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A DD postscript


There were a couple of left over snippets left over from this week’s DD spanking guide. They were left out because the article went in a different direction. But since they add to the debate and are passably amusing; not to mention that they give us an excuse to run the two cute on-topic pictures […]

Romany spanking


Clark wrote to ask about routine spanking among the traditional traveller community. He said that his grandmother was a gypsy and that when he was a boy she was very free with spanking threats to both his aunts and adult sisters. He was told that this was just her way and that when she was […]

Now this short article, whilst hopefully being informative, is not intended to be exhaustive and can better be viewed as a bit of fun. Many of you will either be in a spanking or DD relationship or will have had one at some point. If not then no doubt your turn will come. As you […]

Simone sighed as she looked herself over in the mirror. The woman staring back at her was of average height with non-descript dark mousey-blonde hair pulled up to a ragged knot by a broad grey head band. It was like one she had seen on a dancer in a movie. Her eyes were dark bluish-grey […]