More Steampunk Spanking


Extraordinary League of Gentlemen Extraordinary League of Gentlemen Extraordinary League of Gentlemen Extraordinary League of Gentlemen the caningIn the recent article on Steampunk Spanking I mentioned the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, the movie starring Sean Connery. What you may not know is that the movie was based on Volume One of a graphic novel of the same name published by America’s Best Comics and created by Alan Moore, Kevin O’Neil, Ben Dimagmaliw and Bill Oakley.

As you can see from the second of the drawings above, the scope and imagery very much suggests a Steampunk setting.

What was omitted from the film were the early scenes where our heroine captures the Invisible Man at Rosa Coote’s school for young ladies. The cad was there playing mischief and spying on the girls and the headmistress, Miss Coote, has called on the League for help.

Rosa Coote was a figure in several Victorian spanking novels including the Pearl and The Convent School. These were lurid harsh tales of the type that are now probably out of print, but were still available up until the 1980s.

In the scene above Katy Carr (of What Katy Did Next) is shown caning Olive Chancellor, a suffragist from the Bostonians, another Victorian novel. This is very much the vibe behind the novel and the films where a host of literary figures are drafted into the League from a variety of sources, hence Mina Harker (who in the film replaced Miss Murry as the heroine), Dorian Grey and Tom Sawyer all featuring in the film.

I have had the novel on my bookshelf since 2006 and have long thought about featuring it. Then a search of the web only reveals a cursory mention of the scene so here it is, possibly for the first time and scanned in by my own fair hand.

5 Responses to “More Steampunk Spanking”

  1. 1 paul1510

    I have a copy of The Pearl, I bought it second hand, it is rather dilapidated. :0

    • 2 DJ

      Well it could be a collectors item.

      I think those stories were good for their time but I don’t think I would like them now so much. 😐

  2. 3 Sandman

    Great find – I have not come across this before.

    Steampunk is a fascinating literary genre – but when it comes to fashion the BDSM – Victorian HoH undertones are very real and what first attracted me to it.

    It is great to see someone bridging the writing genre with the sub-culture.


    • 4 DJ

      Hi Sandman,

      That’s a good observation, but I am sure that others have trod this ground before although you are right I haven’t seen too much evidence of it.

      But these lines and jargon such as steampunk is sometimes an artificial one and the world is not always clearly labeled for google consumption. 🙂

  3. Great Find. Thrashing those ‘independent American ways’ out of young American ladies is certainly something ‘What Katy did Well’.

    Had not come across this before now, very much enjoyed!


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