Those naughty wild flappers


spanking the flapperspanking the flapper spanking the flapper spanking the flapper spanking the flapper spanking the flapper spanking the flapperSome of these have been seen before but there are a couple of new ones on me. I particularly like the banner for an intro with a now lost spanking for Louise White movie.

A Zane Grey novel was the inspiration for the 1928 movie The Water Hole, pictured in the rather graining image above. Spanking was a big theme of this book and featured as a major scene in the movie.

The scene at the top of the stairs with the woman in the diaper position is actually rather racy for the time and it is unusual in that the rather respectable woman being spanked has had the minimum of clothes removed. The authentic feel to the scene suggests that the photographer had real spanking sympathies and wasn’t merely making flage porn.

Anyway here is another selection of spanking flapper pictures.

4 Responses to “Those naughty wild flappers”

  1. paul little

  2. The era of the flapper is for spanking erotica writers what I would call “a target rich environment.” You have the perfect convergence of old fashioned notions of decorum for young ladies (and the traditional disciplinary methods of enforcing it) with a new sort of girls gone wild mentality. Speakeasy’s, jazz clubs and suffragettes. Just about perfect. The stories could write themselves.

  3. 3 DJ

    Paul Little said ‘Paul Little’ – thanks Paul 😉

    Been meaning to ask you – are you ‘the’ Paul Little?

    I agree Rollin – an old favorite of mine. There was a time when the old movies were still on TV – but either because 80 or 90 year old movies are too old or because of them being un-PC – they no longer are.

  4. 4 js666

    That pic of the older woman sitting on the running board of the car with the flapper upskirt over her lap is from an apparently true incident where a St. Louis woman found her husband in a car with his teenaged secretary and gave the girl something to think about.

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