Locked Away


incommunicadoHaving taken a week off, it was assumed that writing and reading would be on the agenda. However, apparently whilst there are pubs, restaurants and endless bottles of wine, there doesn’t seem to be a reliable internet connection. Therefore maybe posts will be thin on the ground for a few days.

Normal service will be resumed soon.

8 Responses to “Locked Away”

  1. 1 paul1510

    make the most of your off time, I think that we might just, survive. 😉

  2. 2 saram


  3. 3 Mike

    Hiya Kids-that’s a very interesting visual. does anyone know whether it’s a drawing, a treated photograph, or what have you?


    Way off topic-If the Emperor goes to a nude beach, does he appear to be clothed?

    • 4 cindy2

      I don’t think so, Mike (but we’ll have to confirm that with Andersen), but his extension may certainly appear to be larger than the extensions of the non-royal males present. Now, if it turns out that he has cane or tawse marks on his bottom, folks may get the impression that he is not the Emperor of his own castle.

      • 5 Mike

        You remind me of the late Diana’s grounds for divorce. She found out that a ruler isn’t always 12 inches.

  4. Have a lovely time.

  5. The whipped back, the chained woman in stocks. Not really to my liking.

  6. 8 DJ

    Thanks everyone.

    back soon 🙂

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