Weekly Round Up


spankingspanking spanking spanking spankingIt’s August and even the politicians are taking a breaking from interfering in people’s lives. So things seem a bit slow for the moment.

I did notice that a couple of blogs have put up age-check declarations, mostly of the annoyingly pointless kind that asks for a date of birth. A sign of the times no doubt and probably a good precaution although DoB, ID etc is as much overkill on a blog as it is in a nightclub and none of the proprietor’s business in any case.

You can get legally certified anonymous photo cards that declare that the holder is over 18 (21 or 25 in some cases) which should be sufficient in a free society. Not that living in London this troubles me overmuch. But I understand that even silver foxes like myself have to suffer a ‘papers please’ culture in the land of the free. Apparently to avoid offending some people they chose to offend everyone.

I only say this because if you transfer the logic to the blogosphere then you can see why these elaborate age-check gates are put in place. But since unlike with a real ID you can lie, why not keep it simple with a simple one-click declaration?

From that minor rant you can tell that it is a slow week can’t you?

Meanwhile there are few high points.

The London Alternative Market is coming up this weekend.

Acknowledging Imperfection has a cute girl in a fraternity story.

The Library of Spanking Fiction has been running a story contest. If you are a member (it is free to join) then you can vote for your favourite now. A couple of years back yours truly actually won this competition, but I haven’t actually entered since, so my plug is entirely impartial.

The pictures above are from Abby Sage’s Naked, Acknowledging Imperfection, All Things Spanking, Cutie Pie and the Spanking Spot.

One Response to “Weekly Round Up”

  1. 1 Kia

    It’s rather amusing seeing how different sites choose to attempt to enforce the 18+ policy, as if anyone willing to lie with a mouse would be deterred by the need to use a keyboard.

    Thanks for the link. 🙂

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