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Weekly Round-Up


Last week’s non-round-up garnered a lot of comments; some of them quite silly. I guess that is why they call it the silly season. Well I may be back in the saddle but it seems it is still a bit slow elsewhere. That is August for you. Pictures are from Abel’s picture blog, About Spankings, […]



Since things are quiet I may as well report that 500 people have formally said they ‘liked’ a particular post. A special thanks to Paul who leads in the liking stakes. Thanks to everyone who took part. On Monday we have a round-up and Tuesday will see a new short for you to like. Magic […]

The last few days have been a blur of old house and castles. It is surprising how great and varied such places can be. But there are a few constants; all these places seemed to be chocked full of so-called pervertables. You would swear that every bedroom has a wooden contraption shaped like a paddle […]

A few 1960s images sent in by TipTopper.

Weekly Round-up


No weekly round-up this week. The picture above is a clue why.

Locked Away


Having taken a week off, it was assumed that writing and reading would be on the agenda. However, apparently whilst there are pubs, restaurants and endless bottles of wine, there doesn’t seem to be a reliable internet connection. Therefore maybe posts will be thin on the ground for a few days. Normal service will be […]

Tip Top OTK


A set of images from TipTopper. As he says nowadays it unusual to see the same spanking from different angles in a photo set like this. Originally from the Lyndon Publication Spank Hard, edited by Eve Howard (under the name Lizzie Bennett)

Actually it was four years ago yesterday that A Voice in the Corner was launched as a blog. That is over a thousand posts and more than 7.2 million visits. Within that there has been over a million words of fiction and about the same in general info, various articles and assorted waffle. So a […]

Sara Mulligan paused to watch the latest trainee through the glass. There was no chance she could be observed and seeing how newbies behaved when no one was watching was a good way to find out what they were really like. After all Sara was responsible for all junior staff in the XO office and […]

Weekly Round Up


It’s August and even the politicians are taking a breaking from interfering in people’s lives. So things seem a bit slow for the moment. I did notice that a couple of blogs have put up age-check declarations, mostly of the annoyingly pointless kind that asks for a date of birth. A sign of the times […]