So Embarrassing


so embarrassingReally struggling to catch-up with an in-tray a foot thick; an episode of Abraham Heights, Magic and Spankmanship are all pending but not quite ready.

Also coming up here are few random snippets culled from the vanilla world, which may have been missed by readers but none suggested a single post.

However, this one may serve as a standalone for now. It is from ‘most embarrassing moments’ and is rather apropos.

Claire (26) wrote:

My boyfriend spanks me, it is just a thing we do and I wouldn’t have any other way. This has led to many embarrassing moments, but that kind of adds to it. He usually spanks me hard with his hand or bath brush or something on my bare bottom. It really hurts, especially if I deserve it and I sometimes even cry like a kid. But it all serves to put me in my place.

Sometimes I even have to stand in the corner, often for an hour or more, which is really embarrassing even if no one is around, which they are not (usually). Even worse is when I get sent to bed, once or twice without my supper. I hate that, but it is also kind of cool.

He has threatened to spank me in front of others, but it has only happened twice. We were on holiday at the time and thought we were in a secluded place. I had been in a bit of a strop and had mugged him off. I wasn’t surprised when he pulled down my shorts and spanked me at an old seaside shelter. He was really going for it when we heard a male voice say, “Oh sorry.”

I looked around from over his lap to see an elderly couple smirking and leaving us too it. Mark didn’t even break his stride.

Another time we were again on holiday in Greece. I had been a real pain and Mark set about spanking me with a sandal in our room. I really howled and was close to tears when the manager came in.

He was almost as embarrassed as me and said in broken English he was just checking and he left smiling.  Mark the sod carried on spanking me. I could have died.

Then he gave me a choice. Corner time while he ordered room service. I would be bare-bottomed for this I knew. Or we could walk on the beach and go to a taverna.

Of course I chose the second option but then I found out what he had in mind. I wasn’t allowed to put my bikini bottoms on and had to go out in a semi-see through sarong that didn’t completely wrap around my hips.

Luckily the beach was deserted and it was getting dark, but sitting in the corner of the bar on a sore bottom while I wrestled with a light breeze there and back was an adventure.

8 Responses to “So Embarrassing”

  1. Nice she is obviously a feisty lady and needs and accepts regular discipline if she needs to be embrassed I have spanked women in legs up position thats embrassing for them!!

  2. DJ, you mentioned quite some time ago that you had found volumes of ‘real life’ experiences buried in files on your computer and were going to release them (a lot of pictures too). Do you still intend to do that?

    • 3 DJ

      Hi One Hand,

      I have a lot of snippets and some images – many of which are the source of such posts as this. I have been dipping into them from time to time and will continue to do so.

      I wasn’t intending one revelationary post; the material doesn’t lend itself to that.

      DJ 🙂

  3. 4 cindy2

    Being spanked and viewed in front of others definitely adds spice as well as humiliation to the experience.

    Wellspankedbot, did you require the women to hold their legs straight up or did you require them to place their hands behind their knees and “roll” a bit and make themselves available to you in that manner? Both methods are embarrassing; I’m just trying to picture what you did better.

  4. 5 George

    Interesting, thanks for sharing. Excellent position and the whole scene is imho exacly what’s tbadly deserved millions of times every day 😉
    Btw never known a 26 yo who doesn’t need it!

  5. 6 Svetlana

    Reading this, I’m pretty happy that getting embarrassed in front of outsiders is not part of my diet. However, it made me smile when she wrote about cornertime and no supper: “I hate that, but it is also kind of cool.” That’s one twisted way of looking at it!

    • 7 cindy2

      When I’ve gained a few pounds, it would be cool for me too. 🙂

  6. 8 DJ

    Thanks all – glad it hit so many buttons 🙂

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