Corporation Punishment


spanked at the officeSara Mulligan paused to watch the latest trainee through the glass. There was no chance she could be observed and seeing how newbies behaved when no one was watching was a good way to find out what they were really like. After all Sara was responsible for all junior staff in the XO office and if she had landed the team with a lame duck then it would be her tail that would be toast. Not that there was a hell of a lot she could do about it now. The girl had already been assigned.

Sara consulted her notes.

The newbie had the appropriate name of Teri Tame, Sara chuckled to herself. She was 24 and had scored well during assessment and basic training, even though the latter had revealed some disciplinary issues. Sara reviewed these hastily. Backchat, tardiness, dumb insolence, here Sara paused and eyed the girl through the glass. She didn’t look that sort and the XO Senior Executive Assistant wondered if this Teri Tame had been given a hard time; dumb insolence being a standard hazing claim when one of the instructors found a trainee they couldn’t quite fathom.

The girl was rather petite with well-groomed jet black straight hair cut to a helmet-style bob that framed her heart-shaped face to good effect. She obviously had some Asian heritage, but then who didn’t these days. Sara looked again. Teri’s big dark eyes still carried the suggestion of Japan; a picture of cliché Manga innocence, Sara thought. That could explain the dumb insolence.

As she watched the girl turned to look at herself in the mirror wall that lined the antechamber. The girl’s nose twitched several times as she practiced air kissing before checking her teeth. No doubt young Teri Tame wanted to make a good impression on her first day.

Sara looked the girl over from behind. She had a good bottom which was surprisingly large on such a petite girl and the clingy grey business dress did nothing to hide it. Sara noted that the styled outfit was zipped at the back all the way down as was prescribed by corporation regulations. Sara guessed that she must have learned the hard way at basic as usually rookies took time to learn the dress code. Maybe this newbie was ready to knuckle down. Sara certainly hoped so as it would save them both a lot of wear and tear on the behind.

Alpha Corp was hot on discipline and its XO, Director Cain, was progressive and enforced corporations with vigour. Hard but fair, Sara always said with some satisfaction, and after 10 years in his personal office she should know. She found herself blushing at the thought and some of the small fantasies of her first days in his office were momentarily reasserted.

‘Romantic putz,’ Sara thought in embarrassment.

Worker and Service Class girls marrying a man or woman from the Executive Class were a staple of e-novels and Inter-films on the net. Sara should know this too for she had consumed enough of them.

No, the only way to get on was by gaining a promotion and hope that your share bonuses would one day buy you a seat on a subsidiary board; the one true pathway to the Executive Class and higher office.

Sara looked the new girl over again and considered the other areas of concern.

Tardiness was a big no-no at Alpha Corp and her e-tag revealed that Terri had been 90 seconds late on her first day. No doubt she had just got a little lost and in any case no one but Sara would check it, but it did not bode well. Sara would have to crack down there she realised.

Backchat was a tricky one, Sara considered and it was rather at odds with the dumb insolence charge. Was this Teri Tame a cheeky innocent or someone marking time before moving on? Sara read her profile.

Teri was an orphan from the prole parks, worker educated, worker housed and with no contacts outside her upbringing; remarkable that she should get so far then. Oh well, Sara decided, there was only one way to find out more.

SEA Sara Mulligan glanced at her immaculate self in the opposite glass. The dark burgundy business dress marked her out from the drones, but still conveyed the clean bleak efficient image the company was looking for. Her perfectly styled piled-up blonde hair caused her some embarrassment, but hair colorants’ were seen as even more frivolous and at least she was dark blonde.

Her blue eyes too were a throwback to a former age before the Corp Wars when an Anglo look was in vogue. But now they also looked too retro for a modern efficient look. At least she had a good figure, Sara mused. Executives of both genders liked lookers around them and in the early days Sara’s curves had distracted some from her hair and eyes while she had built a career on merit.

Sara sighed. It was time to get into character.


Teri Tame was half a head shorter than Sara but her posture was academy perfect and she had that poised efficient look that Alpha Corp so praised. Sara eyed her newest trainee officiously for several silent moments and then sat at her desk to begin the induction.

“Tell me what you know about Alpha Corp?” Sara asked with the air of an oral examiner.

It was as well to start off stern. Friendly and relaxed was harder to retreat from and Sara did not yet know the girl’s mettle.

Teri tried not to blink as she worked some moisture up in her mouth. She was more terrified now than she had been the first day in basic. Then she had been certain that she would fail the course and end up in a menial job. Now that she stood in the gleaming glass palace of Alpha Corp tower headquarters she was acutely aware of what she stood to lose.

To add terror to fearful anxiety, she had landed a role in Alpha Corp XO’s office right out of the box. It was a long, long way to fall and this imperious eager young 30-something blonde bitch looked like she was going to be trouble; not least because Terri had taken the wrong elevator on her first day and only narrowly scraped inside the two-minute security window, reaching the department 87 seconds late. She had heard that trainees were sometimes sacked for less.

Teri knew that her 20-year employment contract was not binding until the probation period was up and even then she could still find herself in the maintenance depart on garbage detail for life if she didn’t shape up.

All this went through Teri’s mind in a near instant. When one was a nobody who worked for Alpha Corp, it just had to.

Alpha Corp? What did she know? Terri’s mind raced.

“Alpha Corp is the second largest company in the world with diverse holdings in finance, energy, minerals, biotech, space technology and 73 manufacturing and service subsidiaries. Within that it is also the preeminent space development agency and is probably the world’s largest military developer…” Terri rattled off the facts that she had drilled into herself.

“Why probably?” Sara interrupted.

“Military contracts are secret but as Alpha Corp is one of the seven leading companies on the WorldGov Oversight Committee, it is more than probable that they are the market leader as Tempus Corp, its biggest rival is primarily an infotainment and media consortium,” Terri explained.

“Your guess is reasonable, but Alpha Corp doesn’t comment on military and political matters and its employees do not even discuss it. Remember that,” Sara told the nervous trainee.

“Yes Ma’am,” Terri said quickly.

“Please continue,” Sara said brusquely.

“This division of Alpha Corp based here Europa City is primarily concerned with future technologies and our XO is on the Primary Board under the CXO and Chairman making him effectively number three in the whole company,” Teri was reaching now.

She didn’t know exactly what this office did or the rest of the division for that matter.

“Our office has a diverse portfolio, but principally we deal with internal communications and prepare reports based on media and external research for the XO so that he has the wider picture,” Sara explained.

She was a little more relaxed now. Young Terri Tame did not seem like a troublemaker and she knew as much as could be expected at this point. But that still left the question what she knew about internal matters and how to conduct herself.

“Before I continue, it is also worth remembering that Alpha Corp doesn’t like to think of itself as the number two company in the world. It dominates all areas of pertinent interest. The fact that Tempus Corp has a bigger turnover is due entirely to its near monopoly over the entertainment media. If you have to mention it at all restrict yourself to saying that Alpha Corp is the leading tech company or the most influential or some such,” Sara continued. “You know, blur over it even in casual conversation. It looks better.”

“Yes Ma’am,” Terri acknowledged.

“Tell me what you know about internal procedures,” Sara asked.

Terri strained her brain and quickly rattled off anything relevant that came to mind.

It took 30 minutes before Sara was satisfied that Teri had the basics, which led her to one final matter.

“Discipline here is tight,” Sara said lightly, “Not as arbitrary as it was in basic perhaps but quite strict nonetheless. For instance, coming in 90 seconds late is dangerously close to the edge of the two minute security window. You know that access to the building is tightly monitored and if your authorisation expires because you are more than two minutes late then as your line manager I have to fill out both a security notice and a disciplinary one. It gets messy you understand and it doesn’t look good for either of us.”

“Yes Ma’am, I understand that, it won’t happen again. But can I say I was actually only 87 seconds late.” Terri’s tone was earnest and she blinked hard as she tried to clarify her senior’s slight error.

Sara’s eyes narrowed and she paused to study the timestamp on the monitor.

“You were 87.3 seconds late to be precise,” Sara said sharply.

Is this what the assessors in basic had meant by backchat?

“I was…” Teri blanched. She had put her foot in it again.

“Approximating?” Sara supplied.

“Yes Ma’am,” Teri said with a wince.

Point made, Sara continued.

“This office operates a three-level punishment system,” she said in a neutral voice. “I say punishment because that is what it is. We don’t mince words here. Doublespeak is for external communications. Although that is not what the record will say.”

“Yes I know Ma’am,” Teri nodded.

“I’ll tell you anyway. It might save us both some discomfort,” Sara said pointedly.

“Yes Ma’am.”

“Reprimands are both informal and formal,” Sara explained. “Formal reprimands require a visit to human resources disciplinary and go on your permanent record. Two in one week and you are on a warning. Three in one month and you are on a sanction. Be under no illusions you will visit disciplinary quite often and it will do you good. But pray to Mammon that you don’t incur a sanction.”

“No Ma’am.” Terri was wide-eyed now.

“Believe me a sanction is nothing like anything you got in basic. The corporation owns our bottoms and you can expect anything short of permanent damage to their assets,” Sara gave a grin smile at this point.

Terri blanched.

“You can laugh, that was a joke,” Sara continued to smile. When Teri smiled too, she added “Except that it isn’t.”

“No Ma’am.” The smile was wiped from the trainee’s face at once.

“I prefer that all punishments are official in this office; for all of us that is. It is better for efficiency and doesn’t waste Director Cain’s time that way. But that isn’t always possible and in any case the XO too often does me the honour of handling my shortcomings himself. So for form’s sake, when it comes to reprimands I will extend the same courtesy to you and handle some things myself.” Sara waited to let that sink in.

“Thank you Ma’am,” Teri said eagerly.

If most reprimands were handled unofficially then it would keep her record relatively clean, she thought.

“Don’t be too grateful, I quite enjoy spanking errant assistants. If it wasn’t a waste of departmental time I would do it more often,” Sara said with a stern edge to her voice.

“No Ma’am,” Teri agreed. But she was hopeful nonetheless.

“Let me make one thing clear. Unless the XO boots you out himself and that won’t happen, you are here for the duration. And by here I mean on the books,” Sara said sharply. “I really can’t have any failures in the audit trail. But fuss with me and you will see more of disciplinary than you could believe. Continue to fuss with me and I will send you on permanent secondment to some very interesting places.”

“Yes Ma’am,” Terri gulped, “I won’t let you down.”

Sara smiled.

“Oh you will, but let’s hope not too badly,” Sara said with a genuinely friendly smile.

Teri relaxed for a moment and then frowning she asked, “Am I to be reprimanded for being late?”

“I was,” Sara sighed, “Both informally and then formally. I was late on my first day too.”

A downcast Terri nodded. “Yes Ma’am.”

“But to prove I am not a complete bitch I’ll give you a pass just this once,” Sara grinned.

“Yes Ma’am,” Terri said, finally relaxing.

“Welcome to Alpha Corp Terri.”


Director Cain was scarcely aware that his office had a new trainee. If she worked out then he had time enough to get to know her. If not the ever reliable Sara would move on her on somewhere and find a replacement.

Personally he would have liked to take a keener interest. He found worker and service class people so much more interesting than the entitlement-ridden bores of his own social caste. But he had long since learned that over-familiarity could cause problems for all parties concerned; not that he didn’t have friends in the lower orders. Even within the office he could never overlook the affectionate loyalty of Sara Mulligan. But it was an affection that they would probably never express.

At 50 he looked more like 32 by old world visual ageing, but medical advances had proved more than a match for nature; for a few decades anyway. And although he eschewed frivolous body enhancement for respectable business reasons, his diet and health regime coupled with a good biological nutritional upbringing meant he was large man with a slim but powerful physique. His strong Eurasian features leaned more to the west than the east, although his darker skin owed more to some African heritage than was uncommon among his class.

Although it was undoubtedly true that outward appearance suggested inner health of body and mind, what really mattered in his eyes was merit.

Nor did he see such things as a mark of superiority. As Senior XO of Alpha Corp he had not only pioneered the availability of bio-nutrition and youthful gene re-sequencing among corporation employees as part of their health package, but had championed low cost financing to extend it to many in the lower orders. After all what was business without healthy customers?

Now comes the science bit, he yawned as he pulled up internal reports and read-outs in his head. The blue back-lit pages instantly appeared as if floating in the middle of his spacious office, although if anyone had been there they would have seen nothing unless he chose to share. Even then anyone without optical implants would need a conventional screen to see them.

Most of the internal headlined projects seemed to be in order. Also he was quickly satisfied with the media briefings for approval for public consumption. In any case the press office would pick up on any problems or at least they better had.

There were however one or two issues with some of the internal reports. Nothing major and bio-interface routines would have spotted them readily even if he had not. These were small errors that would either have been autocorrected or e-messaged to Sara for re-editing. But small issues had the habit of growing if one did not keep on top of them and after all it was his job to keep all staff up to the mark.

Cain re-read the sections of concern and as an exercise corrected them himself or most of them. But he left several minor ones to make a point and forwarded them to Sara. Then he punched the com with a virtual finger.

“Director Cain, the Chairman is unavailable at present. Was there anything urgent?” Chairman Xan’s PA told him.

The Chairman’s office in Seattle was a long way away, but if required his virtual presence could be conveyed for secure meetings. So it was unusual for Xan to be unavailable.

“It is nothing at all Kara. I was just checking in to report nothing to report really,” he grinned without concern.

He cut the connection before she could reply. She would call back if there were anything else; he had better things to do. As he did so he saw Sara through the glass door of his office, she was obviously waiting to be admitted.

“Sara,” he said easily as the door slid silently away.

It was suddenly as if his office was at one with the outer part in an open plan affair. The ergonomics had been designed to optimise style and content.

“I wanted to apologise for the errors, thank you for drawing my attention to them. I will deal with certain individuals but the responsibility is mine of course, quite directly in at least one case,” Sara said wearily.

“Don’t let it trouble you, it was generally good work all round. At most it warrants a reprimand and I can handle that myself later,” he said.

But she noticed he was checking his antique watch as he spoke and she knew he had a rare face meeting before the close of business and his offer would interfere with work.

“That is not necessary Sir, really, but thanks,” she told him, “Please let me report to human resources, it is no more than I deserve and it will set a good example to the others.”

Cain glanced at his watch again.

“If you think so then I’ll leave that with you, but I owe you one okay,” he said gratefully.

Sara wasn’t often required for a disciplinary and her record wouldn’t be tarnished by one official reprimand. In fact a completely clean sheet would look suspicious. It was far better to be just below average in that regard.

“That is quite alright Sir,” Sara said quietly.

She was proud to be of service in the matter, but part of her wished he could have handled it himself; quite a big part really and not just because a trip to human resources was so unpleasant.

As she left him she let the thought of a trip to disciplinary sink in. Even after all these years she never failed to feel a little sick with nerves at the prospect. But that was only right and proper. After all she did deserve it.

Then she ran her eye down the names on her hand-held screen. She was not the only one.


With the work for the day concluded Sara took the unusual step of leading her two miscreant co-workers down to human resources.

Generally after a dressing down from her, the culpable women would make their own appointments and slip away when they were called. However, one of the girls was still fairly new and the other was a wheedler who would try everything to delay any punishment. It being Terri’s first day she wanted to set the right tone and if possible minimise her personal embarrassment. Not that Terri had the least idea what was about to happen. Maybe that was just as well, Sara thought ruefully.

None of them spoke as they entered the elevator and rode it down to the human resources section.

Tandy Jones, the wheedler in the group, was a good worker but she did seem to always play it close to the edge. She was a head taller than Sara with black corn-row hair which emphasised her Africa-Asian features. She wasn’t as dark-skinned as Director Cain, tending as she did more towards olive, but such things scarcely registered away from the streets these days. Sara knew that despite the woman’s prevarication at such times she had robust disposition and was well-used to taking a sound spanking.

The new girl Jenny Chen was around Sara’s own height with a delicate poise that would not have been out of place on a catwalk. At 28 she was a qualified lawyer and had come to the department rather later than most new trainees, but she had so far shown herself to be more than able. She was not given to getting into much trouble and apart from a couple of Informal’s, as yet Sara had no idea how she might handle a punishment.

“Oh Sara, there is one more thing I have to attend to,” Tandy said suddenly, her finger pointing back up to the office.

Her upper teeth were worrying at the pout of her rather full lower lip and her eyes danced nervously back and forth as she spoke. Her accent was clipped with a hint of Tottenham, but her words were tentative.

“Tandy,” Sara said in a scolding tone, “You screwed up and now your tail is toast. Get it.”

“Yes Ma’am,” Tandy said with a visible wince.

Sara shot a look at Jenny for any sign of rebellion there but the poised oriental just shrugged in acceptance.

Just then the lift opened to reveal the airy blue-lit corridor that lead down past the human resources department and on to their disciplinary section. To the left was the main concourse with the reception desk and the final elevator down to the exit. All three of the girls shot a longing glance that way as they contended with some butterflies.

“Come on,” Sara said in a school ma’am tone and steeling herself she led the way.


Tony Wong’s black collarless suit was as sharp as a razor and seemed to taper to the floor to emphasises the broadness of his upper torso. It was said that he was part European, but only his stature suggested this heritage for his face was an aristocratic oriental one with sharp straight black eyebrows like two dashes over his eyes. Despite his stern countenance he had a friendly welcoming smile and his face lit up as the three women entered his office.

“Sara and her lovely ladies, how nice,” he said. Then his face went blank as he focussed on a virtual screen they couldn’t see. “I have no appointments with you, so I guess you would like to get it over with ay?”

Sara bristled at the suggestion and Tandy looked as she wanted to openly discuss the point. But Jenny returned a nervous laugh and said, “Yes.”

Tony took a step towards her and leaned in conspiratorially with a genuine open smile.

“In here you are supposed to address me as Sir,” he winked.

Jenny was horrified by her faux pas and made a circle with her mouth as she momentarily abandoned all poise.

“Hey, it’s cool, but try to remember will you, the director herself sometimes monitors these things,” he reassured her.

“I’m so sorry Sir,” Jenny said apologetically in her educated Anglo-Hong Kong accent, “Where were my manners, my governess would be apoplectic. You won’t tell her will you Sir?”

The last remark may have been humorous; it was so hard to tell with the ever-serious Jenny Chen. But in any case by the end of sentence she had recovered her poise. Sara knew that households of Jenny’s background had all kinds of strange customs.

“Well I wouldn’t lie,” Tony teased, “So let us hope I don’t ever meet her.”

Jenny gave a nervous laugh and got back to the business of looking demure.

“If you can’t fit us all in I could come back another day,” Tandy offered eagerly.

“Ah Tandy Jones, back again,” Tony said lightly, but his smile lessened somewhat. “I wouldn’t dream of disappointing you.” Then to Sara he said, “Three reprimands isn’t it?”

Sara nodded ruefully.

Tony grinned at Tandy and said, “There, you see. Why don’t I take you first?”

It wasn’t a suggestion and Tandy visibly baulked.

As they had been speaking the room had been slowly and silently transforming itself. The wall behind and to Tony’s left had peeled away to reveal clinical metallic and black leather benches with other equipment in open cases and racks. Also the light had gently changed and previously mirrored walls had become transparent so that they could see and be seen from not only the corridor beyond, but the crosswalks layered above them where fellow workers were leaving offices to head for the elevators.

Sara and Tandy had seen it all before and stood frozen and affected to be aloof. Jenny on the other hand lifted her head and gaped open-mouthed. She didn’t know if to look at the racks and cases of canes and paddles or up at the sudden audience for what was to come.

“Your governess handles things rather differently does she?” Tony chuckled.

Without closing her mouth Jenny just nodded dumbly, blushing profusely at his use of the present tense.

“Miss Jones,” Tony said cheerfully as he expansively directed Tandy towards an inverted dentist chair affair in the centre of the room.

Tandy sighed and then began to work the rear zip of her business dress as she went as directed.

Tony watched her ample bottom burst through the zip of her dress for a moment before turning to Sara.

“Would you take up the usual positions in reception?” he said becoming more business-like.

Sara eyed the disciplinary studio wall longingly and then shrugged.

“Yes Sir,” she agreed reluctantly.

By now Tandy had completely opened her dress in back and was stepping out of her briefs so that her large dusky round and deeply split bottom was well displayed. Then after a quick recalcitrant glare at the punishment couch, she knelt on the lower padded platform and bent across it so that her behind reared obscenely to the uppermost.

Meanwhile Sara stepped out of her briefs and slipped them in a concealed pocket before she too unzipped the rear zip of her dress. The natural elasticity of the material pulled it widely open like curtains and her bottom too was bared to the world.

“Do I have to take…?” Jenny flustered.

“Just down will do,” Sara whispered.

It was more undignified that way, but the rules only required that the bottom was left bare.

Jenny blushed to her ears and followed with stumbling steps as Sara walked with dignity down the corridor to reception.

The two men and the woman at the desk affected not to notice as two bare-bottomed women took up position facing the wall next to the main lift doors, but that did not prevent both Sara and Jenny from blushing like stop lights in danger.

Back in the room Tony made some additional adjustments to the couch until Tandy’s exposed bottom was pointing at the correct angle back and up at the ceiling.

“You have a reprimand coming via human resources already don’t you?” he whispered in the hapless Tandy’s ear. “Something about an abuse of the transit access; Sara won’t have heard yet.”

Tandy’s eyes widened and she winced.

“So I will be seeing you for a warning in a two or three days then won’t I? Tony sighed.

“Yes Sir,” Tandy said ruefully.

Tony then stood back and lined up the meter long medium synth-leather paddle with Tandy’s proffered bare bottom and prepared to administer the first of 12 swats.

“Ready?” he asked.

“Yes Sir,” Tandy replied mournfully.

The paddle landed hard with a crack that drew some glances from outside and above.

“Ah-yah,” Tandy yelped, and then announced, “One Sir.”

Tandy’s bottom was pale enough where she sat for the swat to show as a dull dark red patch across the centre of both her cheeks. Tony spanked her again.

“Nyah,” Tandy called out, “Two Sir.”

“Such a fuss,” Tony chided her, “You wait until your warning session. Ee-gods, what would you be like if you ever received a sanction?”

“Yes Sir, sorry Sir,” Tandy said miserably.

Third spank left her bottom rally quite ruddy and white distress marks began to show at the edges where blisters would form.

“Oooh-yah,” Tandy wailed, “Fffff-three S-sir.”

Tony wasn’t fooled. Tandy was an old favourite of his. She even offered her bottom like a pro and there was not a hint of a tear at her eye. Not to today anyway.


Outside Sara was struggling to contend with the parade of fellow workers, most of them junior to her, who no doubt harboured boundless schadenfreude as they joshed each other in amusement in the main foyer.

She knew that Director Cain would have spared her this on so slight a cause, but it didn’t detract from the fact that she deserved it. Not only that, but an example had to be set for the others. She hoped and believed that Jenny despite her acute humiliation was benefitting enormously from the experience.

Just then out of the corner of her eye Sara saw someone all but stop on the open area in front of the lift. Such open staring was unusual as it was rude and Sara turned her head just enough to see.

Teri, who had been on her way home, now stood gaping open-mouthed with her hand at her mouth.

Sara’s face flooded hot, but she inclined her head slightly in acknowledgement of a colleague.

Teri recovered herself and returned a nervous sympathetic smile and hurried on.

Welcome to Alpha Corp, Sara thought ruefully, your turn will come.

An excerpt from an upcoming project Corporation Punishment by DJ Black

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  1. 1 paul1510

    looks interesting, I’ll wait, as patiently as I can. 😉

  2. looking forward to the next part

  3. 3 saram

    Thank you very much. This snippet sparked my imagination, and I shall enjoy pretending to be my namesake. My fantasy life is all the more rich since I began reading your work. I am looking forward to reading more.

  4. 4 Kia

    A very enticing snippet- hope the project is coming along well 🙂

    Happy Birthday to A Voice!

  5. 5 John

    A most interesting start to a new story and as usual very well written.
    I hope that the next instalment will start where this one finishes, that is the
    completion of Tandy’s reprimand and details of Jenny’s & Sara’s reprimand.
    I wrote a story for my own amusment very similar to this some time ago, if I had published it ( which I did not ), I would be accusing you of stealing my ideas .and if I were to publish it now you would be accusing me of stealing yours
    Either you are a mind reader or great minds think a like, any way so far at least yours is better written than mine.
    Looking forward to next instalment both as it looks like being very interesting and also I am interested just how close it will be to mine.

  6. Oh my, this is Hott! I only got as far as the part where Sara was headed to reception with her dress unzipped and her bare bottom on display…then I had to give myself, umm, some relief, before I could finish reading the rest of the excerpt.

    Sara’s world is a HUGE turn on for me. When is this going to be available as a book? I have read this excerpt several times, and get more excited each time I read it. Please, please, PLEASE make this book availible. Please… I’m suffering here waiting for it…

    Thank you for your wonderful webpage, and for this absoutely delightfull story…


  7. DJ… Umm, I mean, MR Black, Sir…I think you must just like making girls cry. I have been checking back here every few days since the middle of November, hoping that there would be either another chapter to this story, or the announcement of a book length treatment, or SOMETHING. But there has been nothing since your message above. Please, please, PLEASE continue this story! This pushes ALL of my buttons… Sara is such a wonderful character. Professional, self-assured, competant… She is apparently fully capable of taking a young female employee in hand and teaching her a lesson when necessary, and at the same time is able and WILLING to march down to the disciplinary area of HR to receive punishment herself when need be, realizing that she DESERVES to be punished, and that her punishment is a necessary example for the others. What a woman… I already look at her as a real role-model for my own behavior…
    And yet look at how you are treating her! You are just leaving her standing there, her bare bottom on display to co-workers and even underlings, waiting to be punished. She is SUFFERING, I tell you, And so am I, waiting to hear what happens next. HAVE MERCY ON US PLEASE!!! Please continue this story… Pretty please, Mr. Black, Sir. Don’t torture us with more waiting…

    Your friend and fan, Meri

    • 10 DJ

      Thank you Miss Meri,

      Something will shake on this in the new year – probably a novella fro LSF.

      I am sure Sara is where she needs to be and where all naughty young girls should be sometimes – the corner.

      Meanwhile I hear the company is hiring. 😉


      Mr Black

  8. 11 Meri

    Mr. Black, Sir. Please, I’m dying here waiting to hear more about Sara and the corporation… How long are you going to keep a poor girl waiting? You are not the sort of man who enjoys teasing and then denying your readers, are you? I mean, ARE you?… Please, please,please finish this story. I’m really suffering!


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