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dojo disciplineThere are many accounts of spanking in sport; some have been discussed on this blog. There was even a rumour doing the rounds 10 years back that a certain ‘vampire slaying’ actress was spanked by her kick boxing coach; the product of over imagination no doubt.

However, I did chance across these two snippets which coupled with this intriguing picture are worth a brief outing.

Annalisa wrote:

Once in college my judo coach said my form was so lousy that he should spank me. I told him he wouldn’t dare. Big mistake. A moment later I was helpless across his lap for several hard slaps to my rear end.

After some research into such things I found that in Korea the odd swipe with a cane across a girl’s bottom is not unheard of. This was perhaps verified when Tango (Miss) reported on an experience with her Hapkido (whatever that may be) coach in Berlin.

He used to make us bend over for three or four strokes across the bottom with his stick whenever he thought we were slacking. This was painful and embarrassing to say the least.

Not much to go on, but suggestive nonetheless.

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  1. 1 George

    This practice was well known also among communist countries at least until the end of the Soviet Union ruled by Russia.

  2. 2 cindy2

    And isn’t everything we like “suggestive”? 🙂

  3. 5 Svetlana

    In my mind, spanking and sports go together rather well. Sports naturally involves some physical discomfort that is, up to a point, part of the kick and, beyond that point, accepted as necessary for success. It is not that hard to imagine that with that kind of mindset even girls who do not have a thing for spanking could respond well to such discipline. Sports could be a good setting for spanking fiction that wants to portray corporal punishment as an empowering experience without heading straightforward into the sexual aspect.

  4. From time to time I’ve heard snippets about rigid discipline in Tae Kwon Do studios and Karate dojos–senseis using canes on students who fail to properly memorize katas and such. I’ve been in martial arts and discipline can be very rigorous. It’s not much of a stretch to imagine that this happens.

  5. 7 Laura

    Hmmm, maybe I should take up martial arts!

  6. 8 jimisim

    I was reliably informed that South Korean girls were disciplined by caning at secondary school level and even occasionally at undergrad level early in the first decade of this century. This may explain why they are such high performers. I was told this by a very beautiful and charming young S Korean graduate at a meeting, when I was saying how illiterate most young science grads in the UK were now. she agreed completely.
    Accordingly I believe it.

  7. 9 DJ

    I have heard both that in some Asian countries this is routine and in European dojos – but no hard narratives.

    Thanks for your comments.

  8. 10 Tiptopper

    Here is a verified story about Olympian Lauren Burns of Australia.

    Lauren Bums Caned by Coach.

    ABC Online (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

    Australian Story

    Lauren Burns, Olympic Gold Medalist, Taekwondo

    Lauren Burns: The first time I went to Korea was just such an experience. I was running with one of the younger girls and I was sort of helping her, and we were sort of at the back, ’cause she had an injury, and we were running around, nd we got to the end last And the coach said, “OK, get down in push-up position.” And I thought, “Oh, no, pushups.” And then he had this big bamboo stick, thick with welts on it, and he just cracked it just over the bottom of our buttocks, on the top of our hamstrings. And the pain-I’ve just never felt pain like that. So I got 10.

    You know, they had this philosophy of, if they hit you,”I’ll try and break the stick,” you know, clench yourself so that you ‘re always trying to compete against the stick, break the stick, run faster, run harder-all of those things.

    This comes from “Spanked Celebrities” a site which has a ton of material.

    • 11 Svetlana

      The last part of that quote is reveaing about how an athlete could come to regard the stick as a helpful training tool. It is an inspiring attitude.

      Earlier this year, I saw a documentary movie about a martial arts school in China. They followed three girls and not all of them coped well with the discipline (canings were mentioned explicitly). One even ran away. It certainly did not hide the darker side of such a regime, and, given that the post is tagged “real life”, I hope it’s ok to acknowledge that side. Still, on the way home one of my colleagues, who (to my knowledge) is not into spanking at all, explained how she felt torn between pity and admiration.

      • 12 DJ

        It is surprising and counter intuitive that many in our progressive age will revisit the idea of discipline and even spanking isn’t it?

      • 13 Svetlana

        Yes, it is … An interest in martial arts or sports in general could explain why someone is more open to the idea, but it’s still amazing to see an appreciation (ambivalent as it might be) for corporal punishment in a society that has more or less stopped accepting it in almost any context but kink.

    • 14 DJ

      Thanks TT – I know this site – there is a lot about celebrities.

  9. Yes, 7 beauties about to get their bare bottoms warmed by a good spanking. The cane will pain each one of them on their bare bottoms. The task will be a joyful one, for the master.

  10. 16 Mike

    ‘Hapkido’ is shorthand for ‘What the hell Happened, Kiddo?’, used when one student spots fresh raspberries south of another student’s ‘DMZ’.

    Word to the wise: kimchee is a poor choice of emollient.

  11. I read an article in one of the Sunday newspaper supplements (about 35 years ago) about a young American (?) skater. She said that when she messed up or goofed off her coach would whack her bare thigh a few times with the rubber skate guard. She said it really hurt. I imagine it did (and I imagined it a lot at 17). That was like porn to a naive 17 year old.

    I announced womens soccer in junior college and got to know a few of the players, one pretty well. Although it was never said I had the suspicion that the coach had a heavy hand. One of the girls was an all out player who constantly got yellow and red cards. I heard her mother, who was just a few feet away from me shouting at her from the bleachers after she got red carded and said something to the effect of “Oh when I get her home…” Knowing people who grew up with her I’m pretty sure that the card wasn’t the only red thing she got that day.

  12. 20 Svetlana

    A former boyfriend once said he could bear watching women’s soccer only because he imagined the losing team getting spanked afterwards.

    • 21 DJ

      a common fantasy 🙂

    • 22 Svetlana

      Oh, I don’t mind the fantasy, just the implication that women’s football is otherwise unwatchable … and he was at least half serious about it. Still, it wasn’t the reason why we split. 🙂

  13. 23 DJ

    This is another popular post judging buy comments 🙂

    Thanks 🙂

  14. 24 Tiptopper

    Here is another example:

    Corina Ungureanu – In her biography, “Begining and End”, the Romanian international gymnast said of national head coach Octavian Belu:

    “I received many spankings from Mr. Belu, but I believe competitive sports require a Spartan education. Belu is one of the best gymnastics coaches in the world and his spankings helped me a lot. It was like an impulse to snap out of my tired and exhausted state.”

    Sports are physical activities so it is not surprising that the punishments for messing up are physical also.

  15. 25 Svetlana

    Biographies are notorious for white-washing, but this explanation of a positive response to spanking, of accepting it as part of a “Spartan education” seems entirely believable coming from someone who probably made lots of other sacrifices as an elite gymnast.

    I only tried gymnastics (on a just-for-fun level) for a while as a kid before switching to other sports, but I still loved doing it at school and watching it on TV as a teen. The Romanians ruled at that time. I don’t remember Ungureanu specifically, but I might have seen her.

  16. 26 Tiptopper

    Corina Ungureanu was born in 1980 and competed from 1993 until 1999. After leaving gymnastics she posed for the Romanian edition of Playboy. If you’re interested in seeing those pictures to see how spankable she was go to:

  17. 28 Svetlana

    Last weekend’s sad news that the Romanians failed to qualify their team this year made me remember this thread. That says more about my twisted mind than about anything else. 🙂

    • 29 DJ

      I don’t get the connection – I usually don’t (completely missed what OMH was saying) but good to see you back.

      • 30 Svetlana

        I wasn’t gone, just too busy to comment as much.

        Not getting the connection means your mind is not as twisted as mine. 🙂

        Sorry for being confusing.

        For the Romanian drama see here:

        That news made me remember this thread, but not OHM’s post (about soccer and skating), but Tiptopper’s post from August 29, 2013 that referred to Coach Belu using spanking. No reference to spanking is made in current news, so the connection is in fact an imaginary one. Please feel free to remove it.

        • 31 DJ

          It doesn’t mean it isn’t true – I really wouldn’t expect it to make the news in this way – or it would not be an anecdote but a scandal. There was a reference to a coach for gymnastics spanking in one of the memoirs (I won’t confuse anyone by guessing what I don’t off the cuff remember) and I know back in the 1970s and 80s in wasn’t that unusual and very much part of the culture.

          Thanks anyway Svetlana 🙂

  18. 32 Elle

    This is totally true. Martial arts instructors love corporal punishment. It seems to go with the territory. My karate dojo uses a shinai for for discipline. This is for adults, not kids. I’ve been smacked for poor form, for smart alecky comments, for not listening quickly or well enough. One time an instructor stood behind me while I did push ups and smacked me on the rear with a stick every time I came up. It wasn’t viciously hard, but I definitely felt it. And we train in front of a large window too, so I keep thinking someone is bound to come along and get a good show… what amazed me is how compliant everyone is, the men as well as the women. One of the instructors insists the reason he used corporal correction is that it works so well.

    • 33 DJ

      I have heard so many stories about this now – it does seem to be a thing. I heard about a Korean Dojo where boys were caned quite brutally for being late – tomfoolery etc back in the 1980s and then they allowed in women who now make up the majority or have classes of their own. They are treated the same and seem to accept it. Not girls – but 30-something lawyers and businesswomen who want to defend themselves against men. Or maybe they just want a spanking? 😉

      • 34 Elle

        DJ, it’s more common in places where the instructors trained in Asia. Where I train they keep an assortment of sticks on display in a container in the corner. It makes me a little nervous to see them because I know some classes they will be used on me. There is an exercise where you have to tighten your body at the end of a movement and instructors will tap you (quite hard) to test. It stings either way but hurts a heck of a lot more if you haven’t tightened your leg or your abs or your rear. In theory they don’t use them for true punishment – normally if you’re talking during class for instance, it’s push-ups. But one day I was giggling at something a friend said to me, and an instructor walked up with a stick and struck me twice – hard – and said, “that’s for laughing.” To be clear, I’m not a kid…

        The instructors doing the hitting are mostly 60s+. I do wonder how the teaching will change when the younger ones take over. I’ve been hit by them before, but in a very different context. It’s less discipline and more avoidance drills. I think they get the PC repercussions of it a bit more.

        Happy to answer any questions you may have!

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