Live on TV this week: Domestic Discipline


OTK spanking“Go in 20 seconds Stacy,” the voice said in her ear.

Stacy strained to see the monitor out of the corner of her eye as the make-up boy put the final touches to her eyes. The guests were already seated, but one of them was getting the same last minute touches that she was.

“Oh, your husband called earlier, he seemed very anxious to speak to you,” the same voice added in her earpiece.

“Mark? Shit. Not now I’m busy,” Stacy replied through clenched teeth lest she smear the immaculate lipstick as it was reapplied.

“Go in 10, nine, eight…” the director counted down.

As the make-up boy ducked away the monitors revealed an immaculately presented brunette in a red skirt and grey jacket sitting on the studio sofa. Next to her was a slightly older woman of around 40 even more smartly dressed who looked so serious that she looked like she was about to announce the ending of the world.

One her right was a petite blonde woman in her early 20s who sat blinking under the TV lights with wide innocent eyes. The camera panned in on Stacy.

“Four, three, two… and we’re are live people,” the director barked.

An instant smile burst onto Stacy’s face and from some cheesy but insistent music began to play, complete with over-important heavy undertones.

“Welcome to Culture Corner,” Stacy gushed, “I’m Stacy Steadman and tonight my guests are Margaret Holman of the Domestic Discipline Society…”

“Hello,” the older woman cut in with a tight polite smile.

Stacy’s eyes twitched in irritation but the voice in her ear told her to keep going.

“…and Michelle Cameron a postgraduate student from London University who is one of a growing number of young women who is seeking firm guidance and discipline in their lives,” Stacy concluded.

The small blonde girl’s lips moved in acknowledgment and she shifted a nervous glance at Margaret Holman sitting next to her.

“Oh that is cute,” the voice in Stacy’s ear muttered, “Looking good from here, this is great TV Stacy.”

“Now before I speak to Michelle, can I ask you Margaret about the Domestic Discipline Society and its aims,” Stacy said with an inane grin as she half turned to the older woman.

“We are just a loose collection that includes people from all walks of life who feel that things have just gone too far in this day and age,” Margaret said confidentially.

Stacy’s smile became fixed and she waited for a beat.

“Just great, how vague is that?” the anxious voice said in her ear.

“In what way exactly?” Stacy said pleasantly.

“Oh, when you consider such phenomena as the ladettes from a few years ago or the antics of certain young pop stars cavorting on stage, well we feel that more decorum and more respect for woman are needed,” Margret told her.

“And is this very much a movement coming from young women themselves in your view?” Stacy prompted her.

“Well not only women, men are also taking an increasing lead here, as they should. These girls need a firm hand and they know it,” Margaret said in a scolding tone.

“And by firm hand you mean…” Stacy’s eyes crinkled up in frustration. This was like pulling teeth, she thought.

“A good salutary spanking on their bare bottoms, yes,” Margaret said casually.

“Bingo,” the voice in Stacy’s ear said in triumph.

“But isn’t this return to the past just an avocation of domestic violence and demeaning to women?” Stacy gave the line as it was pre-written on her cue-card.

“Nonsense,” Margaret snorted, “A good sound spanking never did a girl any harm. I can tell you that if I get out of line then my husband spanks me and if I am not too old neither is anyone else.”

Margaret looked significantly at Stacy.

“Even against a woman’s will?” Stacy accused.

“Not at all. That is the point of the Society, increasing numbers of women are seeking us out voluntarily,” Margaret said sharply.

“Michelle, you are one of those aren’t you?” Stacy said turning to the younger woman.

The blonde blushed and whispered something that might have been an acknowledgement.

“Here we go,” the irritated voice in Stacy’s ear said.

“Are you telling me that you are actually spanked?” Stacy pressed the close-mouthed Michelle.

Michelle nodded.

“Can you tell us about that? Who spanks you?” Stacy pressed her gently.

Michelle took a deep breath and then said more confidentially, “When I deserve it I am spanked by my mentor.”

“Your mentor?” Stacy glanced into the camera and then back at Michelle. “I mean does this hurt?”

Michelle forgot herself then and rounded on Stacy.

“Well yes that is the point isn’t it? I am set rules and targets and if I don’t meet them or fall short of his… well no, my expectations really. Well then yes I am punished,” she said.

“Your mentor is a man? Is this a sexual thing?” Stacy said excitedly.

“No, no, not at all… well I am sure it is for some, but what is wrong with that? But that is to miss the point. Oh and yes he is a man of course. It would be weird if it was a woman who mentored me… not that… well I know others feel differently. But I was always looking for something more paternal.”

“So you are looking for a father figure?” Stacy said dismissively and a relaxation around the eyes suggested she had found her box to put Michelle in.

“Yes, in a way, but it is more than that. I just don’t like the way that society thinks it has all the answers and seems to expect me to have them too. I am only 22, why should I? I am not a child but… well that doesn’t mean that I am all the way grown-up.”

“And you think spanking is the only answer?” Stacy pursed her lips.

“It is not the only answer, but it is my answer,” Michelle said firmly.

Next to her Margaret nodded encouragingly.

“Can you tell us about this? I mean typically what do you have to do to get a spanking and how exactly are you spanked? Margret mentioned earlier about getting spanked on her bare bottom? Are you?” Stacy ignored the babbling in her ear, she was genuinely interested in her own question.

Michelle blushed and visibly swallowed.

“I can be spanked for anything really. Usually once a week my mentor and I sit down and talk about my behaviour and… well if we agree… well, then I am spanked,” Michelle looked flustered.

Stacy nodded expectantly.

“Typically a girl will be required to take her own knickers down and undress sufficiently so that the area needing attention is revealed,” Margaret chipped in, her eyes seeking out Michelle’s for confirmation.

It came by way of a small nod and a shy smile.

“Then the girl will be sent to the corner to think about what she has coming to her,” Margaret continued.

“The corner? How long for?” Stacy asked excitedly.

“It can vary depending on the offence and… well it can vary. It is not unknown for a girl to be in the corner for an hour or more, but 20 or 30 minutes is more usual I think. But as I say it varies from mentor to mentor,” Margaret was blushing a little herself now.

“Typically I have to stand in the corner for 45 minutes before and after my spanking,” Michelle said enthusiastically, adding proudly, “My mentor is strict. Then I might be made to go to bed without my supper or be told that I am grounded.”

Michelle shrugged.

“My mentor also canes me sometimes, but only if I am really bad,” Michelle added.

“The cane,” Stacy exclaimed.

Michelle giggled and nodded as she blushed. “Man that really can hurt and sometimes I can’t sit down afterwards.”

“This is usual,” Margaret explained, “I mean most mentors need to somewhere to go if a spanking doesn’t work and the cane or strap say provides this… added incentive.”

Stacy clutched at her throat and let her eyes bounce from the camera to Margaret.

“Have you yourself been caned?” she asked.

“Oh yes and I am not too old to be sent to the corner too. It is really embarrassing, but then that is the point,” Margaret said brightly.

“I can’t imagine ever going to the corner and as for getting caned…” Stacy blurted.

“No indeed, which is what many Guardian-reading, educated and career-centric women say until they are confronted with it. And although I do not say everyone is suited to this approach, you might be surprised about how many are when they set aside the cultural norms and think about objectively,” Margaret said significantly, again eyeing Stacy with an amused smile. “You might be surprised.”

Stacy blushed and opened her mouth for a pithy comeback which died on her lips.

“Wrap it up for the break now,” the voice in her ear told.

“Well thank you Margaret Holman of the Domestic Discipline Society and Michelle Cameron, who is a… follower…?

“I am not connected to the DDS,” Michelle put in, “And I am not a follower of anything. I am a practitioner and participant in what I think is a cultural shift in this country. The modern world has failed hasn’t it? Society needs new answers. Margaret is right, maybe a good spanking isn’t for everyone but don’t knock it until you have tried it.”

“Lovely,” the director cheered in Stacy’s ear.

“Thank you Michelle,” Stacy said cheerfully, the insincere smile returning to her face. “After the break we will be talking to a spokeswoman from the Latter Day Church of the Prophet Andrea Dworkin, who to put it mildly feel very much that the DDS is on the wrong path. And also to Anthea Heller of the Feminists Against Coercion In Society.”

“That’s a wrap go to break,” the director said.


Stacy was still sitting on the studio floor when her husband found her.

“Did you catch the show?” she smiled warmly.

He frowned. At least the cold mannequin from that TV show had fled her now. Still, it was her career and as long as she did come back to him.

“I saw it,” he said.

“What did you think?” she asked nervously. She was always after praise following a show.

“You were suitably… neutral, I suppose,” he shrugged, “But you over did the shock horror when the cane was mentioned.”

“Well… it is going a bit far don’t you think?” Stacy felt a little defensive.

“It all depends, doesn’t it? I mean suppose a regularly spanked wife got out of line once too often. Say she was approached by a big TV outfit in the States and didn’t tell her husband…?” he growled.

“Oh…” Stacy grimaced, “You heard about that… I was going to tell you but…”

“Slipped your mind? Every day for… a month?” he countered.

As her husband stepped out of the shadows she shifted uncomfortably in her seat. He was a big man for a writer; he looked more like a rugby player. His sandy hair was touched by premature grey that always made him look serious enough and positively scary when he had that stern expression.

“Six weeks,” she squeaked with a nervous smile.

“I hate fucking LA,” he growled.

“It’s New York,” she told him, “And anyway I haven’t said yes. They haven’t even made me an offer. You always said you could work form anywhere and…”

“You should have told me.” His voice had that edge now.

Stacy nodded and averted her eyes. “I suppose you are going to give me a spanking when we get home.” She lowered her voice and glanced about nervously now.

“I am seriously thinking about that cane at the moment,” he growled, “And you, young lady, are definitely going in the corner as it is.”

Her eyes flashed wide.

“The corner,” she hissed, “You never… we don’t… I mean…”

“Well, we are going to start. You were far to condescending and smug about it on your show. The hypocrisy is… understandable I suppose, but you could have given those women an even break. I know they were a bit wacko, but they were positively normal compared to those loons you had on afterwards. Couldn’t you find a sensible and reasoned response from someone?”

“The Toni…” she lamely pointed away to the control room, “She wanted something a bit more livelily.”

“If you can’t have integrity here, they will eat you alive in the States. You know what their TV is like?” he sighed.

“It’s not a done deal… but the money. They are talking about an anchor slot on prime time. With an international profile I could go back to the BBC in three or four years with…” Stacy gushed excitedly.

“I know about the pros,” he snapped, “But let me get you focussed on some of the cons.”

Mark through a look around the empty studio and then made up his mind. Sitting down next to her on that trademark sofa he pulled her firmly across his lap so that her tight skirt-encase bottom was domed up over his knee.

“Not here Mark,” she squealed.

Ignoring her, he brought his hand firmly down across her bottom and spanked her hard.

“You so have this coming,” he growled as he spanked her again.

“Okay, but at least take me to my dressing room,” she gasped.

Mark ignored her and spanked her again with a will.

The spanking went for a few minutes until she frantically begged.

“I’ll take the cane and the corner oaky,” she wailed, “I’m sorry, I know I have it coming, but please, please not here, someone will see.”

“If I stop now I’ll spank your bare bottom in the dressing room and then when I get you home…” he was angrier than she first realised.

Damn, she should have told him, she knew.

“Alright, I get it, you’re right, I have it coming I said,” she was breathing heavily.

He set her on her feet and led her firmly and somewhat embarrassingly to her room ignoring the glances of the odd technician stacking away gear from the show.

Up in the gallery Tom Harrison and Toni Parks were collapsed into pools of laughter at what they had seen on the monitors.

“As you always say Tom, some great TV,” Toni, his producer giggled, “Even if we can only ever air at it at the office Christmas party.”

“If she does get that New York gig we could make millions with the rights,” Tom agreed.

“What do you say, a copy each?” Toni smirked.

Tom gave her a hard stare. You utter bitch, he thought. I know someone else who could use a good spanking. Then reached out with his hand and hit the delete button.

“Hey…” Toni scrabbled to stop him.

“Let’s imagine we are real people for once,” Tom growled, giving Toni a warning stare.

There was something in his eyes that made her gooey inside. She had to content herself with the knowledge that he couldn’t possibly be thinking what she was thinking right then.


Stacy’s skirt and knickers were casually draped over the back of the chair in the corner while the girl herself was draped firmly across her husband’s knees.

“Come on Mark, please,” she wailed as she kicked out and squirmed in place.

Mark hadn’t hesitated and had set to soundly spanking her bared bottom as soon as she was in place. Only this time instead of his hand he was vigorously apply a hefty dose of hairbrush from Stacy’s own private handbag stock.

At Mark’s insistence and to keep her in line Mark always insisted that Stacy keep two brushes with her for emergencies; one for the more usual purpose and the other for situations that wild horses couldn’t have got Stacy to admit to.

“Oh God, Mark,” she shrieked as the brush to a piece out of tail.

Her bottom was already rash red and now darker mottled patches were forming on the curves and crowns of her behind, marking that was emphasised by the hard white edges of some serious spank welts.

“You beast, I have to sit down for tomorrow night’s show,” she squealed.

“Well that will take some explaining when you have to do the show standing up, won’t it?” he chuckled as he spanked on.

He didn’t hear the knock at the door and on hearing what they took to be a muffled acknowledgment, the person outside entered.

“Oh… oh I…” Margaret Holman spluttered in the door way. “Oh excuse me I was just… eh… sorry.”

The red-faced woman went to pull the door too when Mark stopped her.

“Oh Mrs Holman,” he asked, “Do you know where I can get a decent cane?”

“Eh… oh, eh yes… I’ll…” she shot a glance at the angry red bare bottom of the famous Stacy Steadman’s and replied, “I’ll email you.” Then she was gone.

“Oh my God,” a mortified Stacy groaned, her hands clamped to her face. “She saw me.”

The words revealed that his wife was close to tears now.

Mark shrugged. “Well it could have been worse.”

Don’t I know it, Stacy thought ruefully.

“Now some corner time here ‘at the office’ will be a novelty for you,” Mark growled as he pointed to the corner of the dressing room.

Corner time will be a novelty to me anywhere, Stacy thought miserably, but meekly she obeyed. Maybe one day I’ll come out of the closet and do a proper show on domestic spanking, she mused, but not just yet awhile. I don’t think prime time is ready for that yet; either side of the Atlantic.

Then with a sigh and an earnest prayer that no one else would come in Stacy went to the corner and hoped that Mark wasn’t serious about that cane.

10 Responses to “Live on TV this week: Domestic Discipline”

  1. 1 paul1510

    a nice modern fantasy, for a change. 🙂

  2. 3 cindy2

    I thoroughly enjoyed this story, Damian. And with the immense popularity of Shades, despite the fact that it is grocery store porn, I think that prime time on my (US) side of the Atlantic is definitely ready for such a show, and I suspect that prime time on the UK side may be ready as well. Isn’t spanking the English disease?

    What resonated with me the most is when Margaret says that “increasing numbers of women are seeking us out voluntarily” and Michelle then elaborates as to why she needs to be punished. MIchelle needs an older man. For me, it can be an older man or older woman. Different strokes for different folks. (No pun intended.) Michelle makes a good point when she says that reaching the age of majority does not magically vest one with everything needed to get along in the world. Even after completing school and entering the workforce, we are often thrown into a turbulent ocean without a lifejacket. To the outside world, we may appear to be high functioning. It’s in our minds that uncertainty hounds us. If we had mommy and daddy and their corrective hands, everything would be fine.

    • 4 DJ

      I had not heard of Shades – unless you mean 50 shades? Well it is not on prime time yet and I remember when 9 and a half weeks caused the same buzz – that movie was as tame as toast and had all the spankings removed. What people will read on the quiet and what they will share in the mainstream are often two different things. besides I understand the is Grey chap has issues – I remember the Killer Within Me and how that turned out – the message is still very much if you spank you are sick 😦

      On a more positive note I think Weeds came close 😉

      But I am glad the story struck a chord with you. 🙂

  3. 5 Richard

    I love it was so real the only thing that would make it better would be if the risks were hightened like the mentor being off stage after the show looking for his lost charge (but then it’s not mine to edit)

  4. 7 cindy2

    Yes, I meant 50 Shades, DJ. At one time, oral sex was considered perverted. Look how far we have come. Maybe one day…

  5. 9 doublecee

    A great story. Having mentored in the recent past I could quite see this happening. Maybe not now but some time in the future.

    • 10 DJ

      Oh I am sure it does – I heard about a mentor who claimed some quite prominent women – no names of course 🙂

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