Tip Top OTK


OTK spanking OTK spanking OTK spankingA set of images from TipTopper. As he says nowadays it unusual to see the same spanking from different angles in a photo set like this.

Originally from the Lyndon Publication Spank Hard, edited by Eve Howard (under the name Lizzie Bennett)

6 Responses to “Tip Top OTK”

  1. Those photos are from the Lyndon Publication “Spank Hard”, edited by my wife Eve Howard (under the name Lizzie Bennett) and there is nothing unusual about seeing the same spanking from different angles in any photo set, in any spanking magazine.

  2. 2 Tiptopper

    Tony is correct however DJ left out the word “nowadays” in my observation. Spanking magazines fom the past frequently showed spankings from several different angles. That is less common today with images from the internet. Those older magazines such as Spank Hard, Corporal, Spanky, etc. have become colectors items.

    • This same internet we are communicating on right now is the reason why spanking magazines such as “Spank Hard” no longer are published. The day they hit the stores, somebody would scan every page, upload them to a binary newsgroup and the publisher would end up with a warehouse full of magazines that no longer had customers.

  3. 4 DJ

    Thanks for the heads up Tony (duly credited).

    I think the point TT was making was that these were groundbreaking quality images that today we take for granted.

    You also have a valid point about the Internet – the realities of the revolution have driven a coach and horses through many a business plan.

    I understand your frustration. Many of my vanilla projects have been recycled ‘legitimately’ and otherwise because they had been grounded in pre-internet print dynamics. šŸ˜¦

    If the re-publishing of these classics is an issue I will take them down. Let me know here or privately.


  4. 6 markiee

    This is what it must look like when my wife spanks me.

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