The Dominator


DominatorHe sweeps all before him. He is Top of the tops, first among Doms, dread lord of the Subnation. He is the Dominator.

Then the door opens.

“Now Mr Smith we have called you in because there seems to be some irregularities with your account,” she says; a junior bank clerk who was in school less than two years ago.

She is pretty with too much make-up and a pair of glasses he could swear she doesn’t need. God I am being reprimanded by a girl who hasn’t even mastered personal grooming, he thinks.

“It is just a temporary cash flow issue,” he says.

“That is all very well, but this is the second time we have had issues with your account…” he tunes out.

He knows what she is going to say in the preamble. The only bit that interests him is whether or not the bank will extend the overdraft and that decision has already been made by this girl’s… sorry this woman’s superiors, he realises.

How dare you trifle with me with your impertinence, thinks the Dominator? No he says it loud and clear.

The girl is taken aback.

“Pardon?” she says nervously.

“Tell me do you usually talk to your elders like that?” the Dominator asks.

“Eh…” she swallows, not sure what to say.

“When was the last time anyone took you over their knee for a damn good spanking?” the Dominator growls.

The girl blushes and chews her lip.

“Please Mr Smith,” she says meekly, no, not Smith… “Please Lord Garth,” she says meekly; that’s better.

“Answer me girl,” the Dominator orders.

“Oh please you aren’t going to complain about the service are you?” she whimpers.

“What do you take me for girl, a whinger? Get over my knee,” the Dominator snaps.

The girl is disconcerted at having to take off her own skirt and is positively mortified when he orders her to take down her knickers. But she cannot complain.

As the spanking begins she only hopes that her boss doesn’t hear it and come to investigate. Because then she would have to explain how she upset a valued customer. Well at first that is her only hope, for pretty soon the spanking begins to sting and she is kicking and yelling as she earnestly hopes he will not spank her too hard and for too long. But that is up to him, for he is the Dominator.

“Tell me Mr Smith, what can you do to reduce your outgoings?” the woman behind the desk asks.

He is shaken and blinks before answering.

“I have some debt repayments that will be completed after next month and I don’t expect to have to have the car repaired again like last month. There you can see that most of the overdraft is a one-of payment,” he says leaning forward to point at the figures.

She nodded sagely as only one who has only a few months’ experience can. A small crinkle of a frown formed on her forehead; she had not had time to develop full worry lines between her eyes. The look remind him of his daughter when she used to have a particular difficult problem concerning her dolls.

The Dominator continued to spank the girl hard until her bottom was a nice shiny red and little tears spilled from her eyes.

“Now you impudent hussy, go and stand in the corner and think about what you have done,” he told her.

“Yes Sir,” she wailed.

The Dominator leaned back to admire the cherry sheen on her still exposed bottom as she meekly went to the corner.

“Very well Mr Smith, we can extend your overdraft for another three months, but do please get in touch if you have any more issues we should know about…”

He was no longer listening. Of course you are going to give me an overdraft, he thought, for I am the Dominator.


4 Responses to “The Dominator”

  1. 1 paul1510

    a nice little throw away piece, however I can’t see it going anywhere. 😉
    After the style of Walter Mitty.!! 😀

  2. 2 manhattan

    Haha! Laughed out loud while reading it. Is the Dominator’s level of escapism a curse or a blessing? Or both?
    Very nice.

  3. 3 DJ

    well as you say a bit of fun 😉

  4. 4 Brigit

    Pfff a dominator, oups dominant, should (and would) know how to manage his bank account and at least, if he has “issues”, come and discuss before getting caught in trouble.
    He is surely the one who deserve a very good spanking !
    And I believe you think the same. (The “Dominator”, really ? lol)

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