Spankmanship (continued)


spankingOur story began here.

It was a few days later when Gerald was finally due home. Sylvia had been on the edge of her seat all that morning in anticipation, eager to begin what she was increasingly thinking of as her new life. She had had much to think about since her recent adventures and she had rapidly come to the conclusion that she had slept through much of her adult life chasing after material trappings that bored her as soon as she got them.

Like so many people she had pursued a life and an attitude to life that she thought she should rather than what was good for her. More than that, she had gone after what she wanted, or thought she wanted rather than what she needed. Strains of the Rolling Stones went through her mind and she rifled through Gerald’s record collection to find the song she was think of.

It was all vinyl, so old fashioned, like Gerald, but he didn’t have the song. He’s not that old I suppose, she realised. After all he had come of age in the 1980s not the swinging sixties, which was a million years ago now. Sylvia didn’t care, Gerald was coming home and she couldn’t wait. So to pass the time Sylvia had ambled into the hall on the way to her room to read.

Mary was still in the corner by the door where Drake had left her. She wore no skirt or undies, but in all other regards she was dressed as if she were going away on business with a neat business jacket and stockings up to mid-thigh. Her exposed bottom held ample evidence of Drake’s wrath and the rounds of her behind had that purple grazing and swelling that would make sitting down a trial for days to come.

By her side against the wall a bag had been packed for her and she even had on a good pair of shoes. The reason for these unusual arrangements was that Drake had arranged for Mary to be retrained at a place he knew and her shameful attire was to make sure she was in the right frame of mind.

As Sylvia understood it, Mary was in for a difficult month and her bottom was on its way for a small ration of its own personal hell. A pang of excitement clawed at Sylvia’s tummy and she wondered if Gerald would ever give her such a holiday. God it would be horrible and thrilling at the same time.

“Looking forward to it?” Sylvia teased.

Mary worked her throat and coloured a little. It so embarrassing, but that was an important part of it. Drake meant it for her own good.

“You have forgotten the basics,” he had told Mary only that morning. She knew it was true but she didn’t need Sylvia to rub it in.

“What time does the transport come?” Sylvia tried again.

“I-I don’t know… Ma’am,” Mary said uncomfortably, wishing Sylvia would go away.

“No rush eh… I was thinking of asking some of the hunt people over to lunch,” Sylvia teased. “Do you think you will still be here then?”

Mary shifted uneasily and blinked hard at the wall.

“I really couldn’t say Ma’am,” Mary sighed.

Just then there was the crunch of gravel outside and the sound of a car. Both women’s heart’s leapt in unison, both certain their individual moments had come.

When Gerald came through the door Mary didn’t know whether to be disappointed or relived.

Sylvia did. She ran at the man and wrapped her arms around her.

“Have you been good?” he asked once their long kiss was over.

Sylvia shrugged. It wasn’t for her to say. But her blush promised definitely possibilities for him to uncover on that front.

“I see Mary is still here,” Gerald chuckled, “Had an interesting time too by the looks of it.”

Sylvia grinned. “Do you know where she is going?” she asked.

“I have a pretty good idea. Somewhere she has been before,” he said in good humour, “Haven’t you Mary?”

“Yes Sir,” Mary said sullenly.

Gerald nodded and then took off his coat. He didn’t bother to hang it, Tatiana would see it to it and he would leave it to her to see that it needed a dry clean. Instinctively Sylvia went to take it, but he took her hand and led to into the open lounge.

He was careful to leave the door open where he could still see Mary, although it was more important that she could hear what was said.

“You have a decision to make don’t you?” Gerald asked Sylvia seriously.

His wife frowned.

“Do you want to be part of this life, this very strange life, or shall we set-up another house. Something more vanilla?” he poured himself a drink and fixed his eyes patiently on the glass.

Sylvia’s eyes darted back and forth in her head and her face took on the expression of one who had been slapped.

“Why do you think I went away? You needed time to think,” he told her.

Sylvia opened her mouth to speak and closed it again. It wasn’t fair to ask her. She didn’t want choices, not anymore; she wanted to be swept off her feet.

“I want you,” she said. It was one thing she would admit to. Then to help him she added, “And all that you are.”

“A life of spanked bottoms, yours and other women’s,” he said seriously, “That is who I am, or at least who I have been.”

“I want to learn the ways of Spankmanship,” she said picking up on something Drake had said.

“It will mean discipline and a tough life for your bottom. I want to train you to take over Mary’s role here at the house and take responsibility for that life and all that it entails.” Gerald took another sip of scotch and raised his eyes to watch her response.

“Oh yes, yes,” Sylvia gushed and rushed into his arms.

But then she held back, her mouth forming an O-shape.

“But what about Mary?” she asked.

“Oh Mary,” Gerald smiled and glanced at his housekeeper at her place facing the wall, “When she comes back from her little vacation she will marry Drake and set-up a house of her own. No doubt he has in mind taking her into the business.”

Mary wanted to jump for joy. But another thought crossed her mind. That bastard, he hasn’t even asked me, but her glee was not contained and part of her knew that Drake would never ask her permission to do anything. She risked a glance over her shoulder at Gerald and her eyes seemed to say ‘is it true?’ There were tears pooled at her eyes.

Gerald smiled back at her and nodded and then made a turn back gesture with his finger. Mary obeyed.

Outside wheels on gravel announced that the minibus to take Mary off to training had arrived.

“Can I say goodbye to Mr Drake?” the housekeeper asked excitedly.

“He will come and see you settled in in a day or two,” Gerald said as he put down his glass. “Now cut along.”

Mary suddenly felt exposed again and stood awkwardly by the door. Her hand strayed to cover her front.

“Submission is as submission does,” he said archly, giving her a sympathetic look.

It was a fundamental of the creed of spankmanship and she was ashamed that he should have to remind her. She needed this training, Drake was right.

“Come on, I’ll bring your bag.” Gerald told her as he moved towards it.

Mary felt like a shy teenager as she took hesitant steps outside. The driver was already out of the car and despite his detachment; she knew he was studying her nakedness. To make matters worse there were several other women in the bus all looking at her.

Then she seemed to recover some of her dignity and drew herself erect and began to walk to the car. The driver winked at her and opened the door.

Only one of the women appeared fully clothed. The exposed thigh of the woman sitting nearest the door suggested she was similarly attired as Mary. The girl kneeling on the floor wither back to Mary was completely nude with her bare bottom facing outwards. Mary was in good company she thought grimly.


“Now what you need is a good sound spanking,” Gerald said suddenly as he poured himself another scotch.

“Wh-why, what have I done?” Sylvia blustered, her face suddenly red.

“Oh I am sure I can think of something and besides you need putting in your place, you enjoyed Mary’s predicament far too much,” he chuckled. Then he called “Tatiana.”

Sylvia felt a tingle of excitement admixed with fear until Tatiana entered and then she flushed.

“Tatiana, your mistress here needs a jolly good spanking. Run along and fetch her hairbrush from her room.”

“Very good Sir,” the maid said, her accent thick, but she cast a smirk at Sylvia and went away with an expression like the cat that had all the cream.

Gerald watched her go in equal amusement and then turned back to his wife.

“Well?” he said, “Knickers down and turn and face the wall. You know the drill.”

Gerald was really home, she thought ruefully. Still it was better than being spanked by Mary, even if the maid was around to enjoy her shame.

By the time Tatiana returned five minutes later Sylvia was already naked below the waist and standing to face the wall.

“You may leave us,” he said to the girl as he took the brush. “My wife will be in the corner for a while before I will begin.


“Now young lady, come here,” Gerald beckoned at last.

Sylvia turned a regarded him for a moment with apprehensive eyes as she bit her lip. This would be her life now, no this was her life, she decided and the fear, embarrassment and excitement were all bundled up together.

“Here now and get over my knee,” he said impatiently.

Sylvia pouted and then reluctantly crossed the room. She was over his knee almost at once.

“Now where were we?” he said gently, as he patted her bare bottom with the brush.

“Gerald I…” she began, but he wasn’t listening and brought the flat surface of the hairbrush sharply down on her bottom.

“Ooh…wch,” she squeaked.

Gerald spanked her again harder.

“God I have missed you,” he said with a sigh.

And I have missed this, she decided silently.

The brush landed again and Sylvia cried out with pain. Somehow she knew he was in no hurry and this was going to take quite some time.

“Yah,” she gasped, her breathing now becoming laboured as he let fly with another quick round of swats.

Yep, she was definitely in for it, she thought ruefully.

The doorbell ringing took them both by surprise, Gerald frowned.

“Were we expecting anyone?” he asked.

Sylvia was about to say no when she remembered the hunt people she had invited in a moment of mischief.

Seeing her face he said in a sharp voice, “Who is it?”

“I… eh… might have accidentally invited one or two people to lunch,” she squeaked.

“On my first day home… Jesus Sylvia,” he groaned, “You are in so much trouble.”

“Yes Sir,” she admitted ruefully.

And then to her surprise he continued to spank her even as she heard Tatiana answering the door. He wouldn’t, she thought in panic. But she knew that he very well might.

To be continued..

8 Responses to “Spankmanship (continued)”

  1. 1 Svetlana

    Happy end in sight! This is the only series I read here from the start and I’m glad to see it continued. I like the minibus scene and what it leaves to the imagination. It’s also nice to see Tatiana get a bit of a break.

  2. 2 paul1510

    seems to me there may be several happy ends in sight before this series is over. 😉

  3. The future is certainly looking bright. Bright red and painful perhaps, but in a happy way.

  4. 4 DJ

    Two more parts to go – and I am glad you picked up on the happy vibe 🙂

  5. 5 Mike


    I wonder why it is that virtually everything I hear from the ’80s sounds dated and virtually nothing from the Stones after 1967 does? What’s that old saying-‘Quality never goes out of style’?

  6. 7 Richard

    another good instalet keep on writing i’m cousints how this ends bet you are too

    • 8 DJ

      counsints (curious?) I have a pretty good idea now – which is just as well 😉

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