Weekly Round-Up


spanking 1chross spanking spanking spanking spankingCensorship and BDSM (the catchall phrase for the vanilla objectors and liberals alike) has hit my radar this week. Not in a big way, but one did chance upon a black ribbon. It is not clear whether this is a movement that has been and gone or something on the up.

The problem is that the only reference was a link to Face Book (and or possibly Twitter) page that wasn’t readily accessible without an account or logging on or…. I do have an FB account somewhere, but I never use it and everyone who is serious in their business has bailed on the personal use of Twitter long ago. So why is this a problem? Well I’m glad you asked me that?

It has always seemed that FB and Twitter may or may not be a useful supplement to having a webpage, but it has never been proved to be a replacement for one. A case in point is that this Black Ribbon campaign may or may not be current or going somewhere, but the information wasn’t readily Google-able or clickable so I can’t tell you much about it.

Maybe it would have been possible to do some digging, but then I thought, if that is needed then this project isn’t going anywhere anyway. It is always possible that this is just another in-house FB/Twitter issue, if so then as you were. Maybe I have been under a rock or am the last to know.

I am aren’t? I just got it and you are all rolling your eyes up at me.

If anyone does know more or has a link to a grown-up blog or website we are always willing to hear more or join a fight of censorship.

So after that bit of non-news here is the rest of the week.

A couple of blogs haven’t updated for a while. British Spanking Magazines is still on their (2012) summer break and my old favourite the Spank Statement hasn’t updated since June. One hopes for updates soon.

For those who live in the UK there is better news. The London Alternative Market celebrated London Fetish Weekend on 14 September and their next market is in two weeks.

Kia has written another spanking story that touches upon bikers over at Acknowledging Imperfection.

Bonnie has published a new list of fairly new blogs over at My Bottom Smarts.

The cartoon strip above is from Chross and it made me smile. The other She-Ra/Wonder Woman cartoon is on the Chicago Spanking Review.

Other pictures are from Blossom and Thorn, Devlin O’Neil and one with a real feel from Plector.

9 Responses to “Weekly Round-Up”

  1. Thanks for the mention 🙂

    I’d chanced across the ribbon as well, but didn’t really look into it until this morning. A love of puzzles, a hatred for upstairs neighbors who run the vacuum at 5:30 am, and a lack of desire to do anything productive at this hour turned up the following with additional but limited information.


    Seems it may be fallout from policy changes a few months ago?


    • 2 DJ

      Thanks Kia a useful background.

      As far FP is concerned it looks like one extreme to the other.

  2. 3 Mike

    Facebook and Twitter are the tech hills I have sworn to die on. I have heard far too many friends, family and acquaintances with horror stories, and so I won’t join in. I yielded on a workplace pager after I told colleagues to just shoot me if they ever saw me with one; the same with a walkie-talkie for work and then a cell-phone. This time I MEAN it, dammit!

    So for other tech avoiders you might explain ‘black ribbon’-one assumes the it’s opposite in spirit from something like ‘KickStarter.’ But one doesn’t know for sure, because one doesn’t even want to look it up. (I MEAN it, dammit!) So thanks in advice for any info, but thanks for no info too. No info would be more in keeping with my oath, I suppose.

    • 4 DJ

      I am sure they have their place – but I don’t want to read what someone said when drunk at 3 in the morning and I certainly don’t want to be that drunk.

  3. 5 Mike

    PS-Pandora sure has a finely-calibrated eye for the perfect tush.

  4. That bare female bottom that is encased in white lace suspender-belt and stockings, will be receiving a good caning on her voluptuous naked rear end, for being very naughty.

  5. FB, LI, Twitter are all great for staling people anonymously. Most of their members want this attention, even if it is from their own governments. I, though, prefer a little be of privacy. Also, I was having lunch with a senior executive at my company last week (he’d my internal mentor) and the issue of social media. Well about a year ago the marketing people wanted all the execs to have all the accounts on all the major platforms. Three months later, a dozen people had been fired for content they published through their work accounts.

    Kia thank-you for the info. I had never heard of the Black Ribbon campaign. Does anyone find it ironic that Facebook started as a sexist comparison of Harvard students and now is trying to rid such content?

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