This Thing That We Do


OTK spankingLSF have published a new story collection of mine. It is headed by a completely new previously unpublished story, This thing That We Do.

Polly and Michael have an unconventional relationship, neither of them quite sure whether part of their relationship is a game or for real. Polly is a proud, independent, professional woman whose education is every bit the match for her rather bookish husband – yet he is the one to whom she submits. Not that her submission is easy, but each of them know that she demands to be conquered only after a true battle. So, when she overspends again, and follows through with lies and tantrums, she gets corner time, and she gets spanked.

Also included in this volume are the following short stories: Apricity; Back to School; Girl on a Motorbike; I Won’t! Who Does He Think He Is?; It is All Good; The Lady of the House; The Last Spanking; The Master that Dwells; Ouch; Paying for It; The Road; Unlimited; Vanilla Twist; and What Can You Do?

Available now.

One Response to “This Thing That We Do”

  1. 1 paul1510

    I’ll download it and let you know. 🙂

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