Then I made the same bet with him. The trouble was he was about 10 years older than me and instead of going along with it he just called me a cheeky brat and gave me a spanking on the seat of my jeans for being lippy.

Then he says “If you really want to take a chance I’ll play you and if I lose I won’t take your knickers down and spank your bare bottom with the paddle like you deserve.”

I think he was teasing me but I was quite worked up and I agreed. Actually I thought I would beat him, I pretty much had an incentive. It was close, but I lost. It was so embarrassing and he didn’t go easy on me the second time so I was pretty red at both ends. Lol.

Not a bet this time but a college dare gone wrong. This girl seems to have an interesting domestic set-up which isn’t fully explained so one’s imagination tends to fill in the blanks. I like this one, even if it is a little suspect as it runs like one of my stories.

Claire wrote:

At college my friend Jan was always doing crazy things, which got her into trouble with her housemates. I have no idea what the deal was with them, but she lived with this 20-something couple in their spare room near campus, but they treated her like she was their little sister or something. I know she got nervous when she was out late if she didn’t phone them and once she admitted that she had been ‘kept in’ for a week for staying out overnight without telling them.

I thought she was exaggerating or something but then Jan did this crazy dare stunt. Some of the girls in her gym club went topless and had a roller skate race from the sports centre to the Union bar. Jan said she would go back the again only bottomless. It was just a laugh, but the girl she lived with was in the bar that night and came out while Jan was whirling around the quad. The next thing I know, Jan was over this girl’s knee getting a spanking on her bare bottom all while still wearing the skates. It was fairly full on and people were laughing but her housemate said she obviously didn’t care about going nude in public so why should she.

I was embarrassed for her, but not as embarrassed as Jan was. But by a few days later she just thought it was funny. It was just another crazy stunt to her I think.

This next one seems to be a scene anecdote and is the one I found that made me think it was worth running these. You would think that there were more such stories.

Jenni88 wrote:

After a couple of years lurking on spanking blogs I finally got up the courage to go to a munchie in west London. I should say at this point that I am a straight woman and I was looking for an older man who was into spanking and topping.

My first couple of experiences were disappointing and although the people there were very friendly, it all seemed fairly vanilla as the chat went, except for these BDSM types who seemed too wild for my needs.

Then about the third time I went I got talking to a woman in her 30s, a bit older than me, and she said that she had seen me there before and asked what I was looking for. I was very shy when it came to it and quite scared, but when I finally told her, well mostly anyway, she guessed. She said she might help.

I got to know her a bit and she took me to some clubs and even introduced me to a couple of guys. But nothing really worked out. Then one night at her flat she asked me if I had ever actually been spanked. So of course I said no.

Then she says that the next time I came around if I hadn’t got ‘any action,’ as she called it, she “would take my knickers down and spank my bare bottom.”

I told her I was straight, but she said she didn’t care and that if I didn’t want a good spanking I had better pull my finger out.

All this went through my head for days after and I didn’t know what to think. I suppose I decided that I didn’t believe her, but I know now that I did so I have to admit with hindsight that I wanted something to happen even if it was with a girl.

Anyway, I left it about two weeks to give her time to forget what she said and then I went around there. Nothing was said and we went to a club. I don’t remember a thing about it now, but we decided to come back early with a bottle of rum and just hang out at her flat.

The she says, “You didn’t even talk to anyone tonight,” had I even met anyone yet?

She didn’t wait for my answer but told me to take my skirt off and come across her knee.

Of course I refused and argued with her, while all the time that we talked I was blushing my head off and didn’t know what to say. But I couldn’t look her in the eye so when she came and took my hand and somehow I just went over her lap. It was so weird having my knickers taken down while over a girl’s knee, but I didn’t have long to think about it. She gave me a proper spanking and didn’t stop for a long time.

It really, really hurt, but when I didn’t cry she said I wasn’t really sorry and sent me into her room to fetch a hairbrush. I don’t know why, I was in a daze really, I just went and got like I was told. The spanking she gave me then had me shouting a bawling like a kid, I couldn’t believe it. She gave me a hug and said she knew that she was a bitch, but next time she would do worse and make me stand in the corner.

She said “did you enjoy it?”

When I said of courses not, she says “Good, that makes it more fun for me. See I told you I am bitch.”

The red marks and bruises on my bum were totally fascinating and for about a week I just stood in front of the mirror looking at them before I went to bed and relived the whole thing in my head, if you know what I mean.

I was drawn to go back to her like a moth to a flame and this time she spanked me really hard and did what she said and put me in the corner. I was spanked many times after that, she even took me to parties and had friends round to show me off. Not only was I her little project but for a while I was her slave of sorts.

She didn’t do anything overtly sexual with me, but I was caned, tied up and all kinds of quite strict stuff. We both loved it when I cried, but for different reasons I think. For me it was sort of a release and very cleansing.

Eventually I met my boyfriend and became his sub, but I am glad I had the experience. Sorry if that was a bit long, but you did ask how I got started in this.

If these little snippets are not enough for you, you can find more over at Sometimes a Girl. I did once publish a story from there and thought about doing it again by editing together the disparate strands of comments into a single narrative, but last time it caused some offence and not a little confusion, so maybe I’ll hold off.

Meanwhile if I find anything else I’ll post them here.

2 Responses to “More Reality Bites”

  1. 1 Richard

    I know everyone has to start with some one i thought my friends arse was cute for awhile When actualz all it was was available Once i meet my bride of thirty years all weirdness was soon forgot Damn what a fanny she even had stood still the yes first time about mid way between the house and an out building To this day she won’t move except from arousal during coitus likes it more during than forplay Sorry if that’s TMI

  2. 2 markiee

    California dreaming….

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