Weekly Round-up


spanking spanking spanking spankingIt has been (and is being) a busy week so amid dashing around I just have time to write a quick post. Although it occurs to me that since I have nothing to say about a certain birth no one will be reading this.

On that note it is worth saying that if David Cameron gets his way then no one will be reading this anyway. The man (equipped with the back-of-a-cornflake-packet understanding of the Internet) is going to tackle porn (and scene of crime pictures that are not porn whatever they may be) by making porn filters compulsory by IP providers and magically making things he can’t define go away (except that as he admits it won’t).

Confused? Well if I were you I would wait until it happens and wait and see what legislation (if any) gets passed. E-commerce will take a hit if it happens (as will adult themed blogs since hosts will run frit), but you can bet your life the imagined target sites will carry on as usual. For now it is a case of the same old same old you have heard before.

Enough on that.

The pictures were taken from All Things Spanking, Au Fils, Cherry Red and Cutipie.

More next week.

One Response to “Weekly Round-up”

  1. 1 Mike

    Can I just say that spanking models are wasted on the wrong men? I mean, ferchissakes, aside from having a set of jowls that would make a basset hound jealous, dude from PB looks like he’s unwrapping leftovers for dinner instead of unwrapping a perfectly plump snowy-white rump.

    At least acknowledge the gift!

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